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Published on February 16, 2014

Author: kerneng

Source: slideshare.net

I am the superstar in the area of brush. The reason that I am so famous is becauseof my talent and also my appearance. Long time ago, I am just a normal brush. It is hard for me to find a job if i have no any advantageous in my appearance. People will define you by the first look when first saw you even though your talent is better than the look. So i tried to seek a way to become different. After research, I decided to do plastic surgery. The surgery very success until I can’t even recognize myself because I had become a writing brush! When I first look on myself, I feel so amazing on my body structure. I wonder how the head which is the fur can attach to the body of the brush. The main function of the writing brush is for painting, writing which also known as Chinese calligraphy. The brush made from the combination of bamboo and the fur. The texture of my body is quite interesting. For example, my head is hairy. My hair is smooth since I haven’t used by others before. However,I feel so desperate because it’s become very messy after using. Besides, my body is making by bamboo. The texture is very interesting on my body surface. It has the natural texture of bamboo with the function of anti-slipping. I think I am slim enough because my body weight is light. This is because I need to carry by human hand for a long time. It will not make the hand feel tired. Moreover, the head must be heavier than the body weight. So, the brush can be function normally. Then, the smell. My body has no bamboo smell anymore because I have already process during the surgery. I think I will be more special if I still have the natural bamboo smell. For my head, when it haven’t use before, I have no fragrance. It totally

change after used, my hair will contain some odor smell. I am sad when everyone move away from me after smell it. But I no need to afraid, because they will come back for me when they want my service. Now, my body colour. The original colour of my hair is white. But it will change after absorb the ink. It’s very hard to clean the colour from my hair. I feel so proud that I have natural bamboo colour on my body. It’s a bit brown and yellow like soil. That’s how unique I am. Lastly, I want to introduce my shape and parts. My whole body can be dividing into 3 parts. The head, connector and the body. My head is making by the goat fur, hope that no have the goat smell. The fur is the part that used to absorb ink and for writing. Then, the connector, this is the part that connect head and the body. It forms in a cylinder shape which same as the body. The body is making by the bamboo and it is the part to hold. So, it must be the longest and the hardest. All of this characteristic show how difference for me to others. I am willing to share the secret of success to others. I have no regret to do the plastic surgery. However, I feel anxious for the side effect after the surgery, my fur keep dropping continuously. Maybe one day I need to have surgery again.


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