Energy Infrastructure Package: What is in it for HVDC Grids?

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Information about Energy Infrastructure Package: What is in it for HVDC Grids?
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Published on March 17, 2014

Author: leonardomeeus



The HVDC grid projects seem to have what it takes to become a so-called ‘Project of Common Interest’. This implies that they can get a preferential regulatory treatment thanks to the brand new EU Regulation for Energy Infrastructure that has been adopted last year to speed up projects that are of strategic importance for Europe. In this presentation I give an overview of the new set of regulatory tools that the Energy Infrastructure Package provides, their status of implementation, and what is next.

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ENERGY  INFRASTRUCTURE  PACKAGE:   WHAT  IS  IN  IT  FOR  HVDC  GRIDS?   CIGRE  CONFERENCE,  MARCH  14,  BRUSSELS   Leonardo  Meeus   Associate  Professor,  Vlerick  Business  School  

©  Vlerick  Business  School   PROJECTS  OF  COMMON  INTEREST  (PCI)   3  

©  Vlerick  Business  School   OUTLINE   § New  regulatory  tools  for  PCIs   § Status  of  implementaCon   § Next  steps   4     •  2011/0300  (COD):  RegulaCon  on  guidelines  for  trans-­‐European  energy   infrastructure  à  No  347/2013  (April)   •  2011/0302  (COD):  RegulaCon  establishing  the  ConnecCng  Europe  Facility   Energy  Infrastructure  Package  

©  Vlerick  Business  School   NEW  REG.  TOOLS  (TO  SELECT  PROJECTS)   § Common  CBA  method   § SelecCon  process  (every  2  years)   §  Promoters  propose   §  Regional  Groups  (MS  +  EC)  rank   §  European  Commission  adopts  a  list   § First  PCI  list   §  EC:  “One  grid-­‐read  off-­‐shore  hub  involving   anCcipatory  investments  as  a  forerunner  for   the  future  integrated  off-­‐shore  grid”   5  

©  Vlerick  Business  School   NEW  REG.  TOOLS  (TO  ACCELERATE  PROJECTS)   § Permit  granCng   §  One  stop  shop   §  Procedure  with  deadlines   § Cross-­‐Border  Cost  AllocaCon  (CBCA)   §  Procedure  with  deadlines   §  ACER  decision  power   § TSO  incenCves   §  PublicaCon  best  pracCces  MS/ACER   §  EC  Guidelines   § Tendering  procedure   6  

©  Vlerick  Business  School   NEW  REG.  TOOLS  (TO  COORDINATE  PROJECTS)   § Enhanced  TYNDP   §  CBA  method   §  Including  all  PCI  candidates  (also  third   party  projects)   § Regional  Groups  (electricity)   §  Northern  Sea  offshore  grid   §  North-­‐South  interconnecCons  in  Western   Europe   §  North-­‐South  interconnecCons  in  Central   Eastern  and  South  Eastern  Europe   §  BalCc  InterconnecCon  Plan   7  

©  Vlerick  Business  School   NEW  REG.  TOOLS  (TO  FINANCE  PROJECTS)   § More  EU  funding   §  TEN-­‐E:  Energy  €20M  per  year     §  CEF:  Energy  EUR  €406.3M  in  2014   § InnovaCve  financial  instruments   §  TEN-­‐E:  grants   §  CEF:  EIB  project  bonds,  and  risk  capital,   and  grants  as  last  resort   8  

©  Vlerick  Business  School   STATUS  OF  IMPLEMENTATION  (CBA)   9  

©  Vlerick  Business  School   STATUS  OF  IMPLEMENTATION  (CBCA)   10  

©  Vlerick  Business  School   NEXT  STEPS   § Guidelines  for  TSO  incenCves   § CBCA  agreements  for  first  PCI  list  (first  ACER  decisions?)   § Final  adopCon  CBA  method  and  use  of  the  method  in  2nd  PCI  list   and  3rd  TYNDP  in  2016   § ArCcle  17  on  ReporCng  and  evaluaCon!                                                                                                   à  2nd  EIP  package  by  2017?   11  

THANK  YOU!   12      LeonardoMeeus  

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