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Published on February 16, 2014

Author: kerneng

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PREWRITING ‘HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON’ It is a story about a Viking boy with a dragon. The Viking boy tries very hard to be friend with the dragon.Their relationship start from enemy slowly become friend and fight enemy together with teamwork. ‘KUNG FU PANDA’ 1ST POINT-dream The protagonist, Hiccup has a big dream which he wish that the Viking don’t slay the dragon anymore even though he knows that it is impossible. Viking hate dragon because they stole their sheep and burn the house. In KUNG FU PANDA, ‘PO’ the main character of the movie has a dream to become a kung Fu master. However, his father hopes that he can stay in the noodle shop and help him to continue the business. 2ND POINT-chance Hiccup accidentally hurt the dragon which usually impossible happens on him. However, he kind heart make him can’t kill the dragon and it provides a chance to let him become friends with dragon. Po has an opportunity to see his idol, the furious five in the jade palace temple. Because of his late, he can’t get into the temple. He accidentally becomes the dragon warrior after he went in the temple successfully. 3RD POINT- change Because of the chance to be the friend with dragon. Hiccup able to change his life by train the dragon as his ride. He not only killed the giant dragon which is the enemy of the dragon and also changes the mind of the Viking. After PO are chosen to become the dragon warrior. It changes his life. He can learn the greatest martial art and also able to be friend with the furious five. In the end, he saves the village and also the person who he cares most. 4TH POINT-teamwork During the movie, it shows the most important element, teamwork. Hiccup work with dragon with the high cooperation of teamwork. It lets them able to fight with win the others enemy, giant dragon. Po needs to work with the furious five to against their greatest enemy, Tai lung. Teamwork makes them become the strongest protector that protects the village. Po killed the tai lung by rely on the teamwork. CONCLUSION Both movies have strong storyline. It makes the movie become interesting and attract the viewer. A lot of similarities found in both movies. INTRODUCTION The story is talking about a panda who wish to learn kung Fu. He tries very hard to learn the martial art from a master. Meanwhile, he become the most important person in the Centre and has a team of friend to fight the enemy.

Everybody have a dream that they are able to change their life. It seems impossible but if the opportunities come, it will become the real. The movie that I had chosen for the article is ‘How to train your dragon’ and ‘kung Fu panda’. The movies are produce by the same company which ‘How to Train Your Dragon’ is a 2010 American 3D computeranimated fantasy film by DreamWorks Animation based on the English book series of the same name by Cressida Cowell. While ‘Kung Fu Panda’ is a 2008 American computer-animated action comedy wuxia film produced by DreamWorks Animation and distributed byParamount Pictures. Both of the movies have the strong storyline and also the background. The interesting story able to attract the viewer attention and make the movie can continue with the series. Both movies contain a plenty of the similarities that is not because of the same company but because of the character and the element of the movie. The similarities that I found are about the dream, chance, change and the teamwork between the both movies. First, the dream of both characters.Hiccup, the Viking boy of the village of Berk in the movie ‘How to train your dragon’. The village always attacked by the dragon that will steal the sheep and set the fire to the village. The villagers of the Berk hate the dragon and try to fight them off. In the beginning, Hiccup hope that he can kill the dragon but he is told by the adult in sight to go indoor.The adult don’t believe that a child can’t kill the dragon; Hiccup has a dream that he can become the greatest dragon slayer, so the villager won’t look down at him anymore. However, when Hiccup can’t make himself to kill the night fury, the dragon that hurt by him. He starts to realize that he can’t make a decision to become the dragon slayer anymore. The dream of train the dragon to be friend with human becomes the biggest dream of Hiccup. In opposite, another movie character, Po from the ‘kung fu panda’ also dreams big,He wish to become the greatest kung fu master in future so that he can protect his father and also respect by others. But, it just a dream for him before the story start. He will never know he make it in the end of the movie, he protect the person who cares about him and also save the whole village from the enemy. Dream is the most powerful element to make people be success and because of the dream, both character able to become the legend. Second, chance. Everybody have the chance to become different. For example, Hiccup has a chance to hurt the dragon, night fury. He does not believe that he really can hurt a dragon and everyone not believes him. But he still try to find the dragon, and because of this, he have chance to be friend with the dragon and let him notice that dragon is not bad as they think. It all because of a cruel giant dragon. Besides, from the kung fu panda, Po accidentally a chance to meet Oogway's who the grand master is.His finger pointed right at him, when he is proclaimed to be the Dragon Warrior. He will have no chance to learn the kung fu and killed the worst enemy, snow leopard, Tai lung. And finally become the hero of the village. It all because of the chance.

Next, the similarities of both movie is the changes. Hiccup able to change his life by save the dragon. His kind heart and attentive help him to become the friend of night fury, he help him make a fake tail wing so it can fly. Hiccup train the dragon so he can ride on the back. After that, his whole life change. He not going to slay the dragon anymore and found out there are also a lot of good dragon. Hiccup slowly becomes the strong man of the school because he knows how to communicate with the dragon and it changes the whole village life. Then, Po.He is no longer the fat big panda anymore. He became a talent kung Fu master after learn meet the shifu. His life changes a lot, no laziness, no greedy on food anymore. It makes his life be meaningful and interesting. Changing is everywhere if you make a decision. Lastly, the most important element, teamwork. Teamwork can be found obviously in both movies. For ‘how to train your dragon’, Hiccup work with the night fury and also his classmate. They work together to fight against the evil giant dragon who will eat the dragon if they do not bring back enough food for its. Hiccup show teamwork when control the dragon to cooperate with his classmate so that they won’t hurt by the evil dragon. Moreover, in ‘kung fu panda’. Po teamwork with the five furious to fight protect the village and also fight against the crazy snow leopard who want to kill panda and become the dragon warrior. Po work together with the five furious to trap the Tai lung and killed him. It is very important for the story. So, teamwork are able to be found in both movies. In the conclusion, I found a lot of similarities in both movies. Dream, chance, change and teamwork is just a part of the movie. Even though they look similar but the storyline are totally different but both are interesting movie. Both movie are worth to watch instead.


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