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Information about Employment & Labor Law Updates

Published on October 18, 2017

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Employment & Labor Law Updates: Employment & Labor Law Updates 1. Maternity Benefit Amendment Bill: 1. Maternity Benefit Amendment Bill It aims to regulate the employment of women employees and provides them benefits before and after the childbirth. 2. Factories Amendment Bill:: 2. Factories Amendment Bill: This law ensures that workers in factories enjoy a safe and healthy work environment. 3. Industrial Relations Code Bill: 3. Industrial Relations Code Bill It helps entrepreneurs to start up business activities easily and quickly in the