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Published on March 20, 2014

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1) Notice 2) Circular 3) Poster 4) Article 5) Advertisement 6) Invitation and Replies 7) Letter writing  Informal Letter  Formal Letter 8) Report  Magazine Report  Newspaper Report  Factual Description

It is a written piece of communication whose purpose is to give communication .  To be written in a box and in formal language .  ‘ I ’ and ‘ U ’ to be avoided. Use third person instead .  Stick to the world limit which is 50 words .  Format includes the word Notice, Heading, Date and Body .  Remember to include :  What is being organised .  Who is organising .  Date, Time, Venue .  Last date of name subscription .  Name and designation of the person writing the notice should be written at the bottom of the corner .

Name of the Institution Issuing the Notice Notice Date Heading Body of the Notice ( What, when, whom to contact, how) Name in block letters ; in brackets Designation of person serving the notice

Q. You have planned to organize a summer camp for the children of age group 10-12 years for developing their creative skills in art, craft, clay modeling, music, etc., in your school during the month of May. Draft a notice in not more than 50 words for your school notice board giving details. Mention the last date of registration of the students. You are Reena/ Roshan, secretary, B.V. Public school, Chandigarh. B.V. PUBLIC SCHOOL, CHANDIGARH NOTICE April 14, 20XX SUMMER CAMP The school is planning to organize a two week summer camp for the children of age group 10-12 years for developing their creative skills in art, craft, music, clay modeling, etc. in the school campus from 5th to 20th May. Those interested may deposit Rs 1500 in the accounts office by 1st May, 20XX . For more details contact the undersigned. REENA / ROSHAN Secretary

1) You are editor of your school magazine. Draft a notice for your school notice board inviting articles, sketches, etc. From the students for your school magazine. Sign as XYZ of ABT senior secondary school, Hyderabad. 2) Your school ( Amar Vidyalaya) is organizing a cultural evening to collect funds for the slum children. The education minister has consented to be the chief guest on the occasion. Draft a notice about it to be displayed on your school notice board. You are the school head boy/ head girl.

It is a written piece of communication whose pupose is to give information and it is circulated .  A Circular uses salutation / forms of address such as ‘ Dear Member/ Students/ Parents ’ .  Its purpose ( like the notice ) is to give information .  It is more or less like a letter but it is for wider circulation . The heading often contains the word ‘ Circular letter ’ . Date is to be mentioned on the top left hand corner .

Name of the institution Address Circular Reference no. Date Salutation Body To be written either in points or paragraphs What, When, Where, How Name Designation

Q. Your school is planning to hold an academic counseling workshop for parents and students of class 10th and 12th. Expert counselors have been called from NIE for conducting the sessions. On behalf of the principal of your school, write a circular to be sent to the parents informing them about the programme. Sign yourself as Rhea/ Yatharth. ABC public school New Delhi Circular Ref. No. : APS/5/2011 Date:28 November ’11 Dear parents and students, an academic counseling workshop is being organized by the school for the convenience of students and their parents of class 1oth and 12th in choosing right stream and career options. For the best counseling, expert counselor “Ms. Aashi Chauhan” has been called from NIE for conducting the session. The counseling will be held on 15th december’11 at 9:00 a.m. in the school premises. Charges for group counseling are Rs. 400 and for individual counseling it will be Rs 800. interested students shall deposit the fees at the reception . Rhea (Principal)

1. Venkateshwar International School, Dwarka is organising a Cultural Exchange Trip to Japan during winter break in order to exchange students exposure to the culture and heritage of Japan. 20 % of the travel and food expenses will be done by school on behalf of principal of your school. Draft a circular to be sent to the parents giving the information or details about the exchange trip. Invent other details.

It is designed either to create social awareness about issues related to current problems and needs, or to advertise or even to extend invitation and write notices for the general public . Main features of a poster: a) Layout:  Eye catching and visually attractive.  A catchy/ suggestive title in the form of a slogan, jingle or short verse.  Sketch or simple drawings using matchstick figures.  Letters of different size and shape.  Proportionate spacing, etc. b) Content:  The theme or subject of the poster.  Description or details associated with the theme.  Essential details like time, venue and date, in case of an event.  Name(s) of the issuing authority, organizers, etc. c) Expression:  The overall organization and sequencing of the matter.  Appropriate and accurate language.  Creativity in terms of content and design.

