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Information about ENGLISH EUFAR

Published on March 5, 2014

Author: eufar

Source: slideshare.net

www.slideshare.net/eufar Headquarters and manufacturing plant: Calle 137 No. 52A-36 Phone. 57-1- 6254455 Fax. 57-1-2581721 Bogotá - Colombia e-mail: comercioexterior@eufar.com Web site: www.eufar.com . Social Networks: Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, Slideshare, Linkedin Become a EUFAR Facebook fan: www.facebook.com/eufar Follow us: www.twitter.com/eufar

Products for the different dental procedures Esthetics Desensitizers Endodontics Bletching Oral Cleaning Alveolitic Control Dental cements Astringents and Hemostatics 3/5/2014 Línea Dental

DENTAL ESTHETICS 9.6% HYDROFLUORIC ACID DESMINFAR® 37% Phosphoric acid gel Porcelain etching gel Syringe x 2 g Enamel and dentine etching gel Syringe x 5 Ml, 10 mL 3/5/2014 Dental Products

DENTAL DESENSITIZERS FLUOFAR NEUTRO® 2% Sodium Fluoride Gel DENTOFAR® Dental desensitizer Topic dental desensitizer for several possible clinical applications. Thanks to its antiinflammatory, antiseptic and analgesic characteristi cs, it can be used for endodontic, periodontal, surgical and rehabilitation procedures. Useful in several clinic al applications, especially for d ental sensitivity and caries prev ention 50 ml and 200 ml collapsible tube 3/5/2014 Bottle x 5 mL Dental products

DENTAL BLETCHING SYSTEM ENDOFAR® Bleteching dental system. Non-vitals teeth •Sodium Perborate Eufar • Hidrogen Peroxyde 30 % Powder x 10 g Bottle x 7 mL Kit Endofar 3/5/2014 Dental productts

ALVEOLITIC CONTROL ALVOFAR ® plus • Smooth paste, indicated for the preventive and curative treatment of alveolitis after exodontia • It contains: iodopovidone Eugenol Container x 10 g 3/5/2014 Denta Products

ASTRINGENTS AND HEMOSTATICS • 25% Aluminum chloride • Topic Astringent • Solution to impregnate the retractive thread when it is introduced into the gingival sulcus • hemostatic properties • Bottle x 7 mL • 15.5% Ferric Sulphate • Solution that produces hemostasis. Recommended for light bleding of gingival tissues. • Bottle x 7 mL RETRACFAR® HEMOFAR® 3/5/2014 Dental Products

ENDODONTICS 3/5/2014 Dental Products

ENDODONTICS CALCIFAR ® P Calcium Hidroxyde Powder® Intra-canal medical device, of alkaline ph, it is a bacterial inhibitor and does not harden Mixed with solutions as distilled water, alkaline solution, dental anesthetics (without vasoconstrictor), parachlorophenol alcanforado, can be used for several clinical situations. Syringe x 2 g Bottle x 10 g Calcium hydroxide, oxide of zinc and barium sulphate. Radiopaque bactericide paste 3/5/2014 Dental Products

ENDODONTICS XILOL® Momifar® Pulp Mommifier Disolve the gutta - percha Antiseptict and disinfectant Desobturation of root’s canals Bottle x 15 mL 3/5/2014 Glutaraldehide 2% Bottle x 7 mL Dental Products

ENDODONTICS EDTA 17%° EDTA 10% KELFAR® Canals Irrigants Lubricant, chelator, decalfier of narrows canals Cream Effective chelator agent. Effective chelator agent Facilitates the dentine’s surface cap removal Syringe 3 mL Syringe x 5 g Bottle x 120 mL 3/5/2014 EDTA and Peroxide Hydrogen Dental Products

DENTAL CEMENTS OXIDE OF ZINC CEMENT EUGENOL EUFAR ® GROSSFAR® • Temporal obturation in vital teeth or during non adhesive restoration process Powder x 175 g Bottle x 15 mL • Definitive obturation cement of root’s canals. It contains oxyde of zinc, barium sulphate, sodium borate and colophony Powder x 10 g Bottle (Eugenol) x 7 mL Kit Grossfar 3/5/2014 Dental Products

ORAL CLEANING AND PREVENTION DETARFAR® Prophylaxis paste Container x 12 oz Container x 50 g Collapsible x 50 g Flavour: Strawberry DETARFAR® PROPHY Sodium Bicarbonate powder It’s for endodontics irrigation equipments and dental prophylaxis 0.05 µ Container 120 x g 3/5/2014 Dental Products

