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Information about Engish FINAL presentation! Fantastic 4 podcasting

Published on July 28, 2008

Author: Luisi

Source: authorstream.com

Slide 1: THE FANTASTIC 4 PODCASTING English Final Presentation T621 Slide 2: THE SHOWS IN THE PODCAST... RELATIONSHIPS Slide 3: INTRODUCING OURSELVES HOST: Jaime Fuentes. GUESTS: Claudia Sudano and Luisiana Castillo. QUESTIONS: Tell me more about yourself… What do you like to do? What is your opinion about English? Slide 4: TECHNOLOGY, GADGETS HOST: Carlos Mendoza GUESTS: Claudia Sudano and Jaime Fuentes QUESTIONS: What do you think about IPODS? What cellphone do you have? Do you like it? Do you spend a lot of time in the computer? Slide 5: MOVIES, WHO DOESN´T LOVE THEM? HOST: Luisiana Castillo GUESTS: Claudia Sudano, Jaime Fuentes and Carlos Mendoza QUESTIONS: What is your favorite movie? (including fast fact, acting and music) Can you play a scene out from a movie? Slide 6: LIFE IN URBE HOST: Claudia Sudano GUESTS: Jaime Fuentes, Carlos Mendoza and Luisiana Castillo QUESTIONS: How go you like the university? What is your favorite subject? Do you have any friends at the university? Slide 7: RELATIONSHIPS HOST: Jaime Fuentes. GUESTS: Claudia Sudano and Luisiana Castillo. QUESTIONS: What do you look for in a relationship? Would you forgive a cheating partner? Slide 8: Jaime Fuentes as Mr. Fantastic Luisiana Castillo as The Human Torch Claudia Sudano as The Invisible woman Carlos Mendoza as The Thing PEOPLE IN THE PODCAST Slide 9: THE TOOLS WE USED... A COMPUTER, TO DESIGN THE PRESENTATION A MICROPHONE, TO RECORD THE VOICES OF THE PODCAST. Slide 10: Claudia had sore throat Carlos is the Iraqi and he had a tough time doing the scene (of course not) Luisiana was the mass communication girl, she was right at home Jaime was the rapper and he doesn’t even like rap Every scene was done at least 3 times (it was annoying) We did it all the day before it was done, like good students ...and it was finally done at about 11 PM Slide 11: FINAL THOUGHTS We improved a lot our pronunciation, passing to a higher level of knowledge. We learned how to communicate with people from other countries, with the purpose of practicing our English. We had the chance to work as a team, getting to know each other much better and building stronger bonds between us.

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