Q. Draft a poster on the theme of road safety. By taking a little care….. ……roads can be made safer  Follow traffic signals  Don’t cross speed limits  Use seat belts  Don’t talk on mobile while driving  Don’t drink and drive  Use zebra crossing to cross road Park your vehicles only in an authorized parking lot Issued by: DELHI TRAFFIC POLICE With You ! For You ! Always !

1) You are Anil, A social activist. Design a poster to observe ‘ Wildlife Protection Week ’ in your city. (Word limit - 50 words) 2) You are the secretary of the Red Cross Society, Faridabad. You plan to organize a Blood Donation Camp at Cambridge School. Draft a suitable poster for this purpose.

 Give the title at the top .  Break the subject matter into Intro, Body, Conclusion .  Organize your ideas on the subject concerned .  Add sub-points to the main points .  Draft or create from your own experience .  Substantiate your argument if you are writing on a debatable topic .

Q. As a concerned resident you are worried about the harmful effects of insanitary conditions in your town. Write a short speech on the necessity of sanitation to be given at the morning assembly time in your school. There are garbage dump everywhere. There are jhuggis and clusters of huts which are very dirty. Insanitation is observed at all places. There are dirty ponds and mosquitoes. There are huge dumps of waste matter in front of hospital. The patients die due to dirty surroundings. The poor people living in jhuggis also die due to dirty conditions. Rainwater makes the sewage pipes overrun and creates insanitary conditions. Mosquitoes and flies cause many diseases due to the dirt and fiIth. Filthiness is observed on roads, near residences and near big hospitals. Neat living is not observed. There is disease everywhere. Basic amenities are not available to citizens. The government is not doing anything for improvement of the programme. One can see the apathy of people in power and those who can change.

1) You are Nandini/ Navin. You have interviewed many students and their parents about the physical fitness of the school students. You are much concerned that students tend to neglect their physique, as they are obsessed with their school schedule. Write an article on this matter giving suitable suggestions. (Word limit 200 words) 2) You are Apoorva. Due to the recent policy decisions concerning Cable TVs, the access to the Cartoon Network Channel is not freely available as before in many places. Write an article on how it has turned out to be a boon for the school-going children. (Word limit-200 words)

An advertisement is a public notice for the promotion of some product or business. It attracts the attention of the viewer and helps in increasing the sales of a product.

 A classified advertisement is generally brief because it is charge according to its length.  Generally, there is non-textual matter in a classified advertisement. At best, a logo is sometimes used.  The word limit for a classified advertisement is 30 words.  Write under a specific class or category like FOR SALE,TO LET, SITUATION VACANT, etc.  Use short phrases, separate them by commas.  Provide name, address and phone number.  Adhere to the word limit.  Less space, more economical.  Language- simple and concise.

 Begin with ‘wanted’ or ‘required’  Name of the company  Post and number of vacancies Age and sex of the candidate  Qualifications and experience  Other details (optional)  Pay scale  Mode of applying  Contact address and phone number  Begin with for sale/ purchase or available/ wanted .  Type of accommodation/ vehicle/ household item  Brief physical description

1. Vehicle • Brand,/ year of manufacturing • Specify material, in case of furniture • Condition, etc. • Price offered/ expected • Contact address and phone no. 2. Property • Size, floor, no. of rooms, etc. • Fixtures and fittings • Location and surroundings 3. Household goods • Brand, model, year of manufacturing • Specify material, in case of furniture • Condition, etc. • Price offered/ expected • Contact address and phone no.

4. To let • Begin with ‘Wanted’ or ‘Available’ • Type of accommodation • Brief description • Rent expected, etc. • Contact address and phone no. 5. Travels and tours • Begin with ‘Package Available’, etc. • Name of the travel agency • Destination and duration • Details of package-food/ boarding/ lodging, sightseeing, etc. • Cost and special discounts • Contact address and phone no.

6. Educational institutions • Name of the institution/ its past record • Courses offered, duration • Eligibility condition • Facilities and fee structure • Contact address and phone no. 7. Lost and found • Begin with ‘lost’ or ‘found’ • Specify item • Brief physical description • When/ where lost or found • Reward, if any • Contact address and phone no.

