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Published on March 1, 2008

Author: twhitt

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English 101 : English 101 Lecture Four: The Review Essay Paper #2: Review: Paper #2: Review Write an essay write a review of something of your own choosing: a movie, a book, a play, a restaurant, a performance, a television show Write about something that you are actually interested in Write about something that you can write about for the required length of the paper (750 words) Paper #1: Review: Paper #1: Review Summary/Description: Summarize or describe what is being reviewed, in the full knowledge that your reader may never read/see/visit what is being reviewed and will rely on you for all info about your subject   Evaluation: Include specific criteria upon which you are basing your evaluation of whatever is being reviewed Exs: Books: length, plot , characterization, writing style Movies: acting, direction, cinematography Restaurants: service, taste of the food, presentation of the food, price Include whatever criteria your reader would expect from a published review of your subject Paper #1: Review: Paper #1: Review Recommendation: Give an actual grade for the thing being reviewed (A-F) and justification for that grade. Your aim could be either to persuade the reader to read/see/visit what you review or not to do so, but it need not be that narrow Tone: formal, but this is a personal opinion, so “I” can and should be used when appropriate Paper #1: Review: Paper #1: Review Verb tense: always use present tense when referring to the text, the author, the restaurant, but when writing about the actual experience of the work (reading the book, eating the food), use past tense Ex: Gulliver’s is located on Howard Street in north Chicago. I went there last Thursday with a friend. The servers are very friendly and fast. I ordered a cheese pizza which was the best I have ever tasted. Questions to consider: Questions to consider How do I feel about the subject being reviewed, and why? What three “yardsticks” should I use to evaluate the subject being reviewed? What information does the audience need to understand this review, and what will they want to know? What grade would I give the subject being reviewed, and why? Discussion: Discussion Read the sample reviews in the Texts folder of Course Documents, then respond to the questions about those reviews in the appropriate DB forums (DB #s 13, 14, 15, and 16) By Friday midnight, watch the movie V For Vendetta, which is available at any video store. Next week, we will discuss the movie, then we will discuss three different reviews written about the movie to see what criteria each reviewer uses and to examine their approaches

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