English tenses grammar

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Information about English tenses grammar

Published on February 19, 2014

Author: sonikka30

Source: slideshare.net


English worksheet tenses usage for beginners.It has all the tenses and how they are made.

Present Simple S+V Affirmative: I speak( eu vorbesc) Negative: I do not speak Interrogative: Do I speak? Past Simple S + V-ed or II column of irregular verbs Affirmative: I promised (am promis) I spoke (am vorbit) Negative: I did not promise I did not speak Interrogative: Did I promise? Did I speak? Present Perfect S + have/has + V-ed or III column of irregular verbs Affirmative: I have spoken.( am vorbit) Negative: I have not (haven’t) spoken. Interrogative: Have I spoken? Past Perfect ( Mai mult ca Perfectul) S+ had + V-ed or III column of irregular verbs Affirmative: I had been (fusesem ) Negative: I had not been (nu fusesem) Interrogative: Had I been? (fusesem ?) Future Simple S + will/shall + short infinitive of the verb Affirmative: I will/shall go( voi merge) Negative: I will/shall not go Interrogative: Will/Shall I go? Future Perfect Simple S + shall/will + have + V-ed or III column of Irregular verbs Affirmative: I shall have had time(eu voi fi avut timp) Negative: I shall not have had time( eu nu voi fi avut timp) Interrogative: Shall I have had time? ( voi fi avut eu timp? Present Conditional S + should/would + short infinitive of the verb Affirmative: I should be ( as fi)/ You would be ( ai fi) I should have( as avea) I should like( mi-ar place) Negative: I should not ( shouldn’t) be ( n-as fi) I should not like ( nu mi-ar place) Interrogative: Should I have? ( sa am eu?) Should I be? ( sa fiu eu?) Should I like? (sa-mi placa mie?) Present Continuous S+ am/are/is + V-ing Affirmative: I am speaking ( vorbesc acum) Negative: I am not speaking Interrogative: Am I speaking? Past Continuous S + was/were + V-ing Affirmative: I was speaking.( vorbeam) Negative: I was not (wasn’t) speaking. Interrogative: Was I speaking? Present Perfect Continuous S + have/has + been +V-ing Affirmative: I have been speaking ( am vorbit, vorbesc) Negative: I have not been speaking. Interrogative: Have I been speaking? Past Perfect Continuous S + had + been + V-ing Affirmative: We had been living (locuiseram) Negative: We had not been living Interrogative: Had we been living? Future Continuous S + will + be+ V-ing Affirmative: I will be travelling (voi calatori un timp) Negative: I will not be travelling Interrogative: Will I be travelling? Future Perfect Continuous S + shall/will + Have + been + V-ing Affirmative: I shall have been writing (eu voi fi scris) NU ARE FORMA NEGATIVA  Interrogative : Shall I have been writing? RAR FOLOSIT Past Conditional S + should/would + Have + V-ed or III column of Irregular verbs Affirmative: I should have been ( as fi fost) He would have had( ar fi avut) We should have liked ( ne-ar fi placut) Negative: I should not have been ( n-as fi fost) He would not have had We should not have liked Interrogative: Should I have been? ( as fi fost eu?) Would he have had? Should we have liked? First Conditional – condition possible IF clause- PRESENT SIMPLE----------Main clause –Present Simple/Future Simple(will) Second Conditional – condition in theory possible IF clause – Past Simple ------------Main Clause – WOULD + infinitive Third Conditional – condition not possible IF clause – Past Perfect ------------ Main Clause – WOULD + HAVE + past participle

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