Engaging Men in Gender Competence - Day 2

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Information about Engaging Men in Gender Competence - Day 2

Published on March 8, 2014

Author: dkosaraju

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Engaging Men in Gender Competence Men and Women Building Effective Partnerships at Work Bonita Banducci 650-529-9336 banducci@genderwork.com www.genderwork.com www.gendercompetence.com

Workbook page 6 Men’s and Women’s Cultures INDIVIDUALISTIC •  Emphasizing status and independence •  Giving information only as needed •  Doing one thing at a time •  Step thinking—compartmentalizing and prioritizing RELATIONAL •  Connection •  Sharing information •  Doing many things at once •  Web thinking—seeing all ramifications of a concern ©2009-2010 Banducci Consulting 2

Workbook page 16 Views of Competencies ©2009-2010 Banducci Consulting 3

CAVEAT Workbook page 7 There Are NO Absolutes ©2009-2010 Banducci Consulting 4

Workbook page 3 A World of Innovation! 5

Workbook page 5 What is Gender? ““That complex of social meaning attached to our biological sex.” M. Kimmel Ph.D. Men’s Lives ©2009-2010 Banducci Consulting 6

Carol Bartz Story Learning Points •  What women know, and they don’t know how they know it. •  What men know, and they don’t know they really don’t know. Sales DKDK KDK MKDKDK KDK K 7

Learning Points •  Different perceptions of competency can kill off diversity of thought and ability to solve complex problems and innovate. •  Lack of understanding and skill can breed confusion and frustration rendering an otherwise very competent contributor incapacitated: both women and men. •  Understanding differences empowers everyone to expand their communication skills, competencies, and leadership. ©2009-2010 Banducci Consulting 8

Workbook page 1 Course Objectives •  “Mine the Gold” of each individual of your organization by understanding gender differences •  Build Collaboration and Innovation by identifying and permeating organizational culture with new competencies •  Increase Promotability of people who work effectively with different communication styles and competencies. •  Enrich Organizational Community Begin a dialogue for valuing differences to take into the workplace and the global marketplace. 9

Workbook page 1 What You Will Learn--How To: •  Understand Different Communication Styles, brain science, perception and logic of men and women and how your words impact others. •  Create Your Own Solutions to Gender Issues: eliminate blame and build understanding. To •  Use New Rationales for dealing with persistent obstructions to organizational effectiveness. •  Acknowledge, Adapt, and Adopt for more effective communications and innovation. •  Permeate Organizational Culture with New Competencies— Empower Different Attributes of Leadership 10

Prevent & Resolve Issues and Eliminate “Walking on Eggshells” • Reduce Bias –  in Leadership Behavior Expectations • Clarify When –  One’s “Yes” is Another’s “No” –  One’s Bond is Another’s Break • Educate –  Without Retreat or Blame ©2009-2010 Banducci Consulting 11

Unmasking the Gender Effect & Building Gender Competence •  •  •  •  Brain Science—Hardware Relational/Individualistic Lenses—Operating System Business/Organizational Competencies--Apps Communication and Leadership Styles—Apps Our Methodology—”RISE Model” Relational & Individualistic>Synergy>Empowerment 12

Workbook page 2 Steps for Making Communication Differences Work Acknowledge Differences Stop making yourself or others wrong Know Yourself Get Into Another’s Shoes Recognize Strengths and Points of Diminishing Returns Understand Differences Adopt Differences of Others Adapt Others to Your Differences Do unto others as they would do themselves – speak your ideas in their language Let others know what works for you ©2009-2010 Banducci Consulting 13

The Platinum Rule “Do unto others as they would like done unto them!” Making the Differences Work: Closing the Gender Gap— What we Can Do Written for RBC Royal Bank of Canada by Bonita Banducci, Julie O’Mara and Jeffrey Wildfogel www.gendercompetence.com/ publications free download ©2009-2010 Banducci Consulting 14

Workshops and Resources Gender and Engineering INNOVATION—What’s Gender Got to Do With It? Calling Out the Brilliance of Women Bonita Banducci 650-529-9336 banducci@genderwork.com www.genderwork.com www.gendercompetence.com/publications ©2009-2010 Banducci Consulting 15

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