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Published on December 18, 2013

Author: JustinFenwick

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Summary of program results of VISTA program as part of the Diversity and Community Involvement Dept. in Student Affairs

Michigan Campus Compact AmeriCorps*VISTA members act as transformative agents between institutions of higher education and their surrounding communities. AmeriCorps*VISTA members build, support, and develop the capacity for MCC member institutions and their students to be better stewards of the community, and to gain a richer and more valuable experience outside the classroom. The role of the AmeriCorps*VISTA member is primarily to build sustainable programs on campus and lasting partnerships between community organizations and the host site campus. AmeriCorps*VISTA members have proven to be effective in several important areas: the building of relationships with community organizations; the development of a permanent position related to service; supplying the human-based resources and skill-based actions necessary for making service happen on campuses; their presence connects campuses to a broader network of service and service-related knowledge; and they act as representatives of a national service model that endorses and legitimizes community service. EMU VISTA Program Summary i

Table of Contents A Letter from the Director Section One The Work of Five AmeriCorps*VISTAs 1 Community Partnerships Campus Volunteerism Financial Impact Training and Technical Assistance Recognition and Representation Section Two ………………………………… 2 ………………………………… 3 ………………………………… 4 ………………………………… 5 ………………………………… 6 The Past Six Months: VISTA Impact in the Department Student Development and Training Student Service Council Michigan Service Scholars Project IMPACT Learning Beyond the Classroom Documentation and Communication Systems Departmental Support 7 ………………………………… 8 - 9 ………………………………… 10 ………………………………… 11 ………………………………… 12 ………………………………… 13 ………………………………… 14 ………………………………… 15 Section Three Institutional Commitment to Service: Two Possible Scenarios Introduction VISION Without Staff or VISTA Support The Case for Increased Support VISION With Staff or VISTA Support Furthering the Mission of Engagement ii 16 ………………………………… 17 ………………………………… 18 ………………………………… 19 ………………………………… 20 ………………………………… 21

…We extend our commitment beyond the campus boundaries to the wider community through service initiatives and partnerships of mutual interest addressing local, regional, national and international opportunities and challenges. Eastern Michigan University Mission Statement Section One: The Work of Five AmeriCorps*VISTAs Eastern Michigan University | July 2004 through February 2008 1

Community Partnerships We welcome the involvement of an AmeriCorps*VISTA who will be able to assist in the development of campus/community partnerships, creating a way for nonprofits to communicate directly with [EMU]. - Patrick McLean, Executive Director, Washtenaw Area Council for Children VISTAs Enable Partnerships EMU VISTAs are liaisons, assessing the needs and assets of the campus and the local community. Their job is to bring together the components to create service-learning opportunities. We aim for collaborations that sustain student and community development and promote understanding of the work that is behind it. VISTAs advise on particular aspects of service projects and programs including: community needs assessment, program vision, planning, and evaluation. VISTAs bring knowledge of national best practices in service-learning encouraging constructive program development on EMU’s campus. Maintaining Partnerships On average EMU VISTA members have maintained relationship with approximately six community agencies each quarter. Community Plunge 2007 EMU Students planted flowers and weeded the gardens of a residential unit for Avalon Housing. 2 Nonprofit Agencies Engaged by EMU VISTAs 4-H Youth Development Ann Arbor Center for Independent Living Big Brothers Big Sisters Boys and Girls Club Bryant Community Center Catholic Social Services City Year – Detroit Community Records Corner Health Center Education Project for Homeless Youth Erickson Elementary Family Learning Institute Food Gatherers Friends in Deed GEAR UP Head Start Hikone Community Center Home of New Vision Huron Valley Boys and Girls Club Lincoln High School Michigan Ability Partners Michigan Reach Out Ozone House Parkridge Community Center Perry Nursery School Planned Parenthood Safe House SOS Community Service The Village Initiative Washtenaw Area Council for Children Washtenaw Area Teens for Tomorrow Washtenaw Association of Volunteer Coordinators Washtenaw Community Health Organization Washtenaw County Trial Court CASA Washtenaw Youth Mentoring Coalition Willow Run Community Schools YMCA College Coalition – Detroit Ypsilanti High School Ypsilanti Meals on Wheels Ypsilanti Public Schools Ypsilanti Youth Empowered to Act

