Energy Deregulation in Texas

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Information about Energy Deregulation in Texas

Published on March 7, 2014

Author: shopmypower


Energy Deregulation in Texas: Energy Deregulation in Texas What is Energy Deregulation?: What is Energy Deregulation? For a very long time, public utilities have been managed and operated under regulated monopolies. Most recently however, these monopolies have been becoming deregulated state by state. Before deregulation, it was a single company which provided all aspects of electric service including the generation, sales, delivery, billing, support and so on. Deregulation assisted in some, if not all of these components to be independent of each other, no longer operating under a single company. This allows the general public to have freedom of choice when it comes to energy provision. Texas Energy Deregulation: Texas Energy Deregulation As a result of the Texas Senate Bill 7 on January 1 st of 2002, Texas will now exercise electricity deregulation over the next several years. Texas residents can now choose their electricity service from a variety of REPs or “Retail Electric Providers”. Since 2002, an approximate 85% of Texas commercial and industrial customers have switched power providers at least once. Another approximate 40% of residential customers in deregulated areas of Texas have switched former providers to a competitive REP. Energy Deregulation Benefits: Energy Deregulation Benefits A well-known benefit in energy deregulation is the opportunity to save money in the long-term by lowering your energy bills through competitive energy providers. Although this is a popular benefit to deregulation, there are many other opportunities available: Renewable Energy – With more options, residents have a greater chance of opting for a green energy plan. Better Business – Through deregulation, residents will have more choice to deal with energy providers who assist at a level of service quality they can enjoy, rather than being stuck with only one company. Freedom Of Choice: Freedom Of Choice Freedom of choice is the driving force behind the American consumer market. Deregulation gives the public freedom of choice by eliminating monopolies within the energy industry. In deregulated market areas, the average price of electricity per kilowatt hour is generally equal across the board. In other regulated market areas, prices tend to be skewed in other regions, making the cost of electricity more expensive for others. With the consumer’s freedom of choice, energy providers are forced to maintain a higher standard of service and performance within the deregulated market. Exploring Your Options: Exploring Your Options Shop My Power is a valuable resource to use when searching for a new energy provider. Now with energy deregulation, electricity providers are available to better suit your needs. Through Shop My Power, searching for your next electricity provider is easy. We allow visitors to search within their area for comparable rates and availability of a variety of energy providers, so you can rest assured you’re getting the best possible deal. Residential providers within our system are chosen based on their level of customer service and their rates. About Us: About Us Shop My Power is an independent non-biased comparison tool designed to assist the public in choosing their electricity or gas provider which better suits their needs. Search in your area based on your zip code and at the click of a button, Shop My Power displays all the different plans in your nearby area, sorted by specific features most important to you. The creators of Shop My Power designed their platform to be extremely user-friendly and comprehensive comparison tool that displays a list of hundreds of available plans all narrowed down to your individual needs. Visit us online today !

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