FOR SALE Mukherji Nagar, DDA flat, SFS II, groundfloor, two bedrooms, D/D with full interiors. Car parking available. East park/facing. Best location. Reasonable price. Contact A.B. Singh, 257253254 SITUATION VACANT Wanted a smart, confident PA/ Stenographer for a leading export house. Qualification- graduate, age 25-30 yrs,typing speed 40w.p.m., shorthand 100 w.p.m. preference to those who can handle computer. Salary negotiable. Apply with complete bio-data upto 20.7.20XX to secretary, orient export house,T. Nagar, Delhi- 110015

1) You want to sell your Maruti 800 car as you are going abroad on an assignment. Draft a suitable advertisement to be published in the classified columns of ‘TheTimes of India’ , New Delhi. (word limit: 50) 2) While going for a walk in the local district park, you lost your puppy. Construct details in about 50 words giving name, age, identifying features related to your puppy.

 Designed for commercial purposes.  More space, more expensive in terms of the advertising costs. Varying font size or shape  Language: colorful and lucid  Proportionate spacing with appealing overall arrangement  Name of the company/ institute/ organizers, etc.  Details regarding the product/ event/ educational course, etc.  Special offers or discount, if any Address of the company/ institute/ organizers, etc.

Q. Design an advertisement for a brand of solar cookers. SHUN THE POLLUTION, MAKE SUNYOUR FRIEND.  Use Solar cookers  1. Non - Economical 2. Available in different sizes SUN SUN __________ Solar Cooker

1) You are working for an advertising agency. Draft an advertisement for a company which is launching a new toothpaste. 2) You are the manager, Excel Pharma Ltd. Draft an advertisement for your company for the post of Sales Executive (two). Specify your requirements regarding qualifications, experience and personality of the candidates.

Invitations can be both formal as well as informal.They can be printed on cards or can be drafted in the form of social letters. Main characteristics  An invitation is normally a single sentence presentation in third person, in case of a formal invitation, or first/second person, in case of an informal invitation. The invitation answers the questions who, whom, when, where, what time and for what i.e., ~ the occasion ~ name(s) of the invitee ~ name(s) of the host ~ date, time and venue.  Other details include name, designation and address of the organizer, sponsor or host the name(s) of the chief guest or special invitees, in case of an official invitation to an event, etc.

Formal Invitation Informal Invitation An invitation is normally a single sentence presentation in third person, in case of informal invitation or first/second person, in case of an informal invitation The invitation answers the question who, whom, where, what time and for what i.e.  The occasion  Name of the host  Date, time and venue. a) The other details include name, designation and address of the organizer, sponsor or host or the name of the chief guest or special invitees, in case of an official invitation to an event, etc

Mrs.Valsamma & Rajan Mohan request the pleasure of your company at dinner on the occasion of their 25th Wedding Anniversary On Sunday, 25th January 20012 at 7 o’clock at their residence – 12, Kasturba Gandhi Marg, Delhi. RSVP : 23360881 [Other expressions could be ‘solicit your gracious/ esteemed/ benign presence’.]

Ms. Yana and Mr. Ashraf accept with pleasure the kind invitation of Mrs. Valsamma and Mr. Rajan Mohar at dinner on Sunday, 26th January 2012 at their residence . Ms.Yana and Mr. Ashraf Rregret their inability to accept the kind invitation of Mrs.Valsamma and Mr. Rajan Mohan at dinner on Sunday, 26th January 2012 because of a prior engagement .

RSVP Vinod Kumar Mehra 9082707029 Mrs.And Mr. Ram Mehra Cordially invites you to the auspicious occasion of their daughter’s marriage (Granddaughter of Mrs. And Mr. Ramdas Mehera ) Neha Nitish WEDS (Grandson of Mrs. And Mr. Kishan lal Jain) With best compliments from Friends and relatives Red Carpet Banquet Hall ,Ghaziabad, U.P. On 17 December 2011 At 7:00 p.m

You are Sajjanraj, s/o Sh. Dhrmraj of Greater Kailash , New Delhi.Your father wants you to draft a formal invitation to be sent on the occasion of your sister, Anita Raja’s marriage. Prepare the invitation. You are Akash /Varsha.You have been invited to attend the wedding of your friend’s sister during summer vacation . Respond to the invitation, regretting your inability to attend it

12, Kasturba gandhi marg, Delhi 20-11-11 Dear Ashraf, Would you like to join us with your family for dinner on Sunday, 26-11-11 at 7 o’clock at our residence. I and Valsamma are organizing a small get-together on the occasion of our twenty-fifth wedding anniversary. Only close friends and relatives are invited. Hope to see you soon. With warm regards, Rajan Mohan

