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Published on November 24, 2019

Author: ZnosShrestha

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slide 1: Home / Blog / Experience Best Of 7 Irresistible White Water Rafting In Nepal You wish to do ACTIVITY You would like to go DESTINATION Why choose us ABOUT US  HIKE BIKE CLIMB YOGA TREK FAMILY AND SCHOOL HOLIDAYS.Group Tours or Tailor-Made Experience Best Of 7 Irresistible White Water Rafting In Nepal  FIND YOUR TRIP slide 2: 24 November 2019 Experience Best Of 7 Irresistible White Water Rafting In Nepal Posted By : enepaltrekking White water rafting is one of the most popular adventure sports in Nepal. There’s no better feeling than cruising on these wild rivers as the water splashes on your face every time you enter a rapid. Nepal is one of the best countries for rafting as it is the home of the mountains. Most of the fast owing rivers where rafting trips are organized emerge from the glaciers of these mountains. The water in these rivers is fresh clean icy cold and milky white. It’s because of the color that appears on the water that ows in these beautiful rivers rafting in Nepal is generally known as white water rafting in Nepal. When it comes to white water rafting in Nepal generally people tend to get scared. A lot of them think that they need to know how to swim to go for rafting in Nepal. Well this is an activity for everyone. Even if you’re someone who’s never entered a pool can easily do it. To ensure that the rafting experience is not as challenging especially for the new ones there are numerous white water rafting levels. Depending on your experience your skills and your condence you could go for a particular level. The higher you go on white water rafting levels the tougher it gets. You should denitely try it. White Water Rafting Pokhara There are so many destinations for white water rafting in Nepal and one of them is Pokhara. The nearest river from Pokhara where you can go for rafting is Seti. The benet of going for white water rafting Pokhara is that you will also get the opportunity to explore around the city. From Pokhara you’ll drive for a couple of hours to reach the rafting spot. Generally the event is organized by resorts. During white water rafting Pokhara you can choose to either go for a one night stay at the resort or you can simply make it a day trip where you go there in the morning do your activity and return by the evening. White Water Rafting Kathmandu White water rafting Kathmandu allows you to explore the activity around the city of Kathmandu. From Kathmandu you can go for the activity in rivers like BhoteKoshi and Trishuli. Quite like the scenario mentioned above the advantage of going for white water rafting Kathmandu is that you get to explore the numerous cultural heritages and other attractions in the city. The rafting spots no matter the river are slide 3: around 2 hours long drive away from the city. So you could make your rafting adventure either a day trip or provided that you have the required time you could make it a two days one night package. Trishuli River Rafting Trishuli River Rafting is one of the most interesting river rafting options in Nepal. Quite obviously the rafting occurs in Trishuli River which is one of the most prominent rivers in Nepal. The river originates in Tibet and makes its way to Nepal through Gyirong town. The river enlarges as the melted snow from Langtang and Mt. Ganesh merges into it. You can go for Trishuliriver rafting from nearby cities like Kathmandu and Pokhara. The river makes its way through deep gorges and green panoramic hills. Also the river has strong and exciting rapids. All this makes river rafting in Trishuli quite exciting. Bhotekoshi River Rafting slide 4: Bhotekoshi River Rafting is yet another interesting river rafting option in Nepal. The rafting occurs in Bhotekoshi River which is a major river in Nepal. It is actually a tributary of Dudhkoshi River in Nepal. The river originates in Tibet and it is known as Poiqu there. One can go for Bhotekoshi River Rafting from Kathmandu. There are so many other adventure sports that are organized around different sections of Bhotekoshi River. Apart from rafting you could also go for Bungee jumping or Bungee swing. To try out these sports you could either go for a full day package or a night stay package. Sun Koshi River Rafting slide 5: When BhotekoshiRiver ows further south it crosses this place called Barahbise. From here onwards the river is known as Sun Koshi. It is also known as the River of Gold and it continues owing downsouth to meet the great River Ganges of India. Quite like Bhotekoshi this river also consists of exciting rapids which makes Sun Koshi River Rafting an interesting activity. The starting point of Sun Koshi River Rafting is Dolalghat which is 3 hour long drive away from Kathmandu. Apart from the thrill offered by the river you also get to experience the beautiful views of the surrounding greenery from here. Kali Gandaki River Rafting slide 6: Kali Gandaki is a river that originates in Tibet. It is one of the most signicant rivers of Nepal. From Tibet it passes through Nepal and nally meets the river Ganges in India. In Nepal the river passes through so many gorges and forms the Gandaki basin which includes so many natural spectacles. Kali Gandaki River rafting is an exciting rafting journey. It starts from Maldunga which is