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Published on January 29, 2008

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SLOVAK REPUBLIC CZECH REPUBLIC Primary School Primary School Omsenie Sivice:  SLOVAK REPUBLIC CZECH REPUBLIC Primary School Primary School Omsenie Sivice The projects: Let‘s have a chat It started with a needle The survival night The Ginger Bread House Hansel and Gretel Mgr. Denisa Krizanova PaedDr. Pavel Vrtel SLOVAK REPUBLIC: OMSENIE:  SLOVAK REPUBLIC: OMSENIE CZECH REPUBLIC : SIVICE :  CZECH REPUBLIC : SIVICE Slide4:  is a fair size school in the middle of the Omsenie village near Trencin. at the present time there is 222 kids in the school, year 1 to year 9, together with 20 school staff. Year 1 and part of year 2 kids take part in the project for more info see www.zsomsenie.sk is a small size school of family type character located on top of a hill near the village close to Brno. at the present time there is 49 kids in the school,year 1 to year 5, together with 12 staff. Year 1 and year 2 kids take part in the project for more info see www.sivice.cz Slide5:  1st project: Duration: one school year and a bit more Characteristics: To create various types of partnership using email, skype, audio and video conferencing, mail, telephone at various levels eg. teacher - teacher, pupil - pupil, group - group, so that a positive kind of environment (virtual or real) can develop to create new friendships and cooperation. The project aims: Creating fruitful partnership - start with partnership of individuals and follow with group partnership- create conditions to set ground for future mutual projects. How the project runs: Create partnership and friendship between contact teachers and find common aims and visions for co-operation. Set up mail boxes, learn IncrediMail, get together. Use all possible and accessible forms of communication, this will speed up the friendship process: skype, audio and videoconferencing - group, individual, meeting in person. Keep in touch and stay in contact by getting the kids to send presents to each other, send family photos, pictures, etc.   ... And this is how the communication teams got started::  ... And this is how the communication teams got started: For about a week we were checking each other out to see what we have in common. On exchanging few emails we realised that we have very similar personalities with similar crazy ideas and this in fact was the beginning of our communication. What followed was new projects and it was not before long that we found out we share ideas for projects to last for some years to come. And this is how our daily communication takes place: most often by email, every day chatting using skype videoconferencing once a week telephone, when all else fails ... And this is how the communication teams got started: :  ... And this is how the communication teams got started: In the beginning it was a bit of a problem to form couples. There is 13 kids in the Sivice school in the first and second class. To get comparable age kids in each couple six second class pupils in Omsenie joined their 17 first class mates. In the end we left it up to the kids and the result was nice and lovely couples. The photos exchange probably helped the cause. How do they communicate? There are non-compulsory computer classes at both schools, and during free time email boxes are checked out. Those with internet at home communicate outside of school time as well. ... And this is how the communication teams got started: :  ... And this is how the communication teams got started: Videoconference More videoconferences: the jump start for competitions 2. Videoconference – getting to know one another Slide9:  Duration: two months Characteristics: To bring a bit of the “Hansel and Gretel“ fairy tale to the school life of the children through a number of activities. The aim of the project: to create a common accomplishment in a physical form and in a digital form by distributing tasks to individual partners and children - to draw a poster story of a familiar fairy tale, create a digital audio-visual version. Spread the fairy tale theme during children‘s school time 2nd project: How the Project Runs:  How the Project Runs The fairy tale text is selected, it is divided into two parts, the children get to know the contents The tasks are assigned to draw individual story posters - in ink, water color paints, or dry type pastel The photos are taken and mutual exchange of the digital products takes place. The pictures get printed and the final product is put on display at both schools Use Powerpoint to create a digital presentation of the story The kids add sound in both languages Put it on the schools web sites Make ginger bread cookies at school together with the parents, pass them on to newly made friends - the cookies have a dedication message inscribed on them Bring the fairy tale story to school‘s ordinary day through various activities: acting, improvisation, reading, games etc. Create presentation vocabulary in English using words relevant to the fairy tale story Our common achievement….:  Our common achievement…. The idea in the beginning was to have meeting in the fairy tale story world. And so on the way we met two small children, Hansel and Gretel, who had no idea that they are getting close to a house that is all made up from ginger bread. We were really worried about Hansel as he was checked every day how he was putting on weight. And poor Gretel had to work real hard.   