10,ParkAvenue, Delhi 23-11-11 Dear Rajan Warm regards and heartiest congratulations on your twenty-fifth wedding anniversary. However, we are sorry, we shall not be able to join you for dinner on Sunday, the 26th due to a prior engagement.Thank you very much for your invitation. With regret, Ashraf 10,Park Avenue, Delhi 23-11-11 Dear Rajan Heartiest congratulations on your twenty-fifth wedding anniversary. It will give us much pleasure to join you for dinner on Sunday, the 26th at 7 o’clock. Thanks for thinking of us. Ashraf

1) The literacy club of your school is organizing a caricature contest in the school . Draft an invitation inviting the famous cartoonist SudhirTailang to be the special guest of honour during the contest. 2) You have received an invitation to participate in a seminar on ‘Fundamental Rights Of Children’. Draft a reply confirming your acceptance.

LETTERS are very effective means of communication for keeping contact with friends and relatives, who live at a distance. Though e-mail and fax have overtaken letter writing, still its significance cannot be under estimated. A letter can be more expensive, emotional and can be preserved for posterity. Formal Letter Informal Letter

 Get to the point! State your reason for writing in your first paragraph and stay on track Always include specifics that will help ease the recipient’s task. For instance, if you are writing to bank mention your account number  If you refer to the other correspondence, mention those by date, check number, etc.gently and respectfully direct the recipient's course of action. Always be courteous! Even if you are frustrated or angry, it will benefit you more to maintain a cool, calm approach

Since an informal letter is personal in nature it should be written in a simple, clear, easy to understand, natural and lively way, like the way one friend/ relative talks to another. While writing personal letters for examination, care should be taken to honour the prescribed word limit (150 words for the body of the letter). WE WRITE PERSONAL LETTERS TO  Express our feelings.  Share our joys and sorrows and those of our loved ones.  Mark social and religious occasions. Acknowledge and appreciate people in our life; to advise them.  Make complaints.  Make proposals, suggestions, etc.  Send invitations, replies to invitations and reminders.

_________________ _________________ _________________ _________________ _________________ _______________________________________________ _______________________________________________ _______________________________________________ _______________________________________________ _______________________________________________ _____________________________ ______________________________ ______________________________ _________________ Sender’s Address Date Salutation Body of the letter Closing Courteous leave taking Signature

158/B block Sanchar apartments Ganga Vihar New Delhi – 71 29 august’ 2009 Dear Prateek I was really delighted to know that you have settled down in your hostel comfortably. Hostel life has its own benefits and advantages, which you will realise later. I am really relieved to know that even the ragging session passed off peacefully. I am aware that you are a diligent student. As an elder brother, I can only advise that you should be very systematic and regular in your studies. Since the teaching faculty is excellent in your college there is no need to worry. I am only concerned that you should participate in activities and games, which the college has to offer, for overall development of personality. It is very important to participate in debates, talk shows or any such activity. Moreover, Pune is very agreeable for outdoor activities. Please inform, when you are coming for holidays. Mother is eagerly awaiting your visit and remembers you often. Your brother Anirudh

1) A friend of yours has asked you about your aim in life. Send a suitable reply to him about your aim/ ambition in life and why you have chosen it. 2) You are Amita, a student of class 11th . you are a very good student.You score in all the subjects except one is above 909%. But in a particular subject you hardly get pass marks although your mother helps you a lot and you yourself work hard.While your teachers are disappointed, your mother is worried.Write a letter to your father, who is in Calcutta, explaining your position and requesting him to advise you what to do.

Letter to Govt. officials, business houses, customers, editors, colleagues and acquaintances fall under the category of formal letters. As the term itself indicates, a formal letter is written in a formal style i.e. the language and tone of the letter are formal, impersonal or objective but pleasant. Therefore, no informal expressions, greetings or contracted forms of words are used. The language is straight forward and to the point. It may be strongly worded but never impolite. WEWRITE FORMAL LETTERSTO :  Make job applications.  Get our problems addressed/ seek redressal to our problems.  Inform others.  Persuade others.  Appeal others. Warn someone.  Complain against someone.  Make enquiries, to send replies.  Book/supply orders.  Send/ask for payments/discounts/brochures of information etc.  Sell products.  Send recommendations.

