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Published on May 27, 2013

Author: Degremont-Industry

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Discover our new presentation of expertise in water treatment solutions for the Mining Industry

1 Water for the Mining IndustryWATER FOR THE MININGINDUSTRYApril 2013

2 Water for the Mining IndustrySUMMARYDegrémont Industry’s excellence in serving industryChallenges facing the mining industrySolutions for the mining industryBenefits for the mining industryReferences worldwide


4 Water for the Mining IndustryDEGRÉMONT INDUSTRY, YOUR PARTNER INWATER MANAGEMENT FOR INDUSTRYKey Figures347 M€ worldwide turnover forindustrial customers1,100 employees1,800 process water productionplants built2,200 wastewater treatment plantsbuilt200 current operation and servicescontracts5,000 industrial sites equipped withwater systems> 50M m³ per year capacity ofmobile water treatment unitsOur OfferProcess design& Engineering ServicesEquipment BOT• Pilots• Feasibility Studies (BDP, FEED)• Process Design• Engineering & Procurement• Construction & Installation• Audit• Technical Assistance• Operation & Maintenance• Mobile Treatment Solutions• Off-site Effluent Treatment• Design• Manufacture• Supply• After Sales Services• Finance• Construction• Operation• Maintenance• Transfer

5 Water for the Mining IndustryRESEARCH & INNOVATIONKEY FIGURES: 74 M€ devoted to R&D 400 Experts and Researchers 120 Research Partners 17 R&D Centers (USA,France, UK, Spain & China) 70 R&D Programs More than 700 TechnicalAssistance Missions per YearA HISTORY OF INNOVATION: A Policy of PatentedProprietary Products &Processes• In House Developments• Acquisition and Management ofLicenses• Products Innovation andOptimisation An applied R&D Pilot Plants all over the World An ISO 14001 certified R&D

6 Water for the Mining IndustryUnited Kingdom BeneluxGLOBAL PRESENCESantiago de Chile, ChileItalyBeijing, ChinaDubai,United Arab EmiratesToronto, CanadaFranceShanghai, ChinaRichmond, VADayton, OHSalt Lake City, UTHouston, TXArlington, TXColumbia, SCBuenos Aires, ArgentinaSao Paulo, BrazilSunninghill, South AfricaDoha, QatarSydney, AustraliaSpainMontréal, CanadaBrisbane, AustraliaMelbourne, AustraliaAdelaïde, AustraliaPerth, Australia


8 Water for the Mining IndustryEHSQ, A PRIORITY AT THE HEART OF OURACTIVITIESA continuous improvement approach certified ISO 18001,MASE, VCA, ISO 14000, ISO 9001, OHSASHigh-performance safety indicatorsA proactive management system including: Site audits, Procedures and training adapted to our activities and sitespecifications, Monitoring, Evaluation and continuous improvement, Targeted and efficient communication, Crisis management protocolsMONITORPERFORMPLAN

9 Water for the Mining IndustryOUR AREAS OF EXPERTISEWater source Process Water WastewaterSludge &By-products• Boreholes,groundwater or surfacewater intakes• Sea water• Alternative oremergency supplies• Groundwaterremediation• Physical-chemicaltreatment, clarification,filtration• Membrane technologies(UF – NF – RO)• Corrosion and biologicalcontrol• Decarbonation• Ion exchange• Disinfection systems(Ozone,UV)•Electrodeionization• Recycling• Network management• Flow separation• Physical-chemicaltreatments, clarification,filtration• Aerobic and anaerobicbiological treatments• Biological systems• Membrane technologies• Wastewater reuse orZero Liquid Discharge(ZLD)• Network management• Reduction of sludgevolume• In-situ treatment:digestion,dewatering, dryingand incineration• Sludge disposal• By-productsrecovery


11 Water for the Mining IndustryMEMBER OF 4 FLAGSHIP STOCK MARKETSUSTAINABILITY INDEXES2009 2010 2011 20122009 201220112010

12 Water for the Mining IndustrySUMMARYDegrémont Industry’s excellence in serving industryChallenges facing the mining industrySolutions for the mining industryBenefits for the mining industryReferences worldwide

13 Water for the Mining IndustryEcosystemrecreationExcavation backfillGround levelingWATER EXPERTISE :- Acid minedrainage- Tailing pondwaterremediation- Aquiferrestoration- Soil remediationHydrometallurgyPyrometallurgyBiotechnologyWATER EXPERTISE :- Process watersupply- Wastewater andbarrenstreatment- Reuse andrecyclingComminution(grinding / milling)FlotationLeachingWATER EXPERTISE:- Raw watersupply- Wastewater andLeachatetreatment- Acid minedrainageOpen-pit mineUnderground mineWATER EXPERTISE:- Raw watersupply/Desalination- Tailing pondwater treatment- Acid minedrainage- Mine camp watersupplyConcentrateRun ofMineoreExtraction(mining)Concentration(beneficiation)Primaryprocessing(metal refining)Closure&recoveryRefinedmetalWATER STAKES IN THE MINING INDUSTRY

