Encaustic Process Grades 7 & 8

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Information about Encaustic Process Grades 7 & 8

Published on February 15, 2014

Author: dsupplitt

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Step-by-step process to guiding students though the encaustic process

Encaustic Process Debora Supplitt M.A.A.Ed./M.Ed. Tukes Valley Middle School Grade 7th & 8th

Safety First No Smoking Trays, No Fires!!!!

Keep tray temperature around 200 degrees

Heat Trays and paint strippers (NOT A HAIRDRYER) will burn your fingers!!!! 400 degrees or higher!!!

If you spill wipe it up with a paper towel!!

Now for the Fun!

First!!!!! Put your name on the back with a Sharpie.

Warm up the board

Coat with first layer with a thin coat wax

Fuse the top layer of wax to the substrate.

Cool the substrate and image with the ventilation fan.

Color background with oil pastels or blend your own color

To blend your own color add a chunk of oil pastel to a tin, add some clear medium (wax) and stir with a wooden stir stick until melted. Amazing colors can be created!

Create your Background Design with oil pastels or paint on using the colored wax.

Fuse your colored background to the bottom layer or wax. • Think Wax Layers. • You must fuse each layer you put on to the layer below.

Think….. Fuse-cool-color-fuse-cool • Cool down • Add another thin layer of clear wax • Fuse together

When the surface is cooled Buff each cooled layer with the soft pads of your hand run your hand through your hair to pick up a bit of hair oil.

Toner Transfer Encaustic Image Transferred: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bJkKERU_Sx 4

Cut all the extra paper off of your mummy portrait. • • • • • Place your picture face down. Make sure your board is cool. Burnish your picture with a spoon. Keep burnishing. Lift a small corner to see if the transfer is adhering.

To Transfer image Rub Back of image with spoon Wet entire back of surface and slowly/gently rub dissolving the paper.

Wet entire paper, Burnish Again… • Wet the paper • Burnish again. • Slowly work the paper off with the pad of your fingers. • Work gently. • If picture starts to lift, stop and burnish more. • Work in another area.

Throw your paper pulp in the trash not on the floor!

Transfer image needs to be toner based

Gently Fuse Toner Transfer Cool and buff!!!! • Cool and buff… • Cool and buff… • Cool and buff…

Add color with oil pastels or paint with your created colors.

Gently, Gently Fuse!!!! Or your lips will be where your eye once was. • Fuse just to set the oil pastels. • If you overheat you will make it run. • Cool and buff.

Touch up with oil pastels

Great Backgrounds

More Embedded images 8th grade

Seventh Grade

8th Grade Female Students Exemplar Exemplar

8th Grade Males Exemplar

Epic Over Fuse and Fails

Wax under fused • Bumpy surface • Wax not transparent

Clean up after yourself! I will shut the studio down!

Have A Waxy Good Time!

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