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Published on May 25, 2013

Author: samiyayesmin

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this was ENG102 quotations assignment

For Ms. Farah Zabin's C;ass

Eng 102 ReadingQuotation 3:“I invented my life by taking for granted that everything I did not likewould have an opposite, which I would like.”By Coco ChanelTo enjoy your life you must be able to look at it optimistically, otherwise the joyof living would be lost. When Coco Chanel’s says she is taking everything shedid not like granted because it has an opposite, she talks about taking the mostdistasteful of situations and turning it around to suit her own need. We are thescripter’s of our own destiny, no one but you can change your life. When youlearn to change situations pressed on you to benefit yourself, is when you startwining. Life is too short to be wallowing about how unfair and not right thesituations in your life are. We can make the best of our time only by making theeffort of make sure that nothing, absolutely nothing can bow us down. Likewhen exams are coming near there is no point crying about how classes hadjust started and there is too much pressure. We do not like exams but does notmean we can escape it. To make the best of the situation we will turn it around,face our problems head-on, study hard and fast to achieve the best grades;Thus changing our situation from the fear of exams to the look forward to beingon top. We are the winners.

Quotation 4:“If two men on the same job agree all the time, then one is useless. If theydisagree all the time, then both are useless”By Darryl F. ZanukTo successfully make team projects work, agreement between the team members is very essential.When Zanuk says complete agreement or complete disagreement shows the lack of incentive fromone or all members of the team, he means complete potential that both team mates can provide isnot utilized. He talks about synergizing, that is choosing a third alternative solution- not your waynot my way but a third way than is better than what any one of us would come up with individually.Like the saying goes two heads is better than one, because instead of seeing a subject from ourindividual narrow perspective we would be looking at the same subject in different ways thus notonly broadening our views but also coming up with better ideas. It is the fruit of respecting, valuing,cooperating and even celebrating each other’s differences. Like for example when I am working onteam presentation, we have been assigned to talk about Persian civilization. So when one of myteam mates thinking about it as ancient civilization whose data can be collected from the worldhistory encyclopedia, I am thinking about using Google’s fast search engine to find any relevantinformation and then another team mate comes up with the idea that instead of everyoneresearching on the entire Persian civilization, we divide different parts of the civilization, such asart, administration, religion etc, among ourselves and the research on only that aspect of thecivilization. Eventually through pooling all our ideas we not only came up with different ideas butalso found the most efficient, less time consuming and easiest method to complete ourassignment. Thus we not only solved problems, found opportunities, worked out differences- notthrough compromise, not even through cooperation but by creative cooperation we were able tofind the third way.

Quotation 5:“In every block of marble I see a statue;See it plainly as though it stood before me;Shaped and perfect in attitude and action;I have only to hew away the rough wallsWhich imprison the lovely apparitionTo reveal it to other eyes, as mine already sees it”By MichelangeloMichelangelo the great sculpture says that in every marble block he clearly sees the statue that heperceives it was meant to form. He felt he only had to hew away the excess marble to make othersee the statue he clearly sees in that block of marble. This goes to actually mean that to achieveyour goal, you have to begin with the end product in mind. By exactly visualizing our goal, wewould be able to form exact method of achieving it. Thus as individuals or families or teams ororganizations, we can shape our own future by creating mental vision or purpose for any projectlarge or small. We do not just live today with no purpose in mind. We identify and commitourselves to the principles, relationships and purposes that matter most to us. Like for example Iwant a home of my home, thus when I actually look at my piece of land I do not see the empty fieldwith its patch of grass, instead I see the three storied architectural challenge with old worldglamour red-bricked colonial house with its front porch out-door dining set, swing on the tree, carparked on its driveway, elegant yet simple garden with ivy growing on the walls. I see home, mydream home. Thus forming a mental picture of my goal I am also forming my mental plan toachieve my goal and make my dream home a living breathing reality that others would also e ableto see. Thus I am committing myself to my vision.

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