Campus Volunteerism A university education is about more than just classes. Students involved in activities outside of the classroom have higher retention rates and more positive educational experiences. - EMU General Education website, Learning Beyond The Classroom VISTAs Create A Climate of Service The VISTA’s work is one of empowerment, enabling those around them to help students do, accomplish, and learn more. The commitment of a VISTA to social justice is ingrained into the position itself via the training they receive and their status as fulltime National Service Members. A VISTA works to build support, and develop capacity for EMU and its students to be better stewards to our community and continue education beyond the classroom. The VISTA's focus is on sustainability, lasting partnerships, growth, and development. The VISTA is actively training and educating the campus community. Service becomes a lifestyle through the care, support, and encouragement of the EMU VISTA. Increasing Volunteerism EMU VISTAs participate in campus wide and individual recruitment and service-leadership activities, including: • • • • New student orientation Various courses Emerging Leaders program Learning Beyond the Classroom orientation & promotion Increasing Volunteerism Michigan Service Scholars (MSS) Since 2004, EMU VISTA members have directly recruited 1,263 volunteers, who 1,263 have completed 6,185 hours of service to 6,18 185 the community. Each year, EMU VISTAs have administered the EMU MSS program, an essential capacity-building tool. Students willing to complete 300 hours of community service during one calendar year receive a $1,000 AmeriCorps Education Award. Academic Service-Learning EMU VISTA members have engaged 10 faculty members and 81 students in academic service-learning who then completed nearly 500 hours of service. service. 3 To date, $35,000 in MSS Education Awards has been awarded to students across campus campus.

Financial Impact Michigan Campus Compact’s AmeriCorps*VISTAs [have] generated impressive human and financial resources in their efforts to build, support, and develop the capacity of college students…to gain a richer experience outside the classroom. - Michigan Campus Compact Website, VISTA Results VISTAs Contribute to Financial Capacity EMU VISTAs are essential to funding efforts throughout the Department of Diversity and Community Involvement (DCI). Identify resources, provide research, assess needs, write, edit, manage, support, and procedural tasks are a few of the roles VISTAs have played in ensuring the existence of this funding. The VISTAs themselves are a result of this type of effort, and they know the power of sustaining work through advancing program knowledge and best practices. In-Kind Donations and Goods VISTAs EMU VISTAs have generated inkind donated goods and services valued at $13,359 including canned food, book donations, gift cards, etc. Monetary Donations & Funds VISTAs EMU VISTAs have provided technical assistance in receiving monetary grants, donations, and funds totaling $144,600. $144 00. Other Funding Leveraged by VISTAs Campus FundraisingCampus Camp Wellstone Fundraising- $6000 $500 Donations Collected for Habitat for Humanity - $500 4 VISTAs: Making Grants Possible EMU VISTAs were instrumental in conducting research for, implementing and managing many grant programs. Some examples are: Ypsilanti Youth Empowered to Act (YYEA) ⋅ $90,000 (2005) A dynamic project designed to engage the energy and vision of young people to create community change in Ypsilanti. EMU Student Service Council (SSC) ⋅ $2,500 MCC Venture Grant (2007) A networking tool and a skill-building resource for student organizations that do service and philanthropy work in the community Project IMPACT ⋅ $6,000 MCC Brighter Futures Learn & Serve Grant (2007) A partnership with Willow Run High School targeting relational aggression and promoting positive self-concept in young women through mentoring experiences with EMU Student Mentors Volunteers Involved in Civic Engagement ⋅ $4,600 EMU Innovation Award(2004) VoICE is intended as a collaboration with Academic Affairs to create a living/learning center for citizenship and service learning.