Digital audiovisual version of the fairy tale in PowerPoint in both languages All of the kids had a go with painting and lent their voice to the story teller. It was difficult to select 10 best drawings from which the poster style story tale was put together. Slide12:  3.5.2006 From early morning the air in the classroom was full of excitement and tinkling sounds of kitchen utensils. Apart from the smell the ginger spices and the decorating cream one could also sense the joyful creative atmosphere. The result was a nicely shaped heart for every Omsenie friend, a ginger bread house for the class, and some small cubby houses. The reward (and also a good experience) for us was not only the licking of the decorating cream but more importantly we realised that one can be really happy when creating something for someone else. 11. 5. 2006 Just like in a magic show we received a box of sweet ginger bread cookies. Each one of them was a bit of a masterpiece in itself: little hearts, trees, houses,moohshapes... and also a big wonderful real ginger bread house. It was impossible to resist the nice smell so children got stuck into them. Each child was convinced that it was his cookie that was the sweetest and the nicest. It was simply fantastic !!! Slide13:  …it also works the other way Everybody is as busy as a bee. Working the dough, rollling the pin on the board, skillfull children‘s hands keep cutting, the baking pans keep turning from full to empty and from empty to full. The icing is mixed at the back of the classroom - pink, green, blue... And the kids keep decorating and now and then swallow a sweet icing drop. The finished cookies are stacked up on the table cloth. The smell of the cookies being baked, lingering all the way from Slovakia, created an atmoshere of anticipation for the cookies from Omsenie to appear as soon as possible. On Monday, 22nd May, during the first school break, the cookies arrived. Once the box was unpacked, everybody was eager to find out which heart belongs to him or her. And there was enough cookies not only for the children in the programme but also for the rest of the school‘s kids. Some had a big mouthful even before we managed to start taking photos. They were really tasty. Slide14:  On Thursday 18th May, we made use of the central idea of our eTwinning project - the Hansel and Gretel fairy tale story. We put on a play for the Sivice kindergarden kids as they share the same school building as us. The first year and the second year kids have put on a great show for the little ones and everybody had a lot of fun. Slide15:  Omsenie, school‘s footpath, 23.5.2006   It‘s a lovely day... The sun keeps shining. It would be nice to spend some time outside. Yes, if it wasn‘t for the class. Right now we have arts so why not go outside if it‘s so nice. We have a lot of fun drawing with chalk - ginger bread houses, twisting paths, lost children, the fairy tale magic. The people passing by take notice of the smiling children. They admire the creations of the little artists. It‘s a great feeling to leave school walking on such a footpath. Many will remember their childhood, dirty hands from drawing with chalk … things that will not return. Wishing they could be like the kids having such a wonderful story time. Slide16:  2. 6. 2006, Omsenie The creative teaching methods started to produce first fruits. The kids come with new suggestions and ideas. One of them was a wedding. The kids have organised everything themselves: they found a bridegroom, the bride, the wedding guests and also the best man. The morning: There is no bridegroom. Quick find another one. No problem. The volunteer is here. Only that the mum (the school secretary) has no idea about it. Just before the wedding: There is no bride. But this too is quickly resolved. She is already getting dressed. What a sight! The mums got involved in the preparations. (Can you think of why???) The bride and groom selected their witnesses. Last question: „Do you want to give your love and heart to your friend?“ They exchanged paper rings, promised everlasting friendship to each other, but they were too shy for the kiss. The wedding cake was the ginger bread house. This was the most appropriate occasion to eat it. The newlyweds themselves were offering the cake to the wedding guests. Slide17:  We have announced a competition with a task: Who will collect more books with the Hansel and Gretel fairy tale   Slovak children on the computer screen in Sivice. Czech children on the projector screen in Omsenie. The Sivice children in the library and the counting of the number of books collected. They are getting ready for the results to be announced. They do not know yet that they have won. 55 is the number of books they collected. In Omšenie they collected only 19 books. The best collectors were rewarded. Pavel and kids sent a little box as a surprise. We sent the same surprise in a box over to them -boxes of yummy lollies and friendly greetings. Initial videoconference announcing the competition and the rules. 12. 6.— 16. 6.2oo6, The competition How we present ourselves in public:  How we present ourselves in public eTwinning" and the parents in Sivice   On the 10th of May, during the P&F school meeting, the parents of the Sivice children had an opportunity to find out about our friendship with the Slovak Omsenie school. They were able to have a look at our internet presentation, at the display of the children‘s art work related to the Hansel and Gretel fairy tale and were able to discuss everything with the kids techer Mila. They had a taste of the ginger bread cookies made by the children and filled out a short survey form regarding their knowledge of the whole thing and their possible cooperation with the project.   eTwinning and Omsenie May 2006, glass display notice boards at the village square There is a number of information notice boards located at the centre of the square. Right now they are filled with our fairy tale story - a print out of the fairy tale posters and a lots of photos from videoconferences and other common activities. Slide19:  30.—31. 5. 