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Published on February 21, 2014

Author: nurulbarcelonistas

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This is the lattice of English Olympiad

Listening section In this section of the test, you will have the chance to show how well you understand spoken English. There are three parts to this section with special directions for each part. Part I Questions : 1 to 9 Directions: In this part of the test you will hear some dialogues or questions spoken in English. The dialogues or questions will be spoken two times. They will not be printed in your test book, so you must listen carefully to understand what the speakers say. After you hear a dialogue and the question about it, read the four possible answers and decide which one would be the best answer to the question you have heard. Now listen to a sample question. You will hear: Man : How about exercising tomorrow morning? Woman : Alright. Pick me up at six You will also hear Narrator: What will the man do? You’ll read in your test book: A. Do exercise at 6 D. Leave the woman alone B. Go with six women E. Come to the woman’s house C. Take exercise alone The best answer to the question is E “Come to the woman’s house”; Therefore you should choose answer (E). 1. A. It’s very hot B. It’s very cold C. It’s pretty mild D. It’s just perfect 2. A. Give the woman a lift B. Lift the box for the woman C. Put the box away D. Make the woman lift the box 3. A. A chair, a table, a couch B. Tea pot, plates, Cups C. Vase, paintings, flower D. Curtain, bed sheets, pillow cases 4. A. I wish I could B. That will be nice C. That’s all right D. That’s the right thing to do 5. A. at home B. at a factory C. at a hospital D. at a school 6. A. At a hospital B. At a library C. At a bookstore D. At school 7. A. To suggest that they find food B. To show the food is nice C. To find something valuable D. To make something edible 8. A. At home B. At a store C. At an office D. At a market 9. A. Alright, I’ll meet Rudy B. It’s really wonderful, Rudy C. Hi, nice to meet you, Rudy D. You are very nice, Rudy Part II Questions 10 to 15 Directions : In this part of the test, you will hear several monologues. Each monologue will be spoken two times. They will not be printed in your test book, so you must listen carefully to understand what the speakers say. After you hear a monologue and the questions about it, read the four possible answers and decide which one would be the best answer to the questions you have heard. 10. A. England B. The United Kingdom C. Great Britain D. Scotland 11. A. 38 % B. 53 % C. 83 % D. 93 % 12. A. Clean B. Quiet A. Very tall C. Attractive D. Dangerous C. Very green 13.

B. Very dry D. Very dangerous 14. A. President B. Mayor C. Governor D. Headmaster 15. A. 16 B. 17 C. 18 D. 19 This is the end of the listening section Reading section The text is for questions 16 to 18 Dear Lena, I heard that you just won English Story Telling contest. Well, I want to say that is great. Your hard work is proven makes you successful. There is no doubt that your recent achievements will be spoken for sometime to come and that the admiration for your accomplishments is felt by all of us. Please accept my heartiest congratulations for you success. Love Sandra 16. What does Sandra’s purpose to write the letter above? A. To tell that Lena has won the competition B. To inform Lena about her success C. To congratulate Lena on her success D. To make Lena satisfied with her success 17. The word ‘accomplishments’ (par.2) has similar meaning to…………. A. Greatness C. Admiration B. Achievements D. Congratulation 18. From the text above we can conclude that……………. A. Sandra is Lena’s close friend C. Lena and Sandra hate each other B. Lena doesn’t know Sandra’s E. Sandra is jealous of Lena’s success 19. X : I’ve got a terrible headache Y : Have you? Wait a minute, I…….an aspirin A. get B. got C. will get D. am getting 20. X : Happy birthday, Tiny, May God always bless you Y : Thanks, Amir ……….you come A. I am sorry B. I am afraid C. I am glad D. I am uneasy This text is for questions 21 to 23 Mr. Karyadi’s Family Mr and Mrs. Karyadi have two son and one daughter. Their names are Dian, Yayak, and Maya. The Karyadi’s family lives with Mrs. Sudarti’s parents. These families stay in the big beautiful house. Mrs. Sudarti is Mr. Karyadi’s wife. She has two nephews. They are Dani and Doni. Their father is Mr. Dody. He is Mrs. Sudarti’s brother. His youngest child, Dani is Dian’s classmate. They are students of SMP Kusuma Bangsa Nganjuk in the nine grades. Their other’s brother and sister still in elementary school students. Mr and Mrs. Mulyoredjo are happy with the Karyadi’s family. They love all of their grandchildren. 21. Who is Mrs Sudarti’s father? A. Mr. Karyadi C. Mr. Doni B. Mr. Dody D. Mr. Mulyoredjo 22. Who is Mr. Dody? A. Dian’s uncle C. Dian’s brother B. Dian’s father D. Dian’s grandfather 23. They are students of SMP Kusuma Bangsa Nganjuk……….. What does the word “they’refer to? A. Dian and Doni C. Dian and Dani B. Doni and Dani D. Dian and Yayak 24. X : “Would you like to come to Nia’s birthday party? Y : “I am not sure yet, but I will come if……….me.” A. She invited B. she invites C. She has invited D. She’s going to invite 25. X : “Everything now is expensive.” Y : “I…….with you. Even for bus, plane, and ship tickets A. agree B. come C. disagree D. go