14 Water for the Mining IndustryWATER RELATED CHALLENGES FOR THEMINING INDUSTRYIncreasingly restrictive legislation & intensified corporateenforcement on water Water footprint is gaining in priority Acid rock drainage clean up national legislations (Peru: 300-400 ppm sulfates,Chile: 1000 ppm sulfates), Australia: [So4] down to 1000 ppm and TDS below 2400ppm) Higher standards seeked for wastewaterSupply constraints Water scarcity in new mining operation areas Variations in water availabilities due to drought periods followed by flooding periodsRising tariffs for water supplyGrowing reliance on low grade ores requiring more water forextraction

15 Water for the Mining IndustrySUMMARYDegrémont Industry’s excellence in serving industryChallenges facing the mining industrySolutions for the mining industryBenefits for the mining industryReferences worldwide

16 Water for the Mining IndustryWATER IN THE MINING INDUSTRY

17 Water for the Mining IndustryWATER SUPPLY AND DESALINATIONYour challenges Fresh water availability Mines can be located in arid areas Water is also often an issue for the local community Ground water supply contaminationOur solutions Surface water clarification Seawater filtration and desalination Alternative solutions (municipal wastewater reuse, mine water recycling, saltyaquifer desalination, etc. )TECHNICAL SOLUTIONS• Clarification: PulsaTube™Densadeg™ , Seadaf™• Filtration (UF, etc.): Aquazur™ ,Greenleaf™ Seaclean™,Ultragreen™, Ultrafor™• Pretreatment andDesalination (NF/RO):Seaclean™, SmartRack™• Polishing: Carbazur™• Desinfection: Aquaray™Exemple of filtration

18 Water for the Mining IndustryCOOLING AND BOILER SYSTEMSYour challenges Ultradeep underground mine cooling (ventilation and cooling of air tunnels andgalleries to surface temperature for equipment and operators) TDS-induced corrosion is one identified big concernOur solutions Macromolecular purification Microbiological purification of waterTECHNICAL AND SERVICES SOLUTIONS• Membrane Technologies(MF, UF, NF, RO)• Ion exchange resins• Thermal deaeratorSecuring and optimising yourcooling systemsSecuring and optimising yourwater production facilitiesSecuring and optimising yourwater production facilities

19 Water for the Mining IndustryWASTEWATER TREATMENT AND ACID MININGDRAINAGEYour challenges Manage your wastewater charged with metals, sulfates,acidity, salinity, suspended solids, ultrafine solids,metals/metalloids and sometimes organic compounds Brine and sludge managementOur solutions Compact solutions: physical chemical treatment with high rateclarification (Densadeg) Specific metal removal with biological treatment such as iBIO™ Metal recovery in effluent with resin technologies Recycling and reuse solutions Sludge treatment: dewatering, drying, incinerationTECHNICAL SOLUTIONS• Selected salt recovery• Reuse & Recovery• Resins for metal removal• Membranes (UF/NF/RO)• Tailing pond water treatment• High Density sludge treatment• Solid Dewatering• Physical-chemical: DensadegTM,AcceleratorTM• Biological: iBIOTM• ZLD: Evaporation, Crystallization,Membranes, Electrochemistry

20 Water for the Mining IndustryYour challenges: Changes in discharge regulation (Sulfates)Our solution AMD and mine influenced water treatment with sulfate removal prior todischarge Optimised recovery/recycling of AMD & mine influenced watersFOCUS ON : SULFATE REMOVAL

21 Water for the Mining IndustryMOBILE SOLUTIONSFLEXIBLE AND COST EFFECTIVE SOLUTIONSMOBILE SOLUTIONS• Pre-treatment mobile units Flotation and Decanter Cartridge Filter Ultrafiltration Sand filter mobile units• Demineralization byreverse osmosis units• Demineralization by ionexchange mobile units Off-site regeneration IEXmobile units In-situ regeneration IEXmobile unitsEMERGENCY Environmentalliability Planning• Mine de-flooding• Tailing ponds remediation• Etc.SCHEDULEDOPERATIONS Producing• Temporary production• Former mine re-opening• Etc...LONG TERMRENTAL Environmentalliability