Training & Technical Assistance [The VISTAs] have been a great help for me! Any time I need some advice or an idea, they are always willing to take time out of their day and stop to help me with anything I need. I don’t think I could have made it through this job without them. -Canaan Magginnis, VISION- Kid Konnection Student Program Coordinator, 2007-2008 VISTAs are Seen as Staff Members Michigan Campus Compact states that its VISTA members provide students, staff, and faculty with on-site training and technical assistance focused on the specific needs of the campus and local community. VISTAs: • Recruit, train, and coordinate student volunteers and program coordinators • Provide leadership development training and reflection activities DCI students rely on the professional support of the VISTAs to develop their skills in training other students, giving presentations, promoting their work, and designing service programs. EMU VISTAs are accessible to students on a daily basis for questions and general advising. Strengthening Community Ties EMU VISTA members have served on 34 community and campus advisory committees ranging from student leadership development, such as the Community Voices Board for Ypsilanti Youth Empowered to Act (YYEA) , to community partnership development, like the Washtenaw Association of Volunteer Coordinator Training Subcommittee. Technical Assistance orientat ientations, 84 trainings, orientations, and reflection activities have been completed to date by EMU VISTA members for students, faculty, administrators, staff and community members. VISTAs Provide Training & Coordinate Educational Programming Beyond Words 2005 & 2006 VISTAs served as Room Advisor to student groups working on this campus-wide interactive exhibition of social injustice. VOICE As advisor to VOICE, VISTAs facilitate student efforts to engage each other in dialogue and service that ties local and global issues to the campus community. Student Service Council The VISTA serves as advisor, trainer and grant administrator to this networking and skill-building resource for student organizations that do service. Learning Beyond the Classroom (LBC) The VISTA has developed the first departmental administrative process for the LBC Community Service, Citizenship, and Leadership category. Mentor/Mentee Project IMPACT Mentor/Mentee Training The EMU VISTA researches, develops and conducts all mentor, mentee and group training and activities. Promoting the Range of Service VISTA members have given 48 presentations regarding the needs, strategies, and results of EMU service to campus and community programs. 5

Recognition & Representation The office also needs to document the implementation of service learning (monitoring) and the outcomes of service learning (evaluation). The results of all these efforts should be recognized publicly in the media and through scholarship and research published in professional journals. - Bringle & Hatcher, Implementing Service Learning in Higher Education, Journal of Higher Education, 1996 VISTAs are Ambassadors of EMU Service Do to the EMU VISTAs' ability to creatively address data collection and analysis, as well as departmental promotion, the accomplishments of the department are able to find recognition beyond our offices. Using internet technologies (i.e., online forms and applications) VISTAs have developed systems that serve as base models for future campus collaboration and data collection. This will allow more service to be recorded and reviewed for participation in national and statewide awards and surveys. Promotion of EMU Service EMU VISTA members have assisted in researching and reviewing data, completing surveys, nominating and receiving awards such as: • National Campus Compact Survey • President’s Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll • Washtenaw Celebrates Mentoring Awards • EMU Women of Excellence Awards • MCC Outstanding Student Service Awards • MCC 20th Anniversary Listening Tour EMU VISTA Jasmina Camo, right, co-hosts the Washtenaw Celebrates Mentoring Awards Ceremony along with Michigan First Gentleman Dan Mulhern, left. Awardee, Kate Zajac, center. 6 VISTAs Represent EMU EMU VISTA members have presented at conferences, in classrooms, and on location to our community partners. They are the first to connect the campus to the community. Some EMU VISTA member presentations include: MCC Service Leadership Camp EMU VISTAs prepared interactive sessions that explored important components of service learning, civic responsibility, team-building and leadership with a large group of EMU students during the camp’s “Team Time.” GVSU Leadership Summit VISTA Jessica Burry (2005-2006) presented at the 2005 GVSU Leadership Summit, educating students about her experience in National Service at EMU and what motivates people to participate in community service. National Society for Experiential Education (NSEE) Annual Conference VISTA Justin Fenwick (2007-2008) attended to share and learn best practices, especially regarding the implementation of Learning Beyond the Classroom in our Department. ServiceCivic The Institute: Service-Learning & Civic Engagement VISTA Lindsey Scalera (2007-2008) presented an interactive tool for addressing the difficult issues of prejudice & diversity in service to K12 and Higher Ed service-learning professionals from around the State of Michigan.