This text is for questions 26 to 28 One day there was a monkey on the tree near the river. He was walking towards the fish in the river. They were friends. Suddenly the flood came and the river flew strongly. The monkey looked for the fish but he couldn’t find it. He was very sad. Finally, he saw the fish far from him. The fish flew with the water. To see that the monkey took a pity on the fish, He went down quickly from the tree and took the fish. He put the fish on the tree. Not more than ten minutes. He saw the fish not alive again. He was disappointed why he put the fish on the tree. He should have known that the fish couldn’t live without water. 26. The following sentence is true according to the text except……….. A. The monkey and the fish were friends B. The monkey could not find the fish because it flew in the river C. The fish could not live without water D. The monkey did not do anything when he saw the fish in the river 27. Why was the monkey disappointed? A. The fish flew in the water C. He had made the fish dead B. The fish could not live in the water D. He looked pity on the fish 28. What is the moral value we can learn from the story? A. Don’t care to other when he/she is in danger C. Don’t disturb your friend B. We have to give help to our friend D. Give your help to your best friend 29. X : Have you got your report Dwi? Y : Yes I have X : May I see it? Y : Yes, you may X : Oh very good………….for you A. Congratulation B. sure C. certainly D. pleasure 30. Riris, Yanto and Nanda got back their English test paper. Riris got eight, Yanto got nine and Nanda got seven. Yanto got the……… mark of them. A. best B. Least C. worst D. lowest This text is for questions 31 to 33 Attention, Please Due to a technical problem, the flight will be delayed for about two hours. We apologize for the inconvenience. Thank You The Public Relation 31. What is the text about? A. The inconvenience voyage C. The delay of flight B. The late flight D. The exciting flight 32. Where can you hear such announcement? A. In harbor C. In a railway station B. In an airport D. In travel bureau 33. The antonym of delayed in the text is………… A. Postponed B. Cancelled C. Changed 34. X : Do you want this big box? Y : No, I want that………….one A. long B. Small C. Cheap 35. Mr. Tomlinson has been in Indonesia for only three months. I am………..that he can speak Indonesia so well A. afraid B. disappointed C. surprised D. Fixed D. large D. worried This text is for questions 36 to 37 Seller : Good Afternoon, what can I do for you? Sofia : Mmmm….I want to buy eeeee…..to buy………eeee…… Seller : Ok, Ok, Do you bring a shopping list? Sofia : Yes, I do. Here you are Seller : Let me see. Mm….you want to buy a kilogram of eggs, a kilogram of sugar, a packet of tea, two tins of Indomilk, and half of butter Sofia : Yes, that’s right. Here is the money. 36. Sofia is……… A. in the post office B. in the shop 37. Does Sofia forget the things she wants to buy? A. yes, she is B. yes, she does 38. X : what is Riza’s father doing now? Y : He is……….. A. made a shirt C. at school D. at home C. no, she doesn’tD. no, she doesn’t forget C. going to make a shirt

