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Published on November 20, 2007

Author: Wen12

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Cadillac:  Cadillac Wolfgang A. Schubert, Executive Director for Cadillac, Corvette & HUMMER Europe Cadillac Brand Heritage:  Cadillac Brand Heritage Cadillac represented the celebration of American success Founded in 1902 Symbol of American success Car of Kings, Presidents and movie stars Built its reputation on innovative designs and technology Cadillac is a global Brand Long term, committed to growing Brand in all regions of the world 2006 Global and European sales up 40% overall versus 2005 2006/2007 Cadillac Accomplishments:  2006/2007 Cadillac Accomplishments U.S. Business Week magazine – 1st in automotive dealer service SSI: 2nd in JD Power Sales Satisfaction Index IQS: 4th in JD Power Vehicle Dependability Study Performance press taking notice China SRX – 2006 Motor Trend SUV of the Year Europe BLS – 2007 Tekniikan Maailma Winter Car of the Year Projected Brand Identity and Core Social Milieus:  Upper Conservative Segment Upper Liberal Segment Traditional Mainstream Counter Culture Pragmatic Strivers Traditional Blue Collar Segment Postmodern Segment Progressive Modern Mainstream Conventional Modern Mainstream Social Climber Segment Upper Upper Middle Middle Lower Middle Lower SIGMA 2004 Social Status Traditional Values Modern Values Postmodern Values Value Orientations TARGET CUSTOMERS The world of “Old Money”, also “New Money” Entrepreneurs, owners, up- and coming executives. Important Values: Status & prestige, belonging to the ”rich and beautiful”, self-reward through luxury consumption Projected Brand Identity and Core Social Milieus Socio Critical Segment Cadillac Global Target Audience :  Cadillac Global Target Audience Who are they? A globally consistent target audience! “Social Climber” milieu in Europe, nearly identical to “High Rollers” target in U.S. Self made people More daring They want to be seen Roughly 75% males in their 40’s to early 60’s, married with a family Over 50% with university/higher education Cadillac Global Target Audience :  Cadillac Global Target Audience Over 50% with university/higher education HH income over 75,000 Euro High profile entertainers and sports figures, entrepreneurs and the entrepreneurial minded, financial services directors/upper management What do they expect from life? The pursuit of challenges and adventures Want to be seen as an achiever Want to “blaze their own trail” and let others follow Cadillac Global Target Audience – Customer Product Requirements:  Cadillac Global Target Audience – Customer Product Requirements Car characteristics – the car is an extension of the owner’s personality A leading edge design that looks like nothing else Car reflects the extroverted attitude of the driver Desires the finest materials both inside and out Requires a car that performs well under all driving conditions Drawn toward advanced, but beneficial luxury oriented technologies Cadillac Brand – Product Vision:  Historical DNA Uncompromised Product Enablers 2. Cadillac Performance A unique combination of sporty performance (acceleration, handling, braking) and luxury vehicle ride & refinement (NVH) without trade-offs. 3. Purposeful Innovation: The leader (first-to-market or finding a better approach) in defining new segments, luxury features, product solutions, and customer amenities that deliver a ‘wow’ factor and enhance the overall driving experience. Dramatic Presence Break through designs with a commanding road and visual presence. A bold design vocabulary with confident attitude. Cadillac designs set each vehicle apart as the ‘boss’ of its segment. V16 Engine “Innovation” “Style”, “Success ” Cadillac Brand – Product Vision Key Cadillac Competitors:  Primary Competitors Competitive area where Cadillac brand and products must grow its position! Jaguar Key Cadillac Competitors Cadillac Dealer Network:  Cadillac Dealer Network Coverage goals – 75-80% of market within a 30 minute drive: Requires roughly 200 dealers plus 100 repairers Goal is to grow as volume and dealer viability dictates Currently, 161 dealers including 22 Experience Centers Experience Centers provide the highest level in premium service: Roughly 15% of total dealerships Cadillac Retail Environment – Exterior:  Cadillac Retail Environment – Exterior Warsaw, Poland Vienna, Austria Cadillac Retail Environment – Interior:  Cadillac Retail Environment – Interior Cadillac European Model Lineup:  Cadillac European Model Lineup SRX Crossover STS STS V-Series XLR V-Series Escalade New This Fall CTS Sedan BLS Wagon BLS Sedan Slide14:  THANK YOU FOR YOUR ATTENTION

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