22 Water for the Mining IndustryTECHNOLOGICAL SOLUTIONSFOCUSIntegrated and optimisedsystem with latest availablemembranesUF/RO/NF Systems SeacleanTMphysico-chemical clarifier formetals removal andsofteningDensadegTMSeawater clarificationthrough pressurefiltrationUltrafor TMUltrafiltration combiningbiological treatment andmembrane filtrationHeavy metals removal withbiological treatmentiBIOTMUltragreenTM AquadafTM SeadafTMHigh velocity flotation with asimplified engineeredintegrationClarification system forwastewater phosphorusremovalDemineralisation /Desalination / MetalsremovalIon exchange resinsHigh circulation rate. Treatmentof water containing low densityparticles or dissolved organicmatter (desalination)

23 Water for the Mining IndustryDegrémont Industry can OPERATE, MAINTAIN and ACCOMPANYclients for the OPTIMISATION of the entire WATER CYCLE. Process optimisation OPEX optimisation Operation and maintenance (O&M) Technical assistance Engineering of equipment andProcurement of spare partsOPERATION & MAINTENANCEOPERATOR KNOW-HOW, BUILDER EXPERTISE

24 Water for the Mining IndustryINNOVATIVE SERVICES“A LA CARTE”Mobile treatmentservicesFlexible solution to help yousave cost and secureproductionSpare parts andassociated servicesWide range of spare parts andassociated services for anefficient maintenanceResins, membranes& associated servicesGlobal solution for your resinsand membranesOptimize and protectyour water production, cooling& steam production systemsCoolSure,SteamSure, UpSure

25 Water for the Mining IndustrySUMMARYDegrémont Industry’s excellence in serving industryChallenges facing the mining industrySolutions for the mining industryBenefits for the mining industryReferences worldwide

26 Water for the Mining IndustryYOUR BENEFITS: A COMPLETE OFFERUnderstanding of the specificneeds of mining industrialistsIn-house expertise in watertreatment and projectmanagement allowing you tostay focused on your corebusiness challengesWater quality and quantityguaranteeWorldwide presence, locally-adapted, and tailor-madesolutionsExpertise in stakeholdermanagementImproving your image and yourcommunity relations byenhancing re-use of reclaimedeffluentsSafe and reliable technologiesEnsuring compliance andcontinuous operations at themine sites with sufficientservicing capabilitiesOptimum OPEX and assetpreservationContinuous improvement inboth design and operationCONTINUOUSLY IMPROVING THE RECYCLING CIRCLES IN ORDER TO OPTIMIZE YOUR WATERCONSUMPTIONS

27 Water for the Mining IndustrySUMMARYDegrémont Industry’s excellence in serving industryChallenges facing the mining industrySolutions for the mining industryBenefits for the mining industryReferences worldwide

28 Water for the Mining IndustryUsa &CanadaLatinAmericaRussia &EuropeOceaniaTHEY TRUSTED USMORE THAN 50 REFERENCES IN THE WORLD

29 Water for the Mining IndustryOursolutionMINERA PAMO, CODELCOEL TENIENTE, CHILENeeds Ensure compliance with the applicableregulations, which states respect allowedmaximum amount of molybdenum andpH in the effluent reservoirSolution Inlet tank for incoming flow regulationor bypass Precipitation and acidification tankswith mechanical mixers 5 Densadeg™ Neutralization tanks with mechanicalmixers O&M contract since 2009Benefits Risk management by ensuringcompliance and continuous operations.- Molybdenum Treatment from MiningDrainage- Sludge treatment: 2 liquid sludgestorage tanks with thickening typemixers, 3 centrifuges , 2 dewateredsludge piston pumps, 2 lagoonsAcidminedrainageCapacity216,000 m3/dType of serviceEP - after lab & pilot studyO&M

30 Water for the Mining IndustryOursolutionOursolutionCapacity31,700 m³/dType of serviceEquipment supply-- Acid Mine Drainage treatment toproduce indirectly potable water- Densadeg Clarifier and GreenleafFilterAcidminedrainageUNITED PARK CITY MINES, PARK CITY, UTAH- Acid Mine Drainage- Metals removal- Densadeg clarifierCapacity10,000 m3/dType of serviceEquipment supplyLEADVILLE, COLORADOFREEPORT MCMORAN – HECLAUSAAcidminedrainage

31 Water for the Mining IndustryOursolutionBHP BILLITON – COPPER MINEUSANeeds 1,475 m3/h treated forRemoval of Cu, Al, Mn, Zn, Ni,Cd,.. High performance of the watertreatment to respect theconstraintBenefits Respect of the stringent effluentlimits since 1999- Physico-chemical treatment for heavymetals removal (Densadeg®)- Greenleaf FiltrationAcidminedrainageCapacity35,400 m3/dType of serviceEquipment supplyPINAL CREEK, CYPRUS MIAMI MINING CORP