B. makes a shirt 39. X : How much soap do you want? Y : I want a ………of soap A. bowl B. bar D. making a shirt C. piece Choose the most suitable word to complete the dialogue ( for no 40 to 43) Adi : Where is your father, Tono? Tono : He is at…………(40) Adi : Is he a teacher? Tono : Yes he is. He ……….(41) English. What is your father, Adi? Adi : He’s the ……..(42) of PT. Surya Company. He runs the company very well. Tono : I see. Does he have a…………(43) Adi : Sure. Her name is Andini She types well and is trustworthy 40. A. the office B. the bank C. work 41. A. learns B. explains C. teaches 42. A. director B. specialist C. Typist 43 A. clerk B. cashier C. secretary 44. X : “I’ve to say that I lost wallet in the Taman Safari.” Y : “I’m………….to hear that A. very sorry B. very glad C. disappointed 45. X : have you seen Tuti? Y : yes, sir. She……….a letter in her room now A. was typing B. Has typed C. is typing D. loaf D. school D. studies D. telephone operator D. manager D. surprised D. typed This text is for questions 46 to 49 One day, Andrew, an Australian reporter, was driving home from his office. It was a very hot day. The air conditioner was not working, so Andrew would down his car widow to let enough air come in his car. Then he switched on the radio. When he reached the traffic light, they were red. Andrew stopped his car and waited patiently for the lights to turn green. He noticed a while van coming from the opposite direction. It also stopped at the traffic lights. When the lights turned green, both vehicles started moving. As the van passed Andrew’s car, it suddenly slipped over. The back door of the van sled open and a package of frozen sausage flew out. The package hit Andrew on the nose and broke it. Andrew’s nose was bleeding badly. He was so furious that he yelled at the van driver. Poor Andrew had to stop at a hospital to see a doctor before he went home. 46. Where was Andrew driving home from? A. The supermarket B. the workplace C. the hospital D. the studio 47. What happened to Andrew? A. He was injured by frozen sausage C. The van driver hit him B. The back door of the van hit him D. He was hit by a package 48. “He was so furious that he yelled at the van driver. The underline word has the same meaning as…………… A. badly injured B. very shocked C. very nervous D. very angry 49. What is the main idea of paragraph 3? A. How the accident happen C. How Andrew’s condition was B. where the accident took place D. When Andrew was taken to the hospital 50. X : What did Mrs. Mulia to do to he boys? Y : She expected to…………there A. stay B. staying C. stayed D. stays 51. Mr. Rachmad is an English teacher He …………here since 1982 A. is teaching B. had taught C. was teaching D. has been teaching This text is for questions 52 to 55 Dear Catherine I’m sorry I can’t pick you up at the airport but luckily, my friend Steve can (he works at night, so he is free in the morning). I just want to make sure about the information. Your plane arrives at 11 a.m. on 25th June and your flying on KLN Air #1327. is that right? I told Steve to look for a woman with two young girls, but he wanted more information. Do you look the same? What about your daughters? You shouldn’t have a problem finding Steve at the airport. He’s very tall and thin. He has curly brown hair, a moustache and a beard. I can’t wait to see you. Love Rony

