English summary - A Brief Introduction

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Information about English summary - A Brief Introduction

Published on October 31, 2018

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1. English Summary a brief introduction

2. WHAT IS A SUMMARY? According to Cambridge Dictionary, a Summary is "a short,�clear description that gives the main�facts �or�ideas�about something"

3. In English, the summary of a piece of literary work like poetry, prose, drama, fiction etc is the summing up of important aspects, facts, plots, characters, ideas etc in it.

4. HOW TO WRITE SUMMARY OF A TEXT? Read the text 2-3 times to understand it thoroughly. Note down the important information. Understand the plot structure, characters, tone, time, place and action. Pick out important keywords.

5. Using the keywords, make a short outline. Your outline should reflect the whole story. Using the outline, write a rough description of the text. Check out if you have missed an important point.

6. Do's of Writing a Summary Use simple and lucid langauge. Use indirect speech. Focus on the important points and facts. Use short paragraphs. Use headings and subheading.

7. Dont's of Writing a Summary Don't include unnecessary details and information. Avoid using Direct Speech unless required. Don't make the summary too lengthy. Avoid long paragraphs.

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