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Published on February 23, 2011

Author: alikazim

Source: authorstream.com

Appreciating Effective Business Communication: Business Communication Today Chapter 1 Appreciating Effective Business Communication Slide 2: Business Communication Today Stronger Decision Making Improved Stakeholder Response Clearer Promotional Materials Steadier Work Flow Increased Productivity Enhanced Professional Image Quicker Problem Solving Stronger Business Relationships Effective Communication Characteristics of Effective Messages: Business Communication Today Characteristics of Effective Messages Practicality Clarity and Conciseness Persuasion Factual Basis Precision Recommendations Basic Communication: Business Communication Today Basic Communication Verbal Nonverbal Structure Intent More Spontaneous Less Control Conscious Purpose More Control Nonverbal Verbal Less Structured Harder to Classify More Structured Easier to Study Slide 5: © Prentice Hall, 2003 Business Communication Today Chapter 1 - 5 Listening 45% Writing 9% Reading 16% Speaking 30% Receiving Sending Usage of Business Communication Channels Communication Challenges in Today’s Workplace: Business Communication Today Communication Challenges in Today’s Workplace Advances in Technology Workforce Diversity Globalization Team-Based Organizations Internal Communication : Business Communication Today Internal Communication Official Structure Formal Chain of Command Up, Down, Across Formal Power Lines The Grapevine Informal Networking Unofficial Lines of Power External Communication : © Prentice Hall, 2003 Business Communication Today Chapter 1 - 8 External Communication Formal Contacts Marketing Public Relations Informal Contacts Employees Managers The Communication Process: Business Communication Today The Communication Process Channel And Medium Six-Phase Process Phase 1: Sender Has an Idea Phase 3: Sender Transmits Message Phase 2: Sender Encodes Idea Phase 6: Receiver Sends Feedback Phase 4: Receiver Gets Message Phase 5: Receiver Decodes Message Situation Communication Barriers: © Prentice Hall, 2003 Business Communication Today Chapter 1 - 10 Communication Barriers Perception and language Restrictive environments Distractions Deceptive tactics Information overload Overcoming Barriers: Business Communication Today Overcoming Barriers Open Communication Efficient Messages Audience-Centered Approach Ethical Communication Slide 12: Business Communication Today Audience-Centered Approach Biases Education Age Status Style Communication Climate: Business Communication Today Communication Climate Corporate Culture Flat Tall High Low Level of Feedback Overall Structure More Open Less Open Slide 14: © Prentice Hall, 2003 Business Communication Today Chapter 1 - 14 Make Ethical Choices Recognize Ethical Choices Motivate Ethical Choices Ethical Communication Business Principles Slide 15: Business Communication Today Efficient Messages Concise Business Communication Develop Communication Skills Minimize Distractions Send Fewer Messages

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