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Information about Energy Healing -Cancer Alternative Treatments

Published on March 11, 2014

Author: Kurt1234

Source: Kurt Peterson Cancer Treatments: Cancer Treatments About Us: About Us PowerPoint Presentation: Cancer is a dreadful ,fearful and fatal disease in man . Cancer cells are extremely difficult to kill. Alternative cancer treatments are available today. Energy healing is the most effective alternative treatment Kurt developed 'DNA Signature Destruction Method' which revolutionized cancer treatment with energy healing . DNA Signature Destruction Method direct energy into a tumor or cancerous tissue area. Why Alternative Cancer Treatments??: Why Alternative Cancer Treatments?? PowerPoint Presentation: L ess complicated a lternative treatments can be administered by the patients itself Less side effects compared to conventional treatments E nhance the overall physical and mental wellbeing of the patient Contact Us: Contact Us PowerPoint Presentation: Address : Worldwide Energy Care Inc.  P.O.B. 61359.  Sunnyvale, CA.  94088. USA Website :  

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