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Published on May 8, 2014

Author: jsnart

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The structure of an essay: The structure of an essay What goes into an essay?: What goes into an essay? Introductory paragraph Preview of what is going to be stated in essay Thesis statement  tells reader specific direction Body paragraphs Explains the thesis statement in parts Breaks up the argument Has evidence with sources (both primary and secondary) Conclusion Wraps up entire essay Pastes everything together Work cited page Gives credit to all evidence/information used in essay What is a thesis statement?: What is a thesis statement? Tells the reader: the focus of the essay What the essay is going to be about Where? last sentence of the introduction Why have a thesis statement?: Why have a thesis statement? To organize the argument you’re trying to convey Test ideas to see if they fit well for an essay Gives the reader a “road map” and guides them thesis requirements: thesis requirements Must be specific and arguable Cannot be a yes/no answer 1-2 sentences; no longer than that Last sentence of the introduction Must be consistent throughout the whole essay Things to avoid in thesis statements : Things to avoid in thesis statements Adding your opinion “I believe” or “I feel” Form of a question Being vague doesn’t lead to a concise paper Try to convey message without saying “The point of my paper is..” Facts Leads to a dead-ended question Doesn’t resemble any kind of argument Examples of opinion: Examples of opinion “ In my opinion , animal testing should be illegal in all parts of the world due to unethical treatment of animals” Vague thesis statement: Vague thesis statement “The effects of World War II lead many countries devastated and in ruins” Tips for brainstorming: Tips for brainstorming Visualize your thesis as a fully developed paper Is this topic a possible concise paper? What body paragraphs/points of discussion will I have? Is this thesis statement communicating the right message to the reader? Thesis examples : Thesis examples Purdue Owl: An analysis of the college admission process reveals one challenge facing counselors: accepting students with high test scores or students with strong extracurricular backgrounds . The life of the typical college student is characterized by time spent studying, attending class, and socializing with peers . Body paragraphs: Body paragraphs Overview of body paragraphs : Overview of body paragraphs 3 Body paragraphs (typically) Point-By-Point Each body paragraph conveys a different message contributing to your argument Each body paragraph must relate back to the thesis Move from general to specific 1. Topic sentence: 1. Topic sentence Acts as a transition into the next point Relates to thesis Outlines paragraph What you’re going to be talking about in that paragraph Gives the reader the main idea of that paragraph First sentence of each body paragraph 2. sources: 2. sources Introduce the source Give some background info to give credibility to the statement Gives the reader an idea of the significance of the quote If secondary source.. Give credentials of the source “According to literary analyst..” Shows credibility and looks good Reader will want to listen to what you have to say Types of sources: Types of sources Primary sources Directed more towards the argument If talking about a book  book is primary source Secondary sources Not directed exactly towards argument Gives additional information to the argument you’re making explanation: explanation Explain quote How it’s significant Relate it back to the thesis Must be interrelated with whole paragraph **contributes evidence Closing sentence Wraps up the body paragraph as well as giving a “lead in” to next point Paragraph without elements: Paragraph without elements Paragraph with elements: Paragraph with elements Concluding paragraph: Concluding paragraph Writing a Conclusion: Writing a Conclusion Restate Thesis Refine Overall Essay Speak About Broader Implications Restating Thesis: Restating Thesis Do not use same phrasing as original thesis. Speak about main points in the essay to recap the overall thesis. Refine Overall Essay: Refine Overall Essay Begin linking thesis to broader implications Use reverse funnel. Broader Implications: Broader Implications State a general effect about your thesis on the real world. Makes your paper matter. Works Cited: Works Cited Used to avoid plagiarism. Gives credit to the sources that are deserving. Essential in any research paper. MLA and APA styles; MLA more often used. Common Mistakes: Common Mistakes Indenting Errors. Punctuation Errors. Heading Errors. Alphabetize Entries.

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