Chirag Enclave Raj Niwas Marg Chandigarh-21 14-5-2007 The Director Greenwood City 10, Lake Road Chandigarh. Sir, Introduction (use block style, i.e., start each new line from the left-hand margin. Leave a clear line space between Body two paragraphs.) Conclusion Yours sincerely, Rohan Mathur Sender’s Address and Date Addressee Address Salutation Subject Content Signatory

Q.You have recently opened a restaurant in ModelTown.Write a letter to the manager ofThe Cottage India Emporium enquiring about the latest furnishings and upholstery items for the same. The Chef. 4/3 ModelTown New Delhi 12th February 2007 Our ref. no. CIE/1/05 The Manager The Cottage India Emporium Central Market New Delhi-110001 Dear Sir Sub: Enquiry for furnishings and upholstery items. I have recently opened a restaurant in ModelTown and would like to invite the terms and conditions upon which your company could provide the furnishings and upholstery items for the same. We require wall-to-wall carpets for all our rooms.The color of the carpets should be deep crimson. Besides this, we require curtains with matching upholstery.We would be glad if you could send sample from your range to enable us to select suitable material in tone with the color scheme and ambience the place. We also need to know the other details like the mode of delivery or trade discount, if any, etc. As our demand is urgent, it would be appreciated if you forward the samples as early as possible. Yours faithfully, Hari Dutt (Manager)

Q.You are the manager ofThe Cottage India Emporium. Write a reply to the above letter stating your quotation for the enquiry made therein. The Manager The Cottage India Emporium Central Market New Delhi-110001 25th February 2007 Your ref. no. CIE/1/05 (Reference number is optional in business letters) Our ref. no. C/MT/1 The Manager 4/3 Model town New Delhi Dear sir, Sub: Quotation for furnishings and upholstery items. We thank you for your enquiry dated 12th February 2007 for the supply of furnishings and upholstery items for your newly constructed restaurant. We are glad to send a catalogue of our latest collection, which we hope would meet all your requirements. We have a wide range of items available in different designs, shades and material. The fabric used is of excellent quality. From the price list enclosed along with, you will know that our prices compare favorably with our competitors. We offer a trade discount of 15% on payment made within 7 days of delivery. Looking forward to a prompt reply, Yours truly, D.K. Gupta (Manager)

Q.You are the manager ofThe Chef. Write a letter to the manager ofThe India Emporium placing your order for furnishings and upholstery items for your restaurant. The Chef. 4/3 ModelTown New Delhi 12th April 2007 The Manager The Cottage India Emporium Central Market New Delhi-110001 Dear Sir Sub: Placing order for furnishings and upholstery items Thank you for your quotation of 25th February and the generous supply of sample along with the latest price list, both of which are well up to our expectations. Since our requirement is urgent, kindly forward the following items immediately. Curtains sample no. A 34 12 sets Sofa covers sample no. F 23 8 sets Carpets sample no. H 67 5(12ft x 15 ft) We hope that you will make arrangements for delivering the items latest by 15th March 2005. The payment will be made in cash after adjusting 15% trade discount as specified by you. Further, it must be understood that we reserve the right to reject any item that does not correspond with the samples submitted. Yours faithfully, Hari Dutt (Manager)

Q.You are the manager of the chef. Write a letter of complaint to the manager of the cottage India emporium for supply of defective furnishings and upholstery items for your restaurant. The chef. 4/3 model town New Delhi 12th April 2007 The manager The cottage India emporium Central market New delhi-110001 Dear sir Sub: complaint against defective items With reference to our order no. 54/3 dated 2nd march 2007 for the supply of furnishings and upholstery our newly constructed restaurant, we note with regret that the goods delivered don’t correspond with samples sent earlier. In fact, your samples have been most misleading. The quality of the fabric is much poorer than the one submitted in the samples. The color scheme of the curtains is also not same as specified. It seems goods not orders have been sent by mistake. Inspite of the fact that an early delivery was guaranteed, the goods were delivered after a delay of ten days. We wait your explanations in this regard and expect that the faulty goods will be replaced at the earliest as per the terms of the order. Yours sincerely, Hari Dutt (Manager)