FLUOFAR® 45 SEC ORAL CLEANING AND PREVENTION 3/5/2014 • Sodium Fluoride 2%, acid pH • Hydro soluble gel, with a ion fluoride presence. It changes the composition and structure of the enamel and dentine hydroxiapatita, so the teeth become more resistant to acid erosion and dental caries. It allows dental remineralization providing a preventive action against dental caries • Bottle x 240 mL • Bottle x 500 mL Flavour: chewing –gum Dental Products

3/5/2014 • It is a colorant solution used to detect the old bacterial plaque which becomes dark blue and new plaque that becomes intense pink • Bottle x 10 mL TINFAR® DITONOS® ORAL CLEANING AND PREVENTION Dental Products • 0.8% Tin Fluoride • Acts as a carioustatic • It helps dental remineralization processes • Bottle x 7 mL

Key steps at the Control Infection Manual Cleaning 05/03/2014 Disinfection Control Infection Products High Level Disinfection 20

Skin Care Cleaning Bonfar TS® Skin antiseptic liquid soap • It is the perfect solution for the correct asepsis, dampness and cleanness of the skin. Odourless, biodegradable and antiallergic Bottle x 500 mL (with mounting) Bottle (3,8L ) 05/03/2014 Control Infection Products

Skin care cleaning BONCIDA® Quirurgical soap, Clorhexidine Gluconate 4% • It is suitable for people that need frequent hand washing due to their profession or activity (specially medical people) • Wetting properties. Bottle x 60 mL Bottle x 1 L Bottle (3.8L) 05/03/2014 Control Infection Products 22

Skin Hands Cleaning FARBEN 65%® • Alcohol Gel sanitizing with glicerine, antibacterial for hands Bottle x 500 mL with mounting Bottle x 1 L with mounting 05/03/2014 CONTROL INFECTION PRODUCTS 23

Equipment and surfaces disinfection EUCIDA® • Fast action disinfectant • It is an 80% ethylic alcohol solution, perfect to disinfect instruments and devices to avoid infection agents’ transmission among patients • EUCIDA is scientifically proved against micro organisms as C. albicans, S. aureus, E.coli, and A.flavus. It acts denaturising proteins, dehydrating bacterial cells and solving organic material. • EUCIDA evaporates without leaving remainders Spray x 240 mL 05/03/2014 CONTROL INFECTION PRODUCTS 24

Equipment and surfaces disinfection EUCIDA ADVANCED® • High surface disinfectant for cleaning and rapid disinfection of medical devices and surfaces, medical equipment, countertops, benches • Just one minute. Yields 99 square meters or 1971 splashs. • Meets antimicrobial effectiveness • Fungicide • Active against HIV-I virus, Hepatitis B, Herpes virus and rotavirus Spray x 750 mL 05/03/2014 CONTROL INFECTION PRODUCTS 25

Autoclave’s, equipment and furniture cleaning and maintenance PERIFAR® AUTOCLAVES 500 mL 05/03/2014 • Autoclave’s cleaning of the chamber and vacuum pumps Control Infection Products 26

Instruments Washing BONZYME® Enzymatic Detergent • It Contains enzymes that neutralize proteins, enzymes usually are instables • Removes tissues, proteins, blood and biological remains • It can be used in washing machines as ultrasonic ones • It is expensive and only can be used for instruments Bottle x 90 mL Bottle x 500 mL Bottle x Liter Bottle x 3.8L 05/03/2014 CONTROL INFECTION PRODUCTS 27

Instruments washing BONZYME® Enzymatic Detergent • Using way – Liquid concentrate • Diluting 7,5 mL in 1 Litre of water. – 1 minute acting • Yielding – – – – 05/03/2014 Bottle x 90 mL yields 12 L Bottle x 500 mL yields 66,6 L Bottle x Liter yields 133,2 L Bottle x 3,8 L yields 506,6 L CONTROL INFECTION PRODUCTS 28

Instruments Disinfection and Sterilization GLUTFAR® Glutaraldehide 2% 0 7 14 pH Acide pH Alcaline GLUTFAR® 365 days of activity after opening 05/03/2014 GLUTFAR® PLUS HLD 30 days of activity after mixing with an activator. HIGH LEVEL DISINFECTION CONTROL INFECTION PRODUCTS

ACCESSORIES Quantofix glutaraldehyde Tester Wipes to apply Eucida Advanced Quirurgical soap dispenser 05/03/2014 CONTROL INFECTION PRODUCTS 30

Become a EUFAR Facebook fan Follow us www.slideshare.net/eufar You will have access to: • Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) • Technical Sheets •Sanitary Registers •Online Orders •All the information related to the products and innovations 3/5/2014 Línea Dental

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