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Published on June 18, 2007

Author: FunSchool

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Slide1:  The Development of EMS in Region 2 First Steps Joan Friedlander USDA Forest Service Rocky Mountain Region USDA Forest Service October 2005 This is new to the Forest Service:  This is new to the Forest Service There is much to be revealed:  There is much to be revealed R2 is in early stages of EMS development but is at the forefront of the nation Forest Plan revision timelines for 3 CO Forests are driving our timeline EMS In R2:  EMS In R2 EMS is a new, different for us, we brought in experts who could help us better understand this system. Lot s of interest and opinions about EMS, not many examples to look at. R2 is proceeding at a fairly fast clip Four Revision Forests andamp; RO have combined forces to develop EMS and consequently appreciably reduced workload. Operating on the 80/20rule. We aren’t striving for perfection. This management model is inherently self-correcting. EMS EMS Organization in R2:  EMS Organization in R2 RF/DRFS andamp; SUPS Lead Directors (2) Lead RO Staff (4) (1@100%, 3@20%) EMS Steering Team (3) Forest EMS Teams (4-8) (max 10% in development phase) EMS Module Teams (8) (est. 5-8 days mid Oct-Dec) WO andamp; Contractors EPA andamp; BLM Regional Foresters and 2 Deputies:  Regional Foresters and 2 Deputies EMS Training :  EMS Training August 16-18 Lakewood, R2 EMS Training October 11-12 GMUG EMS Training October 13-14 San Juan EMS Training October 18-19 EMS Module Team Training November 3 EMS Stakeholder Workshop November 4 EMS Executive Training EMS is FUN, Lets get it done. EMS Training is (a bit) intense:  EMS Training is (a bit) intense Typical Forest Service employee after R2 EMS training. But it is not as hard as it first appears (we think):  But it is not as hard as it first appears (we think) After cross-walking terminology and approaches—much is already in place. Then why do this? The emphasis is on checking to see if what we have in place needs adjustment or not. EMS Products So Far:  EMS Products So Far Charter andamp; Project Initiation Letter Request for EMS Module Team Assignments Forests are compiling lists of aspects, developing criteria and ideas for significant aspects Drafting Environmental Policy Statements EMS Module Team Action Plans Where we are on the pyramid?:  Where we are on the pyramid? Slide12:  EMS has the potential to serve as a bridge of trust and understanding An accountable framework for adaptive management and continual improvement of performance Stakeholder Involvement:  Stakeholder Involvement R2 Colorado Stakeholder Workshop 11-3-05 Expectations are high Will unfold over time EMS is transparent Forest focused Unique Partner Opportunities EMS Partnerships:  EMS Partnerships Combined Forest Service and BLM planning Involving EPA Reliance on Contractors Future…. Exploring the potential for EMS:  Exploring the potential for EMS Partnerships (our) Lessons Learned (so far):  (our) Lessons Learned (so far) A year is a very aggressive timeframe for beginners. Don’t overspend your time on initial phases (development). 50/50 Rule. Tension whether to focus EMS on doing the right things or doing things right. (our) Lessons Learned (so far):  (our) Lessons Learned (so far) 'Just do it'. The process is forgiving, iterative and inherently corrective in design. 80/20 Rule. Don’t strive for perfection. There is room for centralizing some of this work. (our) Lessons Learned (so far):  (our) Lessons Learned (so far) Forests need ownership in EMS. It’s their system. Alternate approaches: EMS Module Teams Need specially developed executive training conducted early. EMS training takes more than a day. (our) Lessons Learned (so far):  (our) Lessons Learned (so far) Contribution of Forest Plans to EMS is uncertain. Plan vs project. Broader land management objectives may fit better into EMS objectives and targets than significant aspects. Work towards acceptance. The hook (gem) is accountability and adaptive management. (our) Lessons Learned (so far):  (our) Lessons Learned (so far) RO EMS Team has to have depth to function with multiple changing priorities. Select coordinators who are closers. The person(s) developing EMS may not be the same people who should operate it over the long haul. Chocolate, treats and humor are indispensable. What is missing….:  What is missing…. Need web sites (transparency for public and one stop shopping). Consider system for sharing products and information to all interested. Need examples to share. EMS :  EMS 'The Big Picture allows us to see the form in information and the simplicity in complexity.' From Big Picture, Small World www.bigpicturessmallworld.com The End

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