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Published on March 8, 2014

Author: hcccng

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Our Responsibility to God’s WILL
His priority must be our priority!
Let’s quickly examine the Ant for some Wisdom!
Their Queen our King
Their Colony or community our Church
They are super-organisms we are the body of Christ
They live to reproduce, we do the same, though we both can’t
It’s not about them, it’s not about us.

+ E.N.G.A.G.E 4


+ Engaging the Gates of HELL -WAR

+ How are you Doing it? Metaphor Priority Determines Capacity

+ What should be your priority? What is God’s Priority?

+ Our Responsibility to God’s WILL  His priority must be our priority!  Let’s quickly examine the Ant for some Wisdom!  Their Queen our King  Their Colony or community our Church  They are super-organisms we are the body of Christ  They live to reproduce, we do the same, though we both can’t  It’s not about them, it’s not about us.

+ Personal Discipleship Plan

+ Be Transformed: Not just informed!  Set your mind on Godly things and guard your mind from worldly things. Phil 4:18, Prov 4:23, Ps 119:9 1. Study God’s Word – Have a Plan! 1-3 Chapters a day! 2 Tim 2:15. 1 Pet 2:2 2. Memorize the Scriptures – Have a plan. 1-3 per week. Ps 119:11, Job 23:12, Jer 15:16 3. Learn God’s words from others – It’s not about individualism, join a community. Get a pastor who prioritizes God! Learn from brethren weekly. Col 3:16, Heb 3:13, Heb 10:25, 1 Thes 5:11, Rom 14:19, 2 Pet 1:3, Prov 27:17 Our Goal is not just to believe his Word, but to obey his Word.

+ Fuel your Love and Affection!  Do you Love Jesus? Feed and Shepherd his lamb and sheep. John 21:17. Luke 15: 1-7. Our aim is not simply to know God, but to Love God! 1. Worship! Life is worship. Do it alone, do it in all things, and do it with brethren. Rom 12:1. I Cor 10:31, Heb 10:24,25. 2. Pray! Have time alone with God regularly Matt 6:6. Pray continually, stay in touch. 1 Thes 5:17. Pray together. Matt 18:19. 3. Fast! From time to time. Start small, start with a meal, then more, then frequently. Matt 6:16-18 4. Give! Give Matt 6:1-4, Pray, Fast, Treasures. Matt 6:19-21. Our money doesn’t reflect our heart. Our heart follows our money. Church and Needy. Give

+ Be a Witness!  God’s WILL is for People to be saved! For the lost to be reconciled. God’s Will for our lives is that we’ll find a way to align ourselves with His WILL, in everything we are doing. 1. Who? Write a Name List of 10 people who are unsaved or dangerously deceived who are least likely to KILL you. Your first assignment on this list is to pray for them, that God will draw them to his Salvation. 2. How? Be intentional is sowing seeds. Sew gospel threads daily, with people on your list and people you meet. Pray daily to do the work, and seek opportunities to do it. Be alert for opportunities to share the entire gospel too. 3. When? Don’t merely sit and passively wait. Be deliberate. Write a letter, invite for lunch, sleep over, invite them for a meeting. Don’t forget WHY! God put these people around you to reach them. You were once that person. Someone sought you out!

+ Love! Share life with other believers  Am I committed to a local church and am I sharing my life with other followers of Christ in mutual accountability under the biblical leadership for the glory of God? 1. Where? Find a Local Church that helps you to fulfill God’s will and lock arms with other brethren to execute God’s mission. If not here, find out where and function there! 2. What? What can you do to lay your life down for your brethren? Where can you function? Are there people you can serve? How can you build others and be built up as well? Where can you show love?  It is practically impossible to follow Christ without loving his church. You need to be devoted to a family of Christians.

+ Make Disciples of all Nations!  The mandate is not just within our localities. We must be global from day one, and start from our communities. You need to have a role that reaches to the ends of the earth where God’s glory must be spread. 1. Pray for the Nations. Participate on your knees. They Kingdom come. Matt 6:10 2. Give to the Nations. Find a way to connect your money to a missionary work. Join what your local church is doing. 3. Go to the Nations. Strategically and creatively think through how you can go, connect with them locally. Go for a short vacation, long work related pursuit e.t.c. We have given God a blank check on our lives. Take it to him, and ask Him to lead you. Our lives should be spent for his glory.

Make Disciple Makers among a Few +  This was the model Jesus used! He wanted to save the world, he spent quality time with a FEW! 1. Bring them in! Consider 3 or 4 people that God has put within your circle of influence. Ask God for names of specific people. Invite them to spend intentional time with them. 2. Teaching them to Obey! Help them follow the previous processes. Teach them to obey, check how they are growing. 3. Modeling Obedience! Plan intentional ways to show what it means to follow Christ. Let them participate in your following.1 Cor 11:1, Phil 4:9 4. Sending them out! Send them out to do the same! Duplicate. Continue to support them. Jesus did these, and invited us to partner with Him. It’s a call worth dying for for a King worth living for.

+ Fill the Welcome Form  We want to know that you came or know when you don’t come.  We want to know what your DECISIONS are.  We want to know where you want to SERVE  It’s just for us to be able to communicate with you like the ants.  We fill this every Sunday. For Financial Mastery Class and for Service.

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