located at a 5 hour drive from Pokhara. The journey ends at this place called Mirmi. During Kali Gandaki River Rafting you get to enjoy some of the most amazing views especially of the Annapurna massif and Mount Dhaulagiri. Karnali River Rafting Karnali is sometimes known as the longest river in Nepal and it ows through thewestern part of the country. It originates in Tibet from one of the glaciers near Lake Mansarovar and ows all the way south to meet the river Ganges in India. The rafting journey starts from Dhungeshwor and ends at Chisapani. One of the cities that offers access to Karnali River Rafting is Pokhara which is at a distance of around 17 hour drive from the city. The river is known for its challenging rapids. When you go for a proper trip in the region apart from Karnali River Rafting you can also explore Bardiya National Park. Seti River Rafting slide 7: Seti River is yet another crucial river of Nepal. It originates from mountains like Api and Nampa that are situated in the Himalayas. As a matter of fact Seti River is one of the tributaries of Karnali River in Nepal. The starting point of Seti River Rafting is Bamboo which is at a duration of 30 min from Pokhara. The rafting trip ends at Dam. Seti River Rafting lasts for a duration of one and a half hours altogether. During this time you get to experience paddling over tough 3 to 4 level rapids. It is truly an exciting journey. Tamur River Rafting T amur is another important river of Nepal and it ows through eastern part of the country. The river originates around Kanchenjunga Mountain. It ows south to meet the river Sun Koshi at Tribenighat. The starting point of the rafting is Basantapur which is located at around 15 hour of drive away from Pokhara. T amur River Rafting ends at Dobhan. When you go for a full-edged journey of the eastern part of Nepal and not just T amur River Rafting you get to explore the Makalu and Kanchenjunga region. Things To Do In Nepal If you’re that much into rafting well lucky for you there are so many other things to do in Nepal that you can really go for. If you’re an adventure enthusiast you could go for adventure sports like bungee slide 8: jumping zip line paragliding and so on. If you’re a kind of person who loves exploring and learning and you do that by communicating with people you could go for food tour cultural tour jungle safari and so on. If you nd strenuous activities to be fun you can go for day hikes trekking or expedition. And most importantly if you like comfort and luxury you can go for any of the luxury tours in Nepal. White water rafting in Nepal allows you to explore the wonderful rivers of Nepal. These could be as calm as water on a beach or as deadly as the one during a sea storm. Since the rivers and rafting journeys have been categorized on the basis of rapids you could choose the one as per your level of expertise. There’s nothing that matches the excitement and thrill of white water rafting in Nepal. If you’re not quite into rafting in Nepal you could go for any other activity as per your interest during your stay here. These could be adventurous or laid back kind. Whatever you do don’t forget to have fun in Nepal. Earthbound Expedition is your all in one travel partner. No matter what kind of activity you’re looking to try during your holidays in Nepal you should denitely choose Earthbound Expedition as your travel operator. They are reliable affordable on-time and they give their best to ensure that you’re satised. They even allow their clients to make changes in the itinerary as far as feasible so that it’s personal and caters to their needs. Their packages feature interesting tourist destinations in places like Nepal Bhutan and Tibet. For an amazing holiday in Nepal go for the excellent travel services by Earthbound Expedition. slide 9: Tags: BHOTEKOSHI RIVER RAFTING Earthbound Expedition Kali Gandaki River Rafting Karnali RIver Rafting rafting in nepal Seti River Rafting Sun Koshi River Rafting Tamur River Rafting Things To Do In Nepal Trishuli river rafting white water rafting white water rafting in Nepal white water rafting Kathmandu white water rafting levels white water rafting pokhara Comments0 Post your Reviews Im not a robot reCAPTCHA Privacy - Terms POST YOUR COMMENT RESET FULL NAME EMAIL ADDRESS ADDRESS Prole Pic No le chosen Choose File MESSAGE Recent Posts 24 November 2019 Experience Best Of 7 Irresistible White Water Rafting In Nepal 15 November 2019 Exploring The Captivating Oligotrophic lakes | Gokyo Lake Trek 12 November 2019 Short Hiking in Nepal That Helps To Regain Your Inner Peace 10 November 2019 slide 10: The Ultimate Thrill Of Biking | Mountain Biking In Nepal 8 November 2019 Encounter The Most Audacious Adventure Skydiving in Nepal See More Categories Travel Blog Archives November 2019 October 2019 September 2019 August 2019 July 2019 June 2019 May 2019 March 2019 February 2019 January 2019 December 2018 November 2018 October 2018 August 2018 March 2018 February 2018 January 2018 slide 11: December 2017 November 2017 January 2017 January 2016 September 2015 May 2015 January 2015 December 2014 October 2014 April 2014 WE ARE AFFILIATED WITH OUR ASSOCIATED PARTNERS slide 12:        SUBSCRIBE FOR LATEST DEALS TRIP UPDATES YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS Subscribe FOLLOW US ON EARTHBOUND EXPEDITIONS HEAD OFFICE G.P .O. 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