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Published on March 20, 2014

Author: paulswithers1

Source: slideshare.net


Presentation by Paul Withers and Martin Jinoch at Engage 2014 about OpenNTF Domino API

OpenNTF Domino API: The Community API Paul Withers – Intec Systems Ltd Martin Jinoch 20-3-2014 @EngageUG #engageug 1

Paul Withers • IBM Champion • Author of XPages Extension Library • OpenNTF Director • Co-Developer of OpenNTF Domino API 20-3-2014 @EngageUG #engageug 2

Martin Jinoch • Notes developer since version 3.0 • Java/XPages • Source control • Test driven development 20-3-2014 @EngageUG #engageug 3

Agenda •Why Did We Bother? •Deployment and Configuration •What’s Available? •How Do I Convert My Code? 20-3-2014 @EngageUG #engageug 4

Why Bother? 20-3-2014 @EngageUG #engageug 5 * See http://www.shoeboxblog.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/02/life-before- google-500x496.jpg

Why Java? • One install per server • Run contexts • XPages • Java / JAR Design Elements • Agents (slightly different deployment model) • Applets / Servlets • Plugins (Client/Designer/OSGi) • DOTS Tasks • SSJS just runs Java methods • So most classes and methods are available in SSJS as well! 20-3-2014 @EngageUG #engageug 6

Why Develop It? • Bridge gap between LotusScript and Java developers • Remove risk of infinite loops in DocumentCollections • No need to recycle • Take advantage of List and Sets (Collections) • More intuitively named parameters • No need to catch NotesExceptions • Pass more Java objects to methods • Lots of helper methods • In context Javadocs 20-3-2014 @EngageUG #engageug 7

After? Paul Withers: I have a checkIsUnique() method that you pass a View, a Key, and the current Document. Would that be a useful addition to DominoUtils? Nathan T. Freeman: sure that looks useful Nathan T. Freeman: BUT... Nathan T. Freeman: you're forgetting something Nathan T. Freeman: you own the API :) Nathan T. Freeman: View.checkUnique(Object key, Document doc) 20-3-2014 @EngageUG #engageug 8

Why Use It? • Upgrading to 9.0.1 (can be forked for 9.0) • Open source can be used • Don’t want to work out where you need to recycle now • Didn’t realise DateTimes and Vectors were so toxic • You prefer beer and chocolate and User Groups! 20-3-2014 @EngageUG #engageug 9

Agenda •Why Did We Bother? •Deployment and Configuration •What’s Available? •How Do I Convert My Code? 20-3-2014 @EngageUG #engageug 10

Deployment • Download from OpenNTF or download as part of OpenNTF Essentials from http://essentials.openntf.org • Upload Update Site to server • Issue console command “restart task http” • Sufficient for OSGi-dependent contexts since M4 20-3-2014 @EngageUG #engageug 11

Deployment to Client / Designer • Install Update Site or OpenNTF Essentials via Widget Catalog or via File > Application > Install • Designed for Server and Client 9.0.1 20-3-2014 @EngageUG #engageug 12

Enable Library for Each NSF • No draggable components, so we can’t enable it for you • Enable on Page Generation tab of Xsp Properties 20-3-2014 @EngageUG #engageug 13

Configure Xsp Properties • org.openntf.domino.xsp= • godmode: session & database auto-converted to org.openntf.domino • marcel: always convert MIME • raid: run in debug mode • khan: turn on all fixes, e.g. appendItemValue() “I am…better.” “At what?” “Everything.” • e.g. org.openntf.domino.xsp=godmode,mime,khan 20-3-2014 @EngageUG #engageug 14

Configure Xsp Properties for OpenLog •Same as in XPages OpenLog Logger • xsp.openlog.filepath • xsp.openlog.displayError • xsp.openlog.genericErrorMessage • xsp.openlog.email • xsp.openlog.debugLevel • xsp.openlog.suppressEventTrace 20-3-2014 @EngageUG #engageug 15

Agenda •Why Did We Bother? •Deployment and Configuration •What’s Available? •How Do I Convert My Code? 20-3-2014 @EngageUG #engageug 16

Packages • org.openntf.domino: core code • org.openntf.domino.designer: future DDE-specific code • org.openntf.domino.plugin: core packaged in a plugin • If you want to modify and test, build this • org.openntf.domino.xsp: OSGi-specific code • org.openntf.domino.xsp.feature: feature project • org.openntf.domino.xsp.update: update site project • Delete features & plugins folders, open site.xml, click Build All and export as General > File System 20-3-2014 @EngageUG #engageug 17

Core API Packages • org.openntf.domino • Core Domino API interfaces • Import classes from this package • org.openntf.domino.ext • Extension interfaces • Look here for methods we’ve added • org.openntf.domino.impl • Implementations of interfaces • Look here for the actual code 20-3-2014 @EngageUG #engageug 18

Key Additions • XPages OpenLog Logger • Transactional Processing • Database Event Listeners • Graph Database • Jobs and Tasks • Email Helper • Sync Helper • Document Scanner • Index Database 20-3-2014 @EngageUG #engageug 19

Work in Progress • Classes for ALL Design Elements • Data Schemas • Name / Value Picker DataProviders • Read / write XPages, Custom Controls, JARs • Recycle performance optimisation • Index Database optimisation • Collection sorting and progress serialisation • AtFormulaParser – quicker 20-3-2014 @EngageUG #engageug 20

Demo 20-3-2014 @EngageUG #engageug 21

Agenda •Why Did We Bother? •Deployment and Configuration •What’s Available? •How Do I Convert My Code? 20-3-2014 @EngageUG #engageug 22

How do I convert my code? 1. Do nothing and use old code with a new one together (not recommended!) 2. Replace all implicit objects via godmode 3. Search and replace imports (lotus.domino -> org.openntf.domino) 4. Remove unnecessary code (try catch blocks, “throws NotesException”, recycle() calls, …) 5. Enjoy the power of helper methods 20-3-2014 @EngageUG #engageug 23

How do I convert my code • Use old code with new one together Converting from new API objects to original and back via Factory.fromLotus() and Factory.toLotus() methods • org.openntf.domino.xsp=godmode iddqd anyone? • Change import lotus.domino -> org.openntf.domino Search and replace in DDE can do this for you for a whole project 20-3-2014 @EngageUG #engageug 24

Demo 20-3-2014 @EngageUG #engageug 25

Links • Project on OpenNTF - http://www.openntf.org/internal/home.nsf/project.xsp?actio n=openDocument&name=OpenNTF%20Domino%20API • OpenNTF Essentials - http://essentials.openntf.org/ • Source code on GitHub - https://github.com/OpenNTF/ • Wiki articles - https://github.com/OpenNTF/org.openntf.domino/wiki/_pag es • OpenNTF Webinar (last year) - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g-u2IEEPAfM 20-3-2014 @EngageUG #engageug 26

Questions! • Paul Withers • Intec Systems Ltd • pwithers@intec.co.uk • http://www.intec.co.uk/blog • twitter.com/paulswithers • Martin Jinoch • http://jinoch.cz • twitter.com/mjinoch 20-3-2014 @EngageUG #engageug 27

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