End of Tenancy Cleaning Prices Guide

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Information about End of Tenancy Cleaning Prices Guide

Published on February 17, 2018

Author: leonida21

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slide 1: THE COMPLETE End of Tenancy Cleaning Prices GUIDE slide 2: What is End of Tenancy Cleaning and why we have to do it www.syk-cleaning.com You can find everything about this kind of service here. The catch is as follows: if we do not clean the house then the landlord will not return the deposit to us. slide 3: You have three options: www.syk-cleaning.com 1. Try to clean the house yourself 2. Use the services of a professional cleaning company 3. The landlord can call a cleaning company himself Advice: Do not let your landlord dispose of cleaning your home alone. slide 4: How much does End of Tenancy Cleaning cost www.syk-cleaning.com Let me tell you that this service is not at all as expensive as many of you think. We at SYK Cleaning offer our clients professional and reliable exclusive cleaning services when you move in or move out. Here are our best end of tenancy cleaning prices. slide 5: Factors determining the price www.syk-cleaning.com Size of the property Degree of contamination Additional services slide 6: DIY vs. PROFESSIONAL www.syk-cleaning.com As you have already understood Post tenancy cleaning is not a simple cleaning. So surely the money you will spend will be nothing compared to losing your entire deposit. slide 7: Cheap End of tenancy cleaning prices www.syk-cleaning.com Be careful if the prices of a particular agency seem to you to be too cheap. Always check if the cleaning companies are legal and qualified read the feedbacks or at least you can ask the neighbours.

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