2006 in Pardubice  International eTwinning Conference The fame regarding our ginger bread skills has spread as far as Pardubice - the capital of the ginger bread trade. At the invitation of the Czech and Slovak representatives of eTwinning, the both of us have presented our project. Everybody was captivated due to the project being original and due to the interesting format of the presentation. The audience really lit up on hearing the kids soft voices presenting themselves as the little eTwinning partners and on hearing the audio of the Hansel and Gretel fairy tale story. Pavel and Denisa   Slide20:  3rd project: Duration: three weeks Characteristics: The competition takes place at the same time at both partners in the vicinity of each school having the same rules and the same time limit: Going from house to house trying to trade or exchange a needle for another object which the chosen person is willing to accept. Compare the developments and progress and also the results.  The aims of the project: 1. Unite the children in an effort trying to achieve a task without the assistance of adults. 2. Encourage verbal expression when having to present requests, wishes with being particular with explanation of unusual problem task. 3. Have positive influence on village life and thus afirm school‘s position in the village. 4. Lead to collective feelings of all members. 5. Use wit, humor, thinking ahead, tactics and persistence in reaching the set goal.     Slide21:  1. Agree clear and precise competition rules and conditions to be followed (teachers‘ task) 2. Motivate and clearly instruct the children just prior to the start of the activity. 3. Videoconference as a starting point together with an encouragement to all participants. 4. The activity proper - the children walk from home to home and trade the needle for other things, every trade being documented by photos. 5. On expiration of a pre-set time period a videoconference gathering takes place with results evaluation and exchange of experiences. 6. Both of the schools websites display photos and written records of the project and public displays take place at local council offices. 7. Experience exchange is encouraged through personal email correspondence and internet chat. How the project runs: Slide22:  The time period for the exchange was set at exactly one hour. At an agreed time everybody leaves the school together and have to be back in one hour. Running is not allowed, everybody has to keep within a group. It is not allowed to make two proposals at the same time for one exhange. The only valid exchange is the one which is documented by a photo. It is necessary to adhere to an agreed communication protocol: greeting, address, request explanation, exchange information, thanks and close with a „have a nice day“ wish. The teacher explains the rules prior to the activity and it is also possible to propose a suitable method, give warning regarding possible problems, need for a compromise and need to adjust to group requirements. The teacher is not allowed to interfere during the exchange period. Everything is based on the activity of the children. The rules: ...how it started:  ...how it started Omsenie 6.00 a.m.: It´s pouring, water is everywhere. It´s not looking good. Anyone going outside would be back in five minutes soaked wet. But as the saying goes „The hope dies last“. Sivice 6.00 a.m.: The village is waking up into a nice morning. The weather is perfect. Omsenie 7.30 a.m.: Suddenly it stopped raining. The clouds are breaking up on the horizon. Is it possible that the weather could be OK? Everybody starts getting ready. 8.00 hod.: quick chat as agreed, timed to a minute. There is only enough time to summarize instructions, confirm the time of the videoconference and give the hardware a bit of a test. Both of us are arranging a back-up option in case the internet connection fails. „Good luck!“ Initial videoconference, 9.00 a.m. Greetings, we enjoy the the pleasant meeting atmosphere, accept exchange suggestions, write them down on the blackboard. Both sides keep encouraging one another. A quick summary of the rules. Every child is searching for his or her partner, they wave to each other with their little hands. Slide24:  9.25 a.m., exitting from the school at Omsenie We set out from the school full of action, expectation and energy with just one needle stuck on a collar of a T-shirt. Having a partial plan in mind we quickly walk into a village square. The rules of the game are clear to everyone. However, nobody can expect what we get at the end of the exchange hour. What we expected to get before setting off: lollies, apple, hammer, slippers, money, necklace, old bag, pencil case, can of fruit and a cup. See for yourself if our guesses prior to the start of the activity were right or not. ... And at the end the needle was there again It started with a needle... Slide25:  It started with a needle... 9.25 a.m., exit from school at Sivice We started with a needle and at the end there was a cone of ice cream for everyone from the local pub owner. And what we exchaned? Our guesses before the start of the activity: chocolate, bread, glasses, bread roll, model of a car, book, pencil, match sticks, soccer ball, cakes.   ...... And it finished with an ice cream for everybody.  Slide26:  Evaluation videoconference: 10.30 a.m. We get to see our partners again. Exchange of experiences takes place as well as information regarding the various traded things and what is also discussed is how we managed to keep to the rules of the game. We were surprised that we guessed some of the things later traded. Having compared the exchange we agreed on five things: apple, orange, money, bag, sweets. And so we joyfully announced to the kids that we managed to get a gold medal with an award.   