Eastern Michigan University will be recognized for its strong undergraduate programs and will provide research opportunities, excellent co-curricular programs and support systems that enhance the success of a talented and diverse student population. Eastern Michigan University will become a model for public engagement and linkages with the local community, the Detroit metropolitan area, southeast Michigan, the State of Michigan and the region to address mutual concerns. EMU Office of Strategic Planning and Continuous Improvement Section Two: The Past Six Months: VISTA Impact in the Department Diversity and Community Involvement | 2007- 2008 7

Student Development & Training [Lindsey and Justin] are incredibly friendly [people] who institute an open door policy on help. I consider them some of the best people I work with. -John Fenton, VISION-America Reads Site Leader, 2007-2008 Expansion & Implementation Why Student Development? Student development training and activities promote personal growth, deeper knowledge of relevant issues and the development of professional skills. Students are able to extend their perspectives and experience through training. Topics include diversity, leadership, citizenship, and peer management, among others. The student development process begins at orientation and continues throughout the time a student serves the community and campus. In addition to the all-day DCI Student Program Coordinator Orientation in August, the VISTAs have conducted numerous trainings for the ongoing development of students working/serving in DCI. They have also made presentations to EMU classrooms, other on-campus student programs, as well as to community partners. DCI Student Training & Recruitment Curriculum: In their six months at EMU, the VISTAs have organized training and student development resources so that in the future, training materials can be selected and adapted as needed without having to do extensive research. These resources will be preserved in the form of a comprehensive training and recruitment curriculum for the department covering a variety of topics and including agendas, learning objectives, and resources for further development. The Goals of the Curriculum include: • • • • Engagement–Meeting the individual and professional goals of each student increases Retention & Lifelong Engagement satisfaction and leads to greater retention. Providing students with the skills and confidence necessary for successful service leads to a lifetime commitment to service and civic engagement. Developing Skills & Increasing Knowledge – Because the content of on-going training is connected to students’ experience in the community and classroom, students learn more about what leadership requires. Examples include, but are not limited to: Effective communication, conflict resolution, diversity and inclusion, leadership, volunteer development, resource mobilization, and partnerships development. Perspectives–Training and the experiences provided by the programming in VISION Broadening Attitudes & Perspectives lead to an increased sense of empowerment, civic values, an ethic of service, and a broader understanding of how individuals and communities are interconnected. Improving Capability –Well-trained students are better able to carry out service projects , increasing the value of the department to the community. EMU Students Agree or Strongly Agree, Trainings conducted by EMU VISTAS*: • • • • • Were presented in a way that helps them learn – 92% Included well organized workshop activities – 94.6% Had relevant and useful content – 89.2% Had activities that made them feel engaged in the subject – 87.8% Provided them with resources that will help them be successful in their position – 85.9% *Based on anonymous post-training evaluation surveys for five workshops conducted by VISTAs in 2007 and 2008. Approximately 75 participants responded to each question over the course of the five workshops. 8

Trainings Conducted Over the Past Six Months (August 2007-February 2008) • • New Student Orientation Assistant (NSOA) Diversity Training • MCC Camp Team Time: Building the DCI Team, Becoming a Leader, Visions for the Year • America Reads Tutor Orientation 1 – Active Listening and Exploring the influences of Adult-Child relationships and Literature • America Reads Orientation 2 – The Dot Game (A Diversity Module) • Campus Camp Wellstone Grassroots Community Organizing Seminar • America Reads Diversity Training • Project IMPACT Mentor Orientation • Project IMPACT Mentee Orientation • Project IMPACT Kick Off for Mentors & Mentees: Meet Your Match! • UNIV 177 Introduction to the University Course Presentation: Service, Civic Engagement and Leadership • Emerging Leaders LBC Course: Service, Civic Engagement and Leadership • EMU Student Service Council: Service Workshops Series • Project IMPACT Mentor and Community Resources Handbook • Alternative Spring Break Cultural Competency Training: Identity, Service, Diversity • DCI Winter Orientation: New Student Coordinator Training • February VISTA Training: Community Partnerships Role Play • Institute on Service-Learning and Civic Engagement: Revealing the Truth: Diversity, Prejudice & Service • New Student Orientation Recruitment Events: NSOA Skit, Involvement Sessions, Fajita Fest, Resource Fair • Weekly VISION Coordinator Meetings • Michigan Service Scholars Cohort Summit Training : Connecting Interests and Service Projects • VISION Student Coordinators Task Delegation Training • Michigan Service Scholars Student Assistant Training on Program Administration & Community Partnership Development • Human Resources Management Course: Presentation on Post-Graduation Service and Community Connection • EMU LGBTRC PRIDE Education Coalition Panel Member • 9 DCI Student Program Coordinator Pre-Service Training/Orientation Life-size Game of LIFE Reflection on Diversity and Privilege

