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Published on August 5, 2009

Author: takashishinohara

Source: slideshare.net

Japanese Lesson #029 KANJI 漢字 The 1 st Grade (80)

一 One (1), the first

右 Right (⇔left)

雨 Rain, rainfall

円 A circle, YEN( ¥ )

王 King

音 Sound, music, a noise

下 Under, low, fall, drop

火 Fire, flame

花 Flower

貝 Shellfish

学 Learn, study

気 Air, atmosphere, mood

九 Nine (9)

休 Rest, a break, a pause

玉 A ball, a coin

金 Money, metal, gold

空 Sky, air, space

月 The moon, a month

犬 A dog, a spy

見 Watch, see, look, show

五 Five (5)

口 A mouth

校 A school

左 Left (⇔Right)

三 Three (3)

山 A mountain

子 A child, a kid, a baby

四 Four (4)

糸 Thread, a string

字 A character, a letter, script

耳 An ear, an edge

七 Seven (7)

車 A car, an auto, a vehicle

手 A hand, a way, a trick

十 Ten (10)

出 Go out, attend, rise, put out

女 The female, a woman

小 Small, little, tiny

上 The upper part, rise, go up

森 Forest, a grove, woods

人 People, humans, mankind

水 water

正 Correct, exact, true, legal

生 Life, pure, cause

青 Blue, pale

夕 Evening

石 Stone, a rock

赤 Red

千 A thousand (1,000)

川 A river, a stream

先 Previous, the point, ahead

早 Early

草 Grass, a hearb, a weed

足 A foot, a leg, a paw, add

村 A village

大 Big, large, great, loud

男 The male, a man

竹 Bamboo

中 Middle, the inside, while

虫 An insect, a bug, a worm

町 A town

天 The sky, the heaven

田 A rice field

土 Soil, the ground

二 Two (2)

日 Day, the sun, sunshine

入 Enter, join, get, insert

年 A year, age, a grade

白 White

八 Eight (8)

百 A hundred (100)

文 A sentence, a design

木 A tree, wood

本 A book, real, main

名 A name, a title, fame

目 Eyes, eyesight

立 Stand, rise, erect

力 Strength, power, energy

林 A grove

六 Six (6)

Practice makes Perfect ! Please try again. Next is…#030 The 2 nd Grade (160) Presented by http://z3.invisionfree.com/a2u

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