Empower Your Self Esteem and Rediscover Yourself

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Information about Empower Your Self Esteem and Rediscover Yourself

Published on January 26, 2014

Author: ReggieCoaching

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How would you rate your self-esteem on scale of 1 to 10?
Do you know your goals, wants, likes or dislikes?

Reggie Sparrow Author of 5 Steps to Happiness www.reggiescoaching.com

Self-Esteem Empowerment What is Self?  Self is a person referred to with respect to complete individuality. What is Esteem?  Esteem is a regard with respect. It is when someone is considered as of a certain value.  Self-Esteem is giving respect and value to an individual person. It is how you feel and value yourself  Do you see yourself in a negative/positive light, or put yourself down?  Do you feel worthless, insignificant, isolated?  How well do you cope with failures and criticisms?

Benefits of positive self-esteem  Ability to accurately self assess yourself  Confidence  Self Acceptance  Resilience to life’s difficulties/ challenges  Recognition of your strengths and weaknesses  A fuller social life  How much do you value yourself ( on scale of 1 to 10, where 1 = not much)?  How do you see yourself?

Rediscovering Yourself What is rediscovering?  It means to see/ realize, get knowledge of, learn of, find, or find out; gain sight or knowledge of something previously unseen/ unknown.  Rediscovering is a process, as it is an action verb. Rediscovering yourself is about finding out who you are, your wants and your dreams.  Do you feel like you don`t know who you are anymore?  Do you tend to avoid new and different situations?

Benefits of Rediscovering Yourself Knowing yourself allows you to:  Know who you are  Know what you like and dislike  Find out your wants, dreams and goals  To make wise-decisions in your life  See more opportunities  Be more productive  If you were to introduce yourself to a full room of people, what would you say about yourself?  Do you know your likes, dislikes, wants & goals?

Want to empower your self esteem and rediscover youself? Visit www.reggiescoaching.com Drop me an e-mail: info@reggiescoaching.com Best Regards, Reggie Sparrow H.B.A., H.B.A. Author of 5 Steps to Happiness

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