Q. Your area (gulabi town) does not have a Kendriya Bhandar. As Mr. Malik, President, Resident’s Welfare Association, write to the Editor of “The Indian Express” calling upon authorities to set up a Kendriya Bhandar in your area because it sells things cheap. Residents Welfare Association PaschimVihar, Delhi April 10, 2007 The Editor The Indian Express New Delhi-110001 Dear Sir, Sub: Need for Kendriya Bhandar in the colony. Through the esteemed columns of your paper, I would like to draw your kind attention to the unfortunate fact that our colony is without a Kendriya Bhandar. You cannot imagine the plight of the innocent citizens who are the victims of ruthless bureaucracy.The rich are getting richer and have no qualms in spending fortunes on essential commodities. The visit fancy modern markets and pleased with the array of goods on display, choose what they like.The poverty stricken masses cannot even get two square meals a day. The authorities themselves turn a deaf ear and are mute witnesses to the sorry state of affairs in out cities. There is rampant corruption at every step even when we have Kendirya Bhandars, the people are not benefited. You are requested to open a new Kendriya Bhandar and hope that it will serve its purpose. Yours truly, Ashok Malik (President)

Q.You are Mr. K.L.Sareen.You have seen an advertisement in the HindustanTimes for the post of marketing manager. Write an application with complete biodata. 2 M K Gandhi Marg Delhi-1100XX May 5,2007 The Advertiser Post Box No. 436 The HindustanTimes Kasturba Gandhi Marg New Delhi-110001 Dear Sir Sub:Application for the post of Marketing Manager This is with reference to your advertisement dated 2nd May 2005 in the HindustanTimes for the post of marketing manager. I wish to apply for the same. My detailed biodata is enclosed herewith for your kind perusal and consideration. In view of my qualifications, I consider myself suitable for the job. If selected, I shall prove to be a valuable asset to the company and endeavour to satisfactorily meet the requirements of the job. Yours truly, K L Sareen Encl: Biodata Photocopies of degrees and testimonials (cont……)

Biodata Name : Kishori Lal Sareen Father’s Name : Shri Hari Narayan Sareen Date of Birth : 4th May 1978 Age : 25 years Sex : Male Marital Status : Single Nationality : Indian Permanent Address : H-3, G.T. Karnal Road, Delhi Contact No. : 2714xxxx Educational Qualifications : M.sc. Physics, Delhi University MBA, IIM, Lucknow Experience : 1 year at Wipro India Ltd. as Marketing Executive Hobbies : Reading,Travelling, Playing football and Tennis I have won championships in both the games at school as well as college levels. References : 1. Prof. Ravi Ranjan (34, Ramnarayan College, Sonepat) 2. Dr. Harry Peter (45-C, Rajendra Place New Delhi- 110005)

1) You are Apoorva/ Asha, 21, Nehru Marg, Agra. Read the advertisement given below and write a letter to the advertiser, applying for the job. Also give your detailed resume, which you would send along with your letter of application for the job. 2) Write a letter to the editor of a national daily expressing your concern over the misuse of media for the sake of publicity and promotion of sales.You are Mohan/ Manju, 7/A, Gulmohar park, Chennai.

A report gives first hand sequential information of an event, whether pre-planned or unexpected, by an individual. Newspaper Report Magazine Report Factual Description

 A report should have a headline, date, place of origin of the news.  It should carry the name of the reporter.  It should contain only relevant information.  Use past tense while writing the report.  Stick to the word limit i.e. 150 words.

A newspaper report is an authentic account of an incident or event. It is very precise and specific in detail and objective in style. It usually answers questions like what happened, where, when, how and what has been its impact or consequences. In the case of an event it also includes information about participants, guests, details of items or program and occasion.

Heading Name of the correspondent Place and date …………………………………………………… ………………………………….. Body ……………………………………………………………………… …………….....

Q. You are a reporter at DainikTimes.You recently witnessed a road accident due to rash and negligent driving by a Blueline bus driver.The driver lost control over the bus . It hit a pole leaving two persons dead and twenty five injured.Write a news report on the same in about 100-125 words . Amit Bansal New Delhi, May 7 Two persons died and twenty five injured when a blueline bus from Punjabi Bagh to Dwarka hit a pole Near Raja Garden intersection.The collision was so sever that valves of CNG cylinders burst open and the gas gushed out.The injured were rushed to MaharajaGreen Hospital.According to hospital resources, a woman, identified as Renuka Kanwar (40)was brought dead and Mr.Anil Kumar, a resident of Kirti Nagar succumbed to injuries soon after.The bus was badly damaged and had to be towed away by the traffic police.According to a passenger, “the blast was so powerful that we thought that a bomb exploded inside the bus”.The driver, Ram Singh, fled the scene. In the meanwhile, the police questioned the passengers about how the bus veered out of control. An inquiry has been ordered into the case.

