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Information about Endangered Animals

Published on January 15, 2008

Author: Michelangelo

Source: authorstream.com

Endangered Animals :  Endangered Animals Endangered Animals are those animals that are in danger of dying out. Giant Pandas:  Giant Pandas In my opinion, Giant Pandas are the cutest, cuddliest animals. They live in China. Their favorite food is the bamboo sticks. Giant Pandas:  Giant Pandas Humans are destroying the Pandas homes by building things in the forests and the Pandas have to move to find the food that they love to eat. Bald Eagle:  Bald Eagle The Bald Eagle used to be considered endangered but in one of our Weekly Readers from the year 2000, it said that they Bald Eagle is no longer endangered. Laws protect the beautiful bird and have saved it from extinction. Bald Eagle:  Bald Eagle The Bald Eagle is a national symbol, it’s our nation’s bird. Manatees:  Manatees Manatees live near Florida. Many have been hurt by “man.” Propellers from boats have hurt manatees because the manatees are slow moving animals and can’t get out of the way. Conclusion of Endangered Animals:  Conclusion of Endangered Animals This is just a very basic introduction to our unit of Endangered Animals. There are many more animals that are in danger of becoming extinct. We will be learning about these. You will have to see which one is your favorite animal.

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