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Published on March 5, 2014

Author: Degremont-Industry



Discover the water treatment Degremont Industry offer for the refining and petrochemical industry.

Degrémont Industry WATER FOR the Downstream refining & petrochemical INDUSTRY Improving the water balance & Protecting the environment Degrémont Industry, your partner in sustainable, efficient and cost-effective water management for industry.

Degrémont Industry — WATER FOR the refining & petrochemical INDUSTRY Improving wATER, wastewater & SLUDGE systems oN DOWNSTREAM sites Water is critical for the downstream refining and petrochemical industry. Industrials face increasing pressure to optimise costs, minimise water usage while cutting back on investments, together with ever more stringent environmental regulations. Degrémont Industry supplies robust and reliable water treatment facilities and services following the specific standards of mature refining and petrochemical complexes or newly built sites. Our Oil & Petrochem Centre of Excellence, which specialises in water treatment for this industry, develops cutting-edge technologies for risk control and the ongoing quest for reduced operating costs of the entire water cycle. Cooling Water & Utility Water Water Reuse or Discharge Cooling water and utility water are most often pre-treated water from external water sources (seawater, river water, lake or potable water) but can also be produced by reuse or recycled treated wastewater. The required water quality depends on the specific use within the complex. Various forms of utility water are or may be needed such as: process water, boiler feed water, potable water, fire-fighting water, tank cleaning water. In arid areas suffering from droughts, clients may choose (partial) recycling of treated wastewater or even select Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) plants in order to minimise the cooling of utility water intake from natural resources. Reusing & recycling also helps with regulatory compliance, protects environment and optimises the water balance. Wastewater Sludge Wastewater treatment is also one of the main requirements for the Refining and Petrochemical industry as wastewater must be treated before discharge or reuse. Depending on wastewater collection and handling, the quality and quantity arriving at the wastewater treatment plant can be quite different from one site to another ranging from quite simple to very complex treatment systems. All water and wastewater treatment plants generate large quantities of chemical and biological sludges that have to be managed. In many locations sludge handling represents up to 30 or 40% of the plant’s operational costs. Once treated, oil can be recovered and sludge can become a product and be used for energy recovery systems.

Degrémont Industry — WATER FOR the refining & petrochemical INDUSTRY SAFETY, COMPLIANCE AND RELIABILITY FOR YOUR WATER TREATMENT LINE Process Design & Engineering / Equipment / Services Understanding your specific challenges Water is a raw material used and produced in high quantities in the refining and petrochemical industry: cooling water, utility water (process water & boiler feed water), wastewater, accidentally oil contaminated water (rainwater, tank draining water, spills), spent caustics, ballast water, sanitary water,etc. For intake water, industrials may have to rely on fresh water from rivers, lakes, seawater or municipal drinking water. The wastewater quantity and quality that is generated depends on the type and quality of the crude oil that is processed, the process units inside the complex and the applications for its by-products. More than 250 references worldwide Almost all major international and national oil companies have been relying on the Degrémont Industry expertise for projects around the world since 1950. ADNOC / BP / CHEVRON / ENI / EXXON MOBIL / GASPROMNEFT / HUSKY OIL / INEOS / KAZMUNAIGAS / MURCO / NEXEN / PDO / PDVSA / PEMEX / PERTAMINA / PETROBRAS / PETROCHINA / PETRONAS / REPSOL / ROSNEFT / SASOL / SAUDI ARAMCO / SHELL / STATOIL / TEMA OIL / TOTAL / VALERO Faced with increasing environmental legislations (new PPC/IPPC regulations) combined with the increasing pressure to optimise operational costs while cutting back on investments, the refining and petrochemical industry needs to call in specialists who can assist with their expertise to implement or improve the industrial water cycle management.

Degrémont Industry — WATER FOR the refining & petrochemical INDUSTRY Operational assistance to allow you to focus on your business while we focus on guaranteeing the water quality and quantity that you need Water treatment facilities are essential to ensure a flawless production process. However these facilities are becoming increasingly more complex. Our professional teams, specialised in services, provide technical assistance and operation & maintenance support. At Degrémont Industry we understand the specific challenges that clients face on a daily basis and we provide tailor-made services. Your benefits: Optimum water management and value creation — In-depth expertise and experience in water treatment and project  management for the refining and petrochemical industry • Through a dedicated team of experienced engineers and technicians combined in a global Centre of Excellence, • Understanding the specific industry requirements and standards, • Acting as a solutions provider and integrator, • Guaranteeing reliable industrial processes and compliant water qualities, • High industrial quality standards (ISO 9001, ISO 14000, ISO 18001, Mase, VCA, OHSAS). — Tailor-made safe and reliable technical solutions and services  — Experience in long-term operation and maintenance of water  treatment facilities within refineries and petrochemical industry — Mobile water treatment solutions for  emergency and long term needs — Continuous improvement in both  design, operations and services

Degrémont Industry — WATER FOR the refining & petrochemical INDUSTRY 2 1 3 1 3 Degrémont Industry provides services for the entire industrial water cycle. Mobile solutions for temporary process water & wastewater needs (emergency, medium or long term). 2 Dissolved Air Flotation units on a refining facility in Europe for secondary oil and solids removal. 4 Ion exchange units to produce boiler feed water at a petrochemical industrial park in China. Our large portfolio of technical solutions adapted to meet your needs Cooling Water / Utility Water / Boiler Feed Water P —  rimary Oil Removal (API, ment, clarification, filtration —  embrane technologies M (MF, UF, NF, RO) —  oftening & carbonate S removal — on exchange, desalination, I SWRO —  isinfection systems D (Ozone, UV) —  lectrodeionization E —  orrosion and biological C control of networks DCI™, CPI/ PPI) — Equalisation  — Catalitic sulphide oxidation  — Secondary oil removal (DAF,  DNF, DGF) — Biological treatment systems  (Aerobic and anaerobic, activated sludge, MBBR, BAFF, MBR) — Tertiary treatment systems  (lamellar clarification, sand filtration, UF) Sludge treatment and recovery Wastewater, Recycling and ZLD —  hysical-chemical pre-treatP 4 —  astewater reuse W —  n-site spent caustic treatment O —  dour containment and offO — Sludge dewatering  — Sludge drying (thermal and  gas treatment —  embrane technologies M (UF, RO) —  efractory-COD removal from R RO reject —  LD (evaporation/crystallization) Z —  astewater reuse W — Sludge incineration — By-product recovery — Oil Recovery solar)

Ameriwater — Anderson — Infilco — Ondeo IS — Ozonia — Purite — WPT Europe Headquarters-Paris Tour CB21 16, Place de l’Iris 92040 Paris La Défense Cedex France Tel: +33 1 58 81 74 00 Fax: +33 1 58 81 74 01 USA, Salt Lake City Tel: +1 801 974 5500 Toll Free: +1 800 484 2525 Canada, Ancaster Tel: +1 800 453 9925 Latin America, Sao Paulo Tel: +55 11 2166 3600 Asia, Beijing Tel: +86 10 5957 7000 Middle-East, Dubai Tel : +971 4 701 97 77 Photo credits: GDF SUEZ, SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT Photocenter; agency and photographers: ABACAPRESS Degrémont Industry

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