1) G.B. Institute recently organized a ‘NoTobacco’ Workshop. Write a report on the same to be published in the newspaper in about 100-125 words. 2) As aTOI correspondent, write a short report on the inaugural function of Jeevan Rakshak Hospital and Heart Institute at DayanandVihar forYour newspaper.The word limit is 100-125 .

A magazine report is an authentic account of an event or an interview. It tells us about what happened, where, who organized the event, etc. In the case of an event it also includes information about participants, guests, details of items or program and occasion.  Date, time and venue of the function/event  Name of the Chief Guest  The body of the report contains the details of the function  Reaction of the audience/comments on the kind of programme  Message / speech of the chief guest Conclusion

Heading Reporter's Name …………………………………………………… Body (What happened, where, when ) ( Name of the chief guests, price distribution, etc. ) ……………………………………………………

Q. You recently attended an Asthma Care Camp organized by Sanjay Gandhi Memorial Hospital, Mangla Puri, to celebrate World Asthma Day.Write a report on the same in about 100-125 words for your school magazine.You are Rajat Rawal, President, Health Club. WORLD ASTHMA DAY CELEBRATED SanjayGandhi Memorial Hospital, Mangla Puri celebrated ‘World Asthma Day, on May 3 with an asthma care camp from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.A team of thirty students from different schools of Delhi was invited to help as volunteers. Around 150 patients were screened for asthma and other chest related diseases. Fifty patients were offered free spirometry test. All the patients were given free samples of drugs and IEC materials as well. Besides this, they received health education on respiratory disorders, their possible causes and remedies through banners, audio- visual aids, MMP and interactive discussions by the experts. Speaking on the occasion, Dr. D.K. Bagrodia, the CMO, informed that increasing pollution was the main cause of allergic respiratory disorders, especially among children.The camp provided a useful insight on chest-related issues to all. Rajat Rawal President Health Club

1) You are Mohana Jaitley and you are a part of community service group of your school.Write a report for your school magazine on a visit to an orphanage. 2) The eco club of Mayur public school celebrated eco- friendly week, in which the entire school participated enthusiastically. As secretary of the eco club, Pratap Saxena, write a report for your school magazine, giving details.

 Presentation and organization of details should be systematic and logical.  Give a heading.  Be sure to include all relevant information.  Be sure to be objective.

Q. Give a short factual description of a refrigerator in 100-125 words . THE REFRIGERATOR The refrigerator is a cabinet in which low temperatures are maintained by a mechanical device called compressor which circulates the cooling gas through tubes into the entire system. It is divided into many chambers. Now-a-days, different models, attractively designed, are available in the market.The ice chamber or the freezer is at the top. In the lower chambers, one can keep vegetables.The size and shape of the chambers may differ according to the model, as new models keep pouring in the market with different utility functions.The inside wall of the door has small compartments to store bottles, eggs, butter, etc. Its interior rubber lining makes it airtight. An automatic defrosting device and a regulator to control temperature are also provided.The refrigerator is a necessity as medicines, fresh vegetables, cooked food and other eatables can be stored in cool place.

1) You have been witness to the burglary in your block and have seen two men fleeing the scene. Attempt a factual description of the two men in 80-100 words. 2) Your friend wishes to visit you at the weekend. Write out the directions so that he has no difficulty in finding your house.

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English writing skills for a variety of purposes including: formal and informal letter writing, resumes, essays, business documents, as well as writing ...
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How to Improve Your Writing Skills (with Writing Exercises)

How to Improve Your Writing Skills. Perhaps you have dreams of becoming the next Great Novelist. Or maybe you just want to be able to better ...
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Improve Your English Writing - Perfect English Grammar

How to improve your English writing. ... I think to improve your writing you really need to write something in English more or less every day.
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English Writing Skills

Welcome to Our Education. English Writing Skills is a free online language course which is designed for anyone wanting to improve their writing, or English ...
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Writing Skills - English Writing - Learn English Free

Learn English Free - English Writing - Writing Skills - A writing exercise that increases awareness and descriptive skills.
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25 Free Online Courses to Improve Your Writing Skills

There are a variety of free online courses (MOOCs) available for all types of writers and aspiring writers to improve their writing skills
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Writing | LearnEnglish | British Council

If you want to study at a British (or other English-speaking) university, you will have to write assignments – you can find out how here! Writing for a ...
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How to improve your English skills - Learn English Free

Learn English Free - How to improve your English skills - Improve your Learning Skills
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