Slide27:  Omsenie, 24.5.2006 What assessment benchmark did we set? It was difficult to judge the level of success, there was something more at stake other than to find out who won or who was better. And so we agreed on the following: If an agreement is reached on 1-2 things, the kids receive a bronze medal and an award. If an agreement is reached on 3-4 things, the kids receive a silver medal and an award. If an agreement is reached on 5 things or more, the kids receive a gold medal and an award.   ... they have drawn themselves The „It started with a needle…“ activity finished on a pleasant note by both schools exchanging nice hand made awards for successful participation. Slide28:  Why the project with a needle?   In one hour they have learned how difficult it is to reach an agreement in a group of 15 children, they have learned the importance of a compromise. When a common good is at stake it is important to control one‘s own preferences, suppress child‘s ego and accept someone else‘s point of view. A lot of effort needs to be exerted to clearly explain to strangers why the exchange takes place. They have found out that asking with a smile can soften everybody‘s heart. They realised that there is an honest generosity hidden behind a stern adult‘s face.   Why the project with a fairy tale? The children have experienced a fairy tale world in a school environment, a lot of unusual activities, school without a school bag, mother in school... The feeling that even themselves are capable of great things to be told to the close ones or to the whole world. Why the project „Talk to each other“? Thanks to our partnership the children have become more friendly with the computer, they have realised that it is not only good to play games with but that it can be used to get into the virtual world of the electronic communication and enable to find out for example about new ways of feelings expressions. Another benefit was broadening the kids‘ vocabulary for words like videoconference, web camera, digital transfer etc. This communication opened space for new types of friendship which was really apparent for example during the ginger bread baking for the new Slovak friends. These moments led to an improved relationship between parents and teachers - with interest they regularly look up what‘s new on our common web site. Slide29:  The National eTwinning Competition: The Best Project in Slovakia 27. 6.2006 Zilina, University of Zilina The european parliament representative Mr. Figel together with the the university chancellor Mr. Bujnak have presented the Best Slovak Project award to our school. Each of the little kids present at the ceremony received a small prize just for fun but the biggest prize, a cheque for 100 000 Sk, really a prize right from a fairy land, has been awarded to enable organizing a meeting of the children from Omsenie and from Sivice. The fairy tale town Bojnice is waiting for us to come in September and enjoy each other‘s company for few days. The Czech eTwinning Award:  The Czech eTwinning Award July 2006 eTwinning Czech Republic has awarded a Quality Label prize to our project as it has been deemed to be beneficial and of high standard. Slide31:  We were facing a few day stay with our friends from Sivice. But one thing was for sure! It is necessary to find out as soon as possible who is brave enough to leave their mum at home by herself and go for the far and wide expanses of the outside world. And so we prepared a trial for mums (and for us): A Survival Night. They have to forgo our presence for one night. The ones whose mums will pass the test will be included on the passenger list to go to the fairy tale town of Bojnice . Omsenie, Friday 23.6.2006, in the school Why: ... For mums and kids Slide32:  Everobody came on time, exactly with the sound of church bells. Well equipped as they should. Sleeping bags, pillows, favourite teddy bears, other toys were not needed as there is plenty of toys already in the school. Taking a photo just in case there might be a need to identify somebody (the teacher being probably the most endangered). A good bye wave and the school is locked and shut. The biggest attraction for the kids was apparently the search for the school secrets. We looked everywhere except for the school director‘s office. The best thing was the year nine classroom and the teachers staff room. The girls had a peek inside the boys toilets but were quickly out giggling on the way. One last cool photo in front of the maps and we are off downstairs before somebody looking in from outside finds out about us. Slide33:  Our scaring activities... Well, can you think of something else to do other than scaring somebody silly when you are in a big and dark school with the corridors full of shadows? Scaring is the best prevention against against all of the school ghosts and spooks. It is for sure that the school was rid of all the haunting creatures if there were any in the school in the first place. Slide34:  The tummy rumble could also be heard so the the year two kids were off to the nearby bakery. The chocolate filled rolls were so yummy. All that was left from them was dirty marks around the kids mouths. Now it is time to pack up and we can open up to the mums. They come with open arms and big smiles on their faces. The mums are in a mood for jokes and we can hear „When is the next day off“? The first early birds started yapping around 5:30 a.m. They were probably awakened by the early morning sun that found its way into the classroom. Even the sun was eager to find out how we survived. It took at least one more hour before the boys started waking up resisting the sun rays trying to get under their eyelids. However, they were quickly on their feet once noticing Garfield on the TV screen. Saturday, 24.6.2006, the morning in the school Slide35:  Contact us: pavel.vrtel@seznam.cz deny.krizanova@szm.sk And our common eTwinning website is: www.zsomsenie.sk

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