32 Water for the Mining IndustryOursolutionSeaWaterdesalinationMINERA ESCONDIDA, PUERTOCOLOSOANTOFAGASTA, CHILE- Largest SWRO plant in South America- “Premiere” for the mining industry- Commissioning in 2006Capacity45,000 m3/dType of serviceEPC - CommissioningNeeds Copper MiningSolution Robust pre-treatment: 3stages, DAF and doublefiltration Desalination: Reverse OsmosisBenefits Water supply when no localwater resource : distance of113 miles between the watertreatment plant and the mine(H:10,000 ft)

33 Water for the Mining IndustryOursolutionKONIAMBO NICKEL SASKONIAMBO, NEW-CALEDONIASeawater desalination for a greenfieldpyrometallurgical facility with a 30,000t/y ferronickel smelter for the extractionof nickel from saprolitic ore minedCapacity4,820 m3/dType of serviceEngineering, equipmentsupply & commissioningOur solution Net production of demin. water : 53 m3/h Net process and potable water: 129 m3/h Desalination SWRO plant recovery: 40% Flow to feed the SWRO plant: 502 m3/h Net total production of desal .water: 201m3/hBenefits Recovery energy systemSeaWaterdesalination

34 Water for the Mining IndustryOursolutionINMET MININGCOBRE LAS CRUCES, SPAINWaterremediationCapacityUp to 300 m³/h, average180 m3/h at 30°CType of serviceMobile equipment &commissioningMay 13th2008• Notice of suspension of authorization for dewatering and re-injection systemJuly 7th2008• First mobile equipment and commissioning staff arrives onsiteJuly 21st2008• First water treated by mobile equipment• Treatment of contaminated ground water on parameters as As, B, F, Fe,conductivity, NH4, …• 24h operation by local operators & under supervision of ONDEO IS SpainApril 8th2009• New permission for the dewatering and re-injection systemMay 27th2009•Mineral extraction starts. Re-authorization for the dewatering& re-injection systemWater remediation in the Copper Minewith Mobile Equipment: 4 FlexosmO, 1DecarbO, 4 FilsanO units surroundedmaterial & equipment for a “potable”water quality outletBenefits : Up and running in 1 monthafter order placed

35 Water for the Mining IndustryOursolutionOursolutionAREVA COMURHEXNARBONNE, FRANCEImplementation in emergency of 2OMobile trucks Restoration of situation within lessthan 1 monthINSTALLATIONOFATREATMENTPLANTInstallation of a fixed unit of 4 reverseosmosis skids within 4 months to treatleachate from the lagoon plain, sendpermeates to the natural environmentand concentrates to ultimate storageNITRATETREATMENTEMERGENCYCapacity720 m3/dType of serviceDBOCapacity2,400 m3/d eachType of serviceMobile treatmentsolutions

36 Water for the Mining IndustryOursolutionOursolutionType of serviceComplete Design& Equipment supplyBHP BILLITON - AREVAUSA & CANADACapacity40,000 m³/dCapacity25,000 m³/dType of serviceComplete Design& Equipment supplyPINAL CREEK, CYPRUS MIAMI MINING CORP AREVA RESOURCES, ALBERTA, CANADA- Consent Decree to treat undergroundplumes by EPA involving several miningcompanies (copper, gold)- Densadeg and Greenleaf FilterNew Midwest Uranium Mine - $30 MillionEquipment Supply for Densadegs, RO,solids handling to treat uranium mine(project cancelled by customer afterengineering and equipment fabricationcompleted - 2009)MinewastewaterMinewastewater

37 Water for the Mining IndustryOursolutionOursolutionRICHMOND HILL - KENNECOTTUSAMinewastewaterCapacity13,700 m³/dKENNECOTT MINING, GREENSCREEK, ALASKARICHMOND HILL MINING, LEAD, SOUTH DAKOTACapacity1,800 m³/dMinewastewaterType of serviceEquipment supply- Metals removal- DensadegTM clarification- Softening/metals removal- Clarification- DensadegTM clarificationType of serviceEquipment supply

38 Water for the Mining IndustryOursolutionVALE INCO, BIRCHTREE MINEMANITOBA, CANADANeeds: System delivers outlet nickel levels of<20 ppb – much lower than the regulateddischarge level of 500 ppbCapacity2,950 m3/dType of serviceDesign & manufacturingNickelremovalsystemSolutions Influent feed of mine water & surfacewater run-off Multi-Media Filters (9’ diameter) Ion Exchange units (10’ diameter –configured in a lead-lag) arrangement Sulfuric acid regeneration package Hydrochloric acid regeneration package Sodium hydroxide regeneration package Controls SystemBenefits Compliance Environmental protection

39 Water for the Mining IndustryTHANK YOU FORYOUR ATTENTION

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