Student Service Council (SSC) Students in Service United Across Campus The EMU Student Service Council (SSC) is a collaborative group of student organizations which share community service as part of their missions. Members meet each month to share ideas & resources and attend a workshop. Any qualifying organization may send a representative to SSC meetings to connect with other organizations as a way to build and share relevant skills and resources for successful service projects. The EMU Student Service Council was created in 2006 as a way to unite student organizations involved in service. In early 2007, VISION was awarded the Michigan Campus Compact $2500 Venture Grant to expand this unique collaboration in service. The EMU Office of Research and Development also generously supplied the SSC with $1000 of additional matching funds. VISTA Lindsey Scalera built upon the work of the previous year to strengthen the infrastructure of the program, hire and train a Student Program Coordinator and develop the Workshop Series and Mini-Grant program. This MCC Grant Award and its University match has enabled the SSC to: • Hire one Student Coordinator to coordinate all meetings, workshops, and other events of the SSC while recruiting new members throughout the year • Offer five $100 “mini-grants” to help any active member of the SSC achieve a service initiative • Develop the SSC Workshop Series – content based on SSC member requests for training • Cover various costs of training and marketing materials The SSC Workshop Series offers high-quality training on relevant topics… • Development of Mini-Grant and Workshop Series • Program Planning 101 • Program Idea Exchange | Networking • Volunteer Support • Building Strong Partnerships • Reflection | Recognition | Celebration 10

Michigan Service Scholars (MSS) 300 Hours of Service for $1000 AmeriCorps Education Award MSS Serves as a Way to: • • • • • Support our programs with a ready group of students needing volunteer/service hours Reimburse students already devoting time to service in our community Provide incentive to students getting newly involved in service Encourage new ideas and programming Open up dialogue about the connections between service and social justice These together allow for a dynamic group of students that are able to extend the VISION office and EMU further into the community and grow service on campus. MSS also integrates a system of data collection and recording of hours, making the difficult task of tracking student service easier. MSS Empowers Students to Lead Currently, two talented students are supporting VISTA Justin Fenwick in his supervising role. These students are working directly with Justin to take an organizational and leadership role that helps increase communication between students and staff. The students also support the service project ideas of other MSS members. This strategy empowers these students, increases MSS retention, and increases the capacity of VISION to place MSS members in volunteer positions throughout the campus and community. What Makes this Happen? As MSS Site Supervisor, Justin must: 1. Register students for MSS orientation 2. Supervise member students and manage adherence to AmeriCorps policies 3. Be available to answer questions or concerns and assist in helping members solve problems they encounter throughout their service. 4. Maintain regular contact with Michigan Campus Compact 5. Complete all reporting requirements including monthly timesheet submission and managing reporting delinquency 6. Maintain program documentation. 7. Ensure members have sufficient opportunities to complete the required number of hours $35,000 in educational scholarships have been awarded from 2004-2007 11 $35,000 In 2008, WILL be awarded for the current class EVEN IF retention is only 50%

Project IMPACT Impacting Mentee Potential through Academic Achievement Connection and Trust VISTA Lindsey Scalera has been instrumental in seeing Project IMPACT into its first year as a Michigan Campus Compact - Brighter Futures Grantee. Project IMPACT targets relational aggression and improving self-concept in young women in three ways: • One-on-one and group mentoring experiences with EMU student mentors • Campus "meet-up" events exposing mentees to college possibilities • The development of a high school performance group based on bullying and conflict resolution Lindsey has done research into best practices for mentoring programs and has created orientation, training and development activities for the mentors and mentees. Lindsey directly advises Graduate Assistant Maegon Smith, and Project Impact Graduate Intern, Fallon Lindsey, as they help to develop communication and informational resources for mentors and mentees, such as the Mentor Community Resources Handbook. There are 30 EMU Undergraduate Mentors and 3 EMU Graduate Mentors and 33 Willow Run High School 14 to 16 Year-old Mentees. Some of the enrichment events that have taken place are: • Mentor Orientation • Mentee Orientation • Meet Your Match Kick Off Future enrichment events include: • Movie Day at the Student Center • Project IMPACT Celebration • 6-Figure Playback Theater Group Examples of Academic Collaborations Dr. Christine Karshin Dr. Karshin has developed a longitudinal study on the effect the mentoring relationships and college exposure has on the high school students. She has conducted focus groups with the girls and produced a demographic analysis. We hope to continue the partnership with Willow Run Instructor Bethamie Wyatt-Ngom 8 Student’s from Bethamie’s “Girls in Conversation” Class serve as EMU Mentors Bethamie will hold a workshop for mentees and their Mothers (or other female, adult guardians) called “Connections for the Future.” 12

Learning Beyond the Classroom (LBC) Community Service, Citizenship, and Leadership Category The General Education Program stresses involvement in and outreach to the EMU community and the wider community for the benefit of both the student and the community. Students who complete their LBC requirement in this category will: • Participate in the development, maintenance, and/or change of community standards and norms. • Participate in service/volunteer activities. • Develop leadership skills. • Develop skills and habits that aid in future life and career pursuits. • Develop and practice empathy for others. • Acquire skills for working cooperatively with others. What Makes this Happen? In this first year of the LBC program, VISTA Justin Fenwick produced a method of accounting for LBC credit within the Department of Diversity and Community Involvement. The process involved: • Performed a assessment of VISION programs for their readiness to accept LBC students • Attended the NSEE Conference to learn about The Council For The Advancement of Standards in Higher Education (CAS) and network with other universities that have similar requirements • Studied Elon University's Experiential Learning Requirement (ELR) credit system • Developed LBC Community Service, Citizenship, and Leadership Workbook and procedures • Introduced the LBC procedure to DCI staff members • Held orientations for existing LBC students and students interested in the completing their LBC requirement through the DCI • Continuing to work on sustainable implementation of the program 13

Documentation & Communication Systems The Infrastructure for Reporting and Recognizing Achievement Both VISTAs Lindsey and Justin have worked tirelessly to improve documentation and systems. This work often includes gathering student feedback, observing the functionality of the office, and assessing the various needs of the students. These include but are not limited to: • VISION Programs Coordinator Guide – An expanded resource that covers departmental policies, job descriptions, programming tips, volunteer recruitment and support, office/campus logistics, scheduling and events planning information. • Online Technology – The development of time-saving online resources has improved our ability to document service at EMU and analyze survey results. VISTAs Justin and Lindsey utilized online surveys, meeting planners, and website support to engage both students and other offices/projects on campus. In addition to the successful using an online mailing list, a blog posting system was developed to help record events and advertise opportunities for our students. • In-office Documentation - To meet the needs of volunteers and office goals VISTAs Lindsey and InJustin worked on documentation such as walk-in-volunteer interview guides, a program/event proposal form, program/event worksheets, LBC evaluation worksheet, and a program/event evaluation form. • Systems - The VISTAs are working to make documentation easier. We have trained students on volunteer management and the importance of keeping track of their program's results. 14

Departmental Support Campus Collaborations, National Programs, Promotion Various campus-wide events and programs offered to students were heavily supported by the VISTAs. Homecoming Disco Drive • • • • • • • VISTA Justin Fenwick Volunteer recruitment Managed teams Maintained website Arranged advertisement Distributed containers and banners Collected most of the goods Arranged most team prizes RESULT 1/2 TON of non-perishable food Campus Camp Wellstone VISTA Lindsey Scalera • Staff advisor to student coordinators • Coordinated weekly meetings • Obtained funding for camp • Constant support of students • Created all advertisements • Facebook group/event • Handled contracts and invoices • Hosted the national organization collected across campus for Food Gatherers. Alternative Breaks (AB) • • • • VISTAs Justin and Lindsey Provided program support Developed and led cultural training Facilitated team building activities Provided one-on-one problem solving RESULT 59 students on 7 trips spent their Winter and Spring Breaks serving in various locations around the country. RESULT 1.5 day seminar on grassroots community organizing and public awareness campaigns at EMU hosting 33 students and 3 professional community organizers from all around the U.S who conducted the training. Submissions for National Recognition: President’s Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll • • • VISTAs Justin and Lindsey Reviewed data from past program summaries Developed web-based reporting system Interviewed other EMU programs for inclusion in University totals RESULT EMU received this distinction from the highest level of government recognizing EMU’s current leadership in helping to build a culture of service and civic engagement on campuses and in the nation. 15

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