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Published on January 17, 2018

Author: rohinilraj

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English Litracey: English Litracey Prononciation The production of sound In 26 letters english alphabet the sound produced are almost double Vowels: Vowels A e I o u Consonants All alphabets except vowels : Consonants All alphabets except vowels Dipthongs Two adjacent vowel sound accuring with same sequence: Dipthongs Two adjacent vowel sound accuring with same sequence Vowel Rule: Vowel Rule One vowel rule Two vowel rule Suffixes: Suffixes Same suffix used far different words has different pronunciation. -S suffix : He works books Johan,s he,s -: - Ed- suffix Painted founded Wanted clpped Slide 8: -e suffix Addition to e suffix to a noun to form a verb Bath bathe Breath breathe Homographs: Homographs Word that shares same written form as another word but has different meaning To lead lead To read read To live live Homophones: Homophones Prononuciation same but differ meaning Son/sun Allowed/aloud Minor/miner Sailent letters: Sailent letters Initial position Kn – knock kn knifeee knight Pn - pneumonia Ps- psychology psychiatry pseudo Wr - writte wrong wring wrist Wh -who whom whose whole Slide 12: End – position - mb - lamb climb thumb - ng - king thing song wing -gm- paradigm diaphragm - gn - sign reign foreigen - mn - condemn autumn column -pt- receipt Others- doubt muscle whistle Stress patterns: Stress patterns A syllable consists of a vowel sound + consonant(S) Only one vowel sound Stu-dent re- sult ex-a-mine Vowel is at the end –long sound May be-low Vowel is not at the end of syllable , it has a short sound Slide 14: Syllables are dividded between doubled consonants Din- ner swim- ming tell- er

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