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Published on February 28, 2014

Author: marcelobulk

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This was an interesting lecture given in Sri Lanka. One of the main problems with leadership is the lack of empowerment - leaders are taken for granted and there is very little effort from organizations to enable them in such a way they are ready to face all challenges.

Empowerment for Leaders… Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University www.bkwsu.org

First of all…  What is a leader?  What is empowerment?  What is REALLY empowering a leader?

Tendencies of Leadership  Team and network  Social responsibility  Focus on people  Reinventing the business  Spirituality and a new way of doing business

Team / Network  What is new? Team is easy, too much has been talked and done on that.  The new thing is the team awareness which allows the team to go beyond their own limits.  And the networking process: the understading by the leader that people DON’T HAVE TO HELP HIM/HER, but you have to conquer others.   What you need is…  A new kind of leadership, more oriented to PROCESSES than RESULTS.

Social Responsibility  What is new?      It is not a fashion, it came to stay. Don’t mix with charity or philantropy. We are talking about RESPONSIBILITY and that is deep. Academic work on that is well developed. Main focuses: environment (first one), working life quality, nearby community, responsible marketing and business ethics. What you need is…  Really priorising the company goals and choose with full understanding the area(s) of social responsibility to work with and commit yourself and the rest of the company with that.

Focus on People  What is new? Valueing people as they are, even though they create chaos.  Going beyond the RESULTS and PRODUCITIVITY paradigm, getting on board of the “female leadership” model.   What you need is…  Develop a set of values like patience and inconditional love.

Reinventing the business  What is new? Beforehand it used to be a question of technology; nowadays is about technical people. New: people.  It is the time of people, of allowing them release their creative process, their own understanding of what is to be done, and use that for recreating the business around you.   What you need is…  A real perception of people potentiality and a different awareness of the boundaries of your business.

Spirituality and the New Capitalism  What is new?   Patricia Abuderne foresees (Megatrends 2010) a new capitalism model and the main basis is SPIRITUALITY. What you need is…  Oops, that is hard! Bond business and spirituality together again, after a long term divorce will require lots of self-commitment and a clear view of the leaders’ own spirituality.

Leaders’ To-Do List        Focus on process. Be responsible - socially speaking. Set of values. People’s potential. New business’ boundaries. Your own spirituality. Q is: HOW?

The Tech Side     More learning is important. The continuous and unending learning that allows us to have the knowledge to deal with our Leaders’ To-Do List. Relying on other organisations. In many aspects like social responsibility or training there are several organizations which are doing that right now, so why to recreate the wheel? Other companies experiences. Although every company is as unique as a human being, still a lot can be learnt from them. Priorisation and organisation. Good agendas and even a coaching follow-up can help the leader to tap the potential of everyone, even himself.

Your Side    As a leader, only YOU can do the task you commit to. So, first of all, COMMITMENT is necessary. Not something to talk about, but deeper than that – again, an informal coach (your co-worker, wife/husband or someone you trust) is great! Propably, the SQ will be a good option to work on. It brings many other things like values along. Travel helps in expanding awareness, along with checking the world around from time to time. Better than travelling, check yourself. Cheking.

A short To-Do List  COMMITMENT Write or speak to someone you trust.  Commitment is not however a “words” thing, it comes from the heart, from the very core of our lives.   Spiritual Awareness   Meditation is the key. Learn and practise everyday. Checking  Always check your “balance” in the bank of your life.

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