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Published on November 17, 2008

Author: olleratub

Source: authorstream.com

Slide 1: WHAT DO YOU KNOW ABOUT ENGLAND? Slide 2: WHICH IS ENGLISH PEOPLE FAVOURITE FOOD? A) FAST FOOD B) ITALIAN FOOD C) INDIAN FOOD Slide 3: WHAT IS THE WEATHER LIKE IN ENGLAND? A) VERY CHANGEABLE B) IT RAINS ALL THE TIME C) VERY DRY Slide 4: WHICH ALTERNATIVE DOESN'T DESCRIBE A TYPICAL ENGLISH BREAKFAST? B) scrambled eggs, bacon, sausages, black pudding, mushrooms, baked beans and half tomato A) toast and marmelade with tea or coffee C) pan cakes with syrup, apple pie and milk shake Slide 5: WHAT DO ENGLISH PEOPLE USUALLY HAVE FOR LUNCH? A) a sandwich, a packet of crisps, a piece of fruit B) Fish and chips C) Toast, cereal and juice. Slide 6: WHAT DO ENGLISH PEOPLE USUALLY HAVE FOR DINNER? C) One kind of red or white meat,vegetables (having usually potatoes as one of them) A) A bread, cheese and ham sandwich B) Spaghetti and meat balls Slide 7: SELECT THE WRONG ONE A) ENGLISH PEOPLE ARE VERY POLITE B) ENGLISH PEOPLE ARE VERY UNFRIENDLY C) ENGLISH PEOPLE DON'T TALK TO EACH OTHER ON THE UNDREGROUND Slide 8: RUNNING DICTATION Slide 9: Looking at ... England There are ideas about England and the English which are just not true. England does not stop for afternoon tea every day, although the English do drink a lot of the liquid (hot, with milk) and although the weather is very changeable, it doesn't rain all the time! Also, there's lots of good food in England. No, really! In the major cities you'll be spoilt for choice, with the cuisine of almost every nationality on offer. Indian food is a particular favourite of the English. To find proper English food, try eating in a traditional pub. The famous English politeness is everywhere. The English use 'Please', 'Thank you' and 'Sorry' more than most nationalities. For example, if you step on someone's foot, they'll probably say 'Sorry' to you! If you make a complaint, it's also usual to begin with 'Sorry' as in: 'I'm sorry, but this soup is cold.' You may think it strange on the London Underground that people don't talk to each other, even when crowded together in the rush hour. Silence is usual as people read their books or newspapers. That doesn't mean English people are unfriendly. It just means you might have to get to know them first! Slide 10: STUDENT'S BOOK PAGE 50, EX 2 READING Slide 11: Read the text again. Mark the statements true m or false (F). 1 The English don't like their tea to be hot. 2 You get a lot of different types of weather in England. 3 Indian food is very popular in England. 4 You can only find typical English food in good English restaurants. 5 The English often use 'Sorry' to begin a complaint. 6 The English like to talk to people they don't know on the Underground. T T F F F T Slide 12: STUDENT'S BOOK PAGE 50, EX 4 LISTENING Slide 13: DIALOGUE 1 DIALOGUE 2 DIALOGUE 3 DIALOGUE 4 DIALOGUE 5 IN A RESTAURANT IN A CHOTHES SHOP ON A BUS IN A BANK IN A TAXI Slide 14: Listen again and answer the questions Dialogue 1: Where does she want to go? What does she ask the driver? Dialogue 2: What does the customer ask for? What does the assistant do? Dialogue 3: What does the customer want to know? What does the customerdecide to do? Dialogue 4: Where does the passenger want to go? What does she offer to do? Dialogue 5: What does the customer ask for? How does she want to pay? Slide 15: IMAGINE IT'S YOUR FIRST DAY AT SCHOOL IN ENGLAND AND CREATE A SHORT CONVERSATION ASKING INFORMATION ABOUT THINGS AT SCHOOL HELLO! WHERE IS... PARDON ME!

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