52. How many persons will Steve meet at the airport? A. One B. Two C. Three D. Four 53. Steve will pick Catherine with her daughters at the airport because……….. A. he is busy C. He works at the airport B. He is free in the morning D. He wants more information 54. “I can’t wait to see you!” (last sentence) What does the word “you” refer to? A. Catherine B. Steve C. The writer D. Rony 55. “……..but luckily, my friend Steve can………..” What does the underlined word means? A. accidentally B. actually C. basically D. fortunately 56. X : Do you like cheating in a test? Y : No. I don’t X : …………….. A. I’m not either B. Neither do I C. So do I D. I do too 57. X : “Do you have some money?” Y : “yes I bring this money…………an English book.” A. Buy B. Buys C. bought D. to buy This text is for questions 58 to 62 Son : Father, I have a shore throat. I cannot swallow the food Father : Have you taken medicine? Son : yes, but it doesn’t get better Father : Now you should go to the doctor Son : No, I am afraid of a doctor Father : But why? Son : I don’t want to be injected Father : But you have to Now ask mother to take you to a doctor 58. Why can’t the boy swallow the food? A. He has a shore throat C. He has a stomachache B. His throat is bleeding D. His throat is closed 59. What does his father suggest his son to do? A. To drink medicine C. To swallow medicine B. To visit a doctor D. To stay at home 60. From the dialogue we know that father and his son are at…………. A. hospital B. school C. doctor’s room D. home 61. Why do you thing the son is afraid of being injected? A. Because of the syringe C. Because he wants to get better B. Because of the frightening doctor D. Because an injection is dangerous 62. “Father, I have a shore throat” (line one) The underline word in the sentence means the………….mouth A. Back part of B. Front of C. Passage in D. Side part of 63. X : Your library card, please? Y : Ooops………….I forgot to bring it X : So, you can’t borrow this book A. How come B. I’m sad C. I’m sorry D. With my pleasure 64. X : What are you looking for? Y : Some food. I am starving X : It’s in the fridge Y : …………… nothing left, Mom A. There are B. There is C. There isn’t D. There aren’t Choose the most suitable word to complete the blanks (For no 65 to 67) Yesterday was an unforgettable holiday for me. I……(65) up early in the morning, made up the bed, and then went to the bathroom. After having………(66), I went to the garden behind my house. I wanted to pick some flowers from the garden. When I reached out for flower, suddenly there was a snake out of the bushes. I cried for help, but there was no body around. I was so…....(67). I ran back into the house. I promise myself that I will never pick a flower by myself anymore. 65. A. wake B. woke C. Wakes D. Will wake 66. A. breakfast B. lunch C. dinner D. supper 67. A. happy B. relaxed C. excited D. afraid 68. My sister is a good singer. She is going to participate in a “Pop singer contest”, so she……….hard now A. will practice B. is practicing C. was practicing D. has been practicing 69. X : Father, this is my teacher, Mr. Abas Y : How do you do Mr. Abas?

Z : …………..Mr. Amir? Y : Thank you for you coming at my son’s birthday Z : You’re welcome A. Very well thanks B. How do you do? C. It’d good to see you D. How nice to see you again This text is for questions 70 to 72 Last year I joined the Chicago Marathon, my first marathon. I had to run 26.2 miles to complete it. It is hard but I learned valuable things from joining it. At first, I just wanted to get the experience of joining marathon. I thought it would be one life time experience. After finishing it, I changed my mind. I wanted to join another one. I was interested to complete at least one more marathon and improve my time. I also experienced a good feeling between participants and the spectators that made me happy. It was wonderful thing for me. So I decided that I had to join another marathon the following year because I was not satisfied with this first one. 70. When did the writer change his/her mind about marathon? A. when preparing for the race C. Before the race B. During the race D. After finishing the race 71. What is the main idea of the second paragraph? A. The writer found that marathon was enjoyable, so he wanted to join again B. After completing 26.2 miles, the writer felt upset C. The writer thought marathon was hard, so he stopped it as soon as possible D. The writer felt tired when he had to run at 26.2 miles 72. Why did the writer want to join another marathon? A. To learn valuable things C. To participate in the event B. To improve his time D. To experience an interesting race 73. Mr. Hasan’s car is a Daihatsu. Mr. Ridwan’s car is a Datsun Mr. Hasan’s car is…………..Mr. Ridwan’s A. like B. as big as C. different from D. the same as 74 X : “………….do you visit your grandparents?” Y : “Once a year, every Lebaran Day.” A. How fast B. How long C. How soon D. How often This text is for questions 75 to 77 Ingredients : One cup of mung bean A tablespoonfuls of sugar ½ teaspoonfuls of salt 5 cups of water Mung Bean Porridge Steps : 1. Wash mung bean 2. Boil the mung bean into tha boiling water 3. Put the mung bean become tender 4. Let the mung bean become tender 5. Add the salt and the sugar 6. Simmer for 30 minutes 7. Now you can serve it 75. What is the text about? A. Serving mung bean porridge C. Describing mung bean porridge B. Making mung bean porridge D. Explaining mung bean porridge 76. What should we do after we let the mung bean become tender? A. Add the salt and the sugar C. Simmer for 30 minutes B. Add five cups of water D. Put the mung bean into the boiling water 77. “Let the mung bean become tender”. (step) A. Very hard to chop C. Easy to cut and chew B. Good taste and smell D. Very done 78. X : “Do you know him?” Y : “Yes, he is the man ……….. me yesterday.” A. Who helped B. Who helps C. is helping D. Was helping 79. X : “You’ve had your hair cut, Min.” Y : “Yes, Do you like it mom?” X : Yes, I do……….” A. You’re welcome B. I’m very well C. it suits you D. thank you 80. “What are you doing?” He wanted to know that………….. A. you are doing now C. I am doing now B. You were doing at once D. I was doing at that time

III. GENERAL KNOWLEDGE 81. What is the meaning of CCTV? A. Closed Circuit television C. Contrast Color Television B. Combine Circuit Television D. Considered Control Television 82. Who is that we usually call him International Scout Father? A. Aristotle C. Boden Powel B. Christopher D. Henry Dunant 83. Who is the founder of Face book? A. Renne Laenec C. Carl Benz B. Carles Babage D. Mark Zukerberg 84. Independence day of America is............. A. July, 4th 1776 C. June, 4th 1776 th B. October, 24 1767 D. August, 24th 1778 85. Which is the deepest ocean in Indonesia? A. Java Sea C. Sulu Sea B. Arafuru sea D. Banda Sea 86. Which is the country in ASEAN that don’t have sea in its region? A. Philippine C. Thailand B. Indonesia D. Laos 87. In which Continent Kilimanjaro mount is? A. Asia C. America B. Europe D. Africa 88. Who is the Indonesian hero who direct “Paderi” war? A. Prince Diponegoro C. Prince Antasari B. imam Bonjol D. KH Ahmad Dahlan 89. In which region “Ayam Den Lapeh“ song comes from? A. North Sulawesi C. South Kalimantan B. Central Java D. West Sumatra 90. (3x²-2xy+y²) – (6x²+xy-5y²) = A. -3x²+3xy-6y² C. -9x²+3xy-6y² B. -3x²-3xy+6y² D. 3x²+3xy-4y² 91. In human food digestive system, absorption and addition of water occur in.................. A. Pharynx C. Small intestine B. Large intestine D. Stomach 92. What is the meaning of AFTA ? A. Agriculture Food Trade Area C. ASEAN Free Trade Area B. Asia Federation Food Trade Area D. Asia Free Trade Area 93. What do you call the study of plants? A. Zoology C. Plantae B. Animalia D. Botany 94. Anoa is animal that comes from…………. A. Sulawesi C. Ternate B. Bali D. East Nusa Tenggara 95. Who is the founder of computer? A. Charles Babbage C. David Edward Hughes B. J. Lagiic Baird D. Renne laennee 96. A thing that consist of six equivalent side become one usually called? A. Cube C. Prism B. Beam D. Pyramid 97. Which is the Christian Gonzalez’s back number when he joined “Persib Bandung”? A. 9 C. 99 B. 19 D. 39 98. Who is the writer of Zero To Hero? A. Illana Tan C. Habiburrahman El shirazi B. Solikhin abu izzudin D. Andrea Hirata 99. Which is the characters in Inuyasha? A. Yamcha C. Kagome B. Orochimaru D. Lutfi 100. W hen was Niagara’s Waterfall frozen? A. May, 24th 1948 C. April, 10th 1948 th B. January, 18 1948 D. March, 29th 1948 >>>>Good Luck<<<<

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