Engaging Community Colleges in Outreach and Enrollment

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Information about Engaging Community Colleges in Outreach and Enrollment
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Published on February 27, 2014

Author: EnrollAmerica

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Wednesday, February 26, 2014 at 4:00 p.m. ET
This webinar presented the benefits of partnering with community colleges to educate and enroll hard-to-reach young people in health insurance. We described in detail how to approach community colleges about playing an active role in educating their students and shared best practices about the types of tactics that can be used to reach students on community college campuses.

Engaging Community Colleges in Outreach and Enrollment Wednesday February 26, 2014 © 2013 Enroll America | EnrollAmerica.org

SPEAKERS Moderator: Rachael Klarman, National Youth Engagement Director, Enroll America Presenters: Amy Lin, National Organizing Director, Young Invincibles Meghan Blickman, Pennsylvania Organizing Director, Enroll America 2 © 2013 Enroll America | EnrollAmerica.org

AGENDA I.  II.  III. III.  Capitalizing on Your Strengths Why Target Community Colleges? How to Engage Community Colleges Tips on Monitoring & Evaluation IV.  Q&A 3 © 2013 Enroll America | EnrollAmerica.org

I. Capitalizing on Your Strengths 4 © 2013 Enroll America | EnrollAmerica.org

What Has Worked Well So Far? •  33 days until the end of open enrollment •  This is the time to: ü  Focus on what you do WELL ü  Build on what you have done so far ü  Leverage relationships with your network ü  NOT the time to invest a lot of resources in doing something totally new IDENTIFY what has worked Make plans to REPEAT these strategies But AMPLIFY for the next five weeks © 2013 Enroll America | EnrollAmerica.org 5

II. Why Target Community Colleges 6 © 2013 Enroll America | EnrollAmerica.org

Why Target Community Colleges? •  Demographic make-up of community college •  Few offer student health plans •  Community colleges are every where •  Since they are present in most communities that makes them a great way to conduct outreach in rural communities 7 © 2013 Enroll America | EnrollAmerica.org

Why Not Four-Year Colleges? •  Four-year colleges often require students to show proof of adequate insurance. •  Students are more likely to be covered through their parents insurance. 8 © 2013 Enroll America | EnrollAmerica.org

What’s In It For Community Colleges? Community Colleges have a compelling interest in helping their students get covered. •  A recent study on college completion suggests that having health insurance would help students complete their degrees. •  Many community colleges already make an effort to connect students to programs such as STAMP or TANF benefits. 9 © 2013 Enroll America | EnrollAmerica.org

Northern Virginia Community College (NOVA) •  There are 6 campuses in Northern VA •  To set up events, Young Invincibles Navigators contacted the school’s: •  •  •  Administration – Dean and Director of student activities and services Faculty of relevant classes (social sciences, health) Student life coordinators •  We have conducted outreach, education, tabling, and enrollment at every campus and the surrounding area 10 © 2013 Enroll America | EnrollAmerica.org

University of DC Community College (UDC CC) •  Table set up most of the day at a regular time every week in a busy location •  Hand out educational materials and information to anyone walking by •  DC In-person assisters are there to enroll students immediately 11 © 2013 Enroll America | EnrollAmerica.org

II. How to Engage Community Colleges 12 © 2013 Enroll America | EnrollAmerica.org

Overview of Pennsylvania Outreach •  Northampton Community College •  •  •  Partnership with Benefits Access Program School identifies uninsured students Tabling and information Sessions •  Allegheny Community College •  •  Partnership with administration Focused on enrollment events •  Carnegie Mellon University •  •  13 Partnership with administration, but managed by students. Emphasizes enrollment of part time employees. © 2013 Enroll America | EnrollAmerica.org

Other Community College Events •  Miami Dade Community College •  More than 500 students served •  City Colleges of Chicago •  Enrollment events planned in every campus •  At the first event, 225 student attended; almost half went all the way through the enrollment process 14 © 2013 Enroll America | EnrollAmerica.org

Who to Talk to at Community Colleges ü The Dean of Student Affairs ü President’s Office ü Student Health Clinic ü Organization that connects students to financial benefits 15 © 2013 Enroll America | EnrollAmerica.org

What to Ask •  Host and promote enrollment events •  Send information to students •  Allow your organization to table on campus 16 © 2013 Enroll America | EnrollAmerica.org

Tips for Hosting Successful Events Enlist the school’s help promoting the event. ü School-wide email that includes RSVP link ü Social media ü Campus newspaper/radio 17 © 2013 Enroll America | EnrollAmerica.org

Have Navigators and/or CACs Present •  1:10 assister to consumer ratio •  Make sure to have assisters who can assist consumers in Spanish •  Have Navigators give a brief presentation before they have students create accounts and look through their options. 18 © 2013 Enroll America | EnrollAmerica.org

III. Tips on Monitoring & Evaluation 19 © 2013 Enroll America | EnrollAmerica.org

Develop an Evaluation Plan Before You Implement Why evaluate? Things to consider… Suggested Questions: •  Identify which outreach strategies and partners reach the most consumers •  Basis for future funding requests •  How will you know if your strategy was effective? •  What outcomes will you be measuring? •  •  •  •  How did consumers hear about your organization? How did they get your phone number? How did they come to attend a particular enrollment event? How many consumers created an account? Successfully enrolled? Collect information that will help you build a better system for next year: When do you ‘lose’ consumers? What helps get consumers ready to buy insurance? How many times do you talk to a consumer before they sign up? What are the barriers/ questions people have? 20 © 2013 Enroll America | EnrollAmerica.org

Future Webinars in this Series How to Engage Faith Communities in Outreach Monday, March 3, 2014 at 4:00 p.m. ET Creating an Earned Media Strategy: Fast Ways to Engage Local Media and Motivate Consumers Tuesday, March 4, 2014 at 4:00 p.m. ET Conducting Effective Enrollment Events and How to Get More Support Wednesday, March 5, 2014 at 4:00 p.m. ET 21 © 2013 Enroll America | EnrollAmerica.org

IV. Q&A 22 © 2013 Enroll America | EnrollAmerica.org

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