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Information about Engineering Magic: Progress Presentation

Published on December 13, 2007

Author: kueda



Progress presentation for the "Engineering Magic" final project for a class in Tangible User Interfaces at the UC Berkeley School of Information.

Engineering Magic Finding Inspiration in Magic, Mysticism, and Superstition to Inspire Natural Interactions with Photo (cc) Martin Lissmats Technology ( dalyswe/243821461/)

Dowsing and Divining Dowsing is the ancient art of detecting things underground, like water or precious minerals.

Divining Rod A divining rod is a Y- shaped branch of willow or hazel that points down when a dowser detects something underground.

of course... All of this is nonsense.

but... Vibrates it might make for a fun more WiFi detector violently the stronger the signal. “I pay not one ha’penny for my wireless. Verily!”

Justification And remember, Mystical artifacts and superstitious objects “Any sufficiently may not work as advanced technology claimed, but a part of us is indistinguishable wishes they did. #om magic.” This is an Arthur C. Clarke AFFORDANCE! so why shouldn’t current technology intentionally evoke past magic?

Challenges It’s just a stick. What kinds of interactions can we give it without making it seem technological? How do we convey detailed info like SSID? Do we even want to?

Any other magical objects?

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