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Published on June 20, 2008

Author: jacobr

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Implementing technology in a smaller physician practice : Implementing technology in a smaller physician practice Jacob Reider, MD June 18, 2008 experience, solutions, results Jacob Reider, MD : 2 Jacob Reider, MD Named to list of top 5% of US doctors in 2007, Best Doctors in America® Joined Misys Healthcare Systems in 2007; currently serves as Medical Director, Clinical Solutions Former practicing physician at CapitalCare Medical Group in Albany, New York Associate Editor for Physician’s First Watch Pioneered Internet blogs for healthcare professionals, “Family Medicine Notes” www.docnotes.net Practice Role : Practice Role Which best describes your practice role? Physician Provider Nurse or Clinician Administrator or Director Manager Staff Other experience, solutions, results 3 Live Meeting Poll Changes directly made to this slide will not be displayed in Live Meeting. Edit this slide by selecting Properties in the Live Meeting Presentation menu. Current EMR Status : Current EMR Status Do you currently have an electronic medical records solution in place today? Yes, we are currently using an EMR solution Yes, we are in the process of installing an EMR solution No, but we are currently evaluating EMR solutions No, we are considering whether to invest in an EMR solution No, not ready to make a decision Don’t know experience, solutions, results 4 Live Meeting Poll Changes directly made to this slide will not be displayed in Live Meeting. Edit this slide by selecting Properties in the Live Meeting Presentation menu. Sobering but true : Sobering but true As many as ½ of EMR implementations fail Berg M. Implementing information systems in health care organizations: myths and challenges. Int J Med Inform. 2001 Dec;64(2–3):143–56. [PubMed] Attribution : Attribution Some slides in this deck are based on a slide set from Jennifer Frank posted on FMDRL.org http://www.fmdrl.org/index.cfm?event=c.beginBrowseD&clearSelections=1&criteria=EMR#1113 experience, solutions, results 6 EMR Implementation : EMR Implementation - Goals & Objectives: Set the right expectations - Workflow Analysis: don’t electronify bad process - Cost People Timeline Set-Up Training Go-Live Workflow People : People Extroverts Introverts Thinking Feeling Training : Training Understand workflow Distraction-free training Spread out training so it sinks in Mental preparation “When employees are in the dark, they tend to think dark thoughts.” Train the trainer Patient-Physician Interaction : Patient-Physician Interaction Spatial Relational Educational Structural “I feel like my typing is interfering with my relationship with a patient, I stop typing – only then I’ve got a lot of typing to do later on.” : “I feel like my typing is interfering with my relationship with a patient, I stop typing – only then I’ve got a lot of typing to do later on.” Ventres 2006 Coping tactics : Coping tactics Type while patient is talking Alternate between typing and talking Immediate documentation after the encounter Putting off documentation until later Relational : Relational “There are times when it’s obvious you’re going through a structured way of dealing with a presenting problem. It’s click, click, point, and your note is done. Then there are these much more complex, human interactions. It just isn’t appropriate to be sitting there typing at the time.” Physician Style : Physician Style Informationally-focused Interpersonal style Managerial style “Nothing about me without me” Educational Issues : Educational Issues Physician comfort with computer Patient understanding of EMR Medical students/resident use of EMR Patient education Structural : Structural “The algorithmic part of medicine feeds into the resistance against the EHR. From my perspective, that’s a huge benefit of the EHR with patient interaction. I can say ‘Here we have all these protocols set up. Let’s pull them up.’” Structural : Structural Cookbook medicine facilitated by EMR Duplicate costs Degrees of acceptance Lessons Learned : Lessons Learned Complex link between IT and organizational strategy. Great leadership has extraordinary value. Clinical information systems can deliver great value. Making all healthcare professionals members of the implementation team is essential. More Lessons Learned : More Lessons Learned First-rate implementations require skill and talent in a few critical areas. Planning, relationship, support Glaser JP. Lessons learned. Healthcare Informatics Online, September 2002. Clinical Pearls : Clinical Pearls Allow time for productivity gap 40% reduction on day 1 30% reduction for 1 week 20% reduction for 2 weeks Clinical Pearls : Clinical Pearls Understand the Hardware Needs Find a trusted technology partner Local reseller, VAR, etc Avoid relatives, neighbors, well-meaning patients Pretend you’re bigger: follow industry standards for backup, disaster recovery, etc. Slide 22: 22 Slide 23: 23 To learn more, please visit MisysHealthcare.com Or call 800-334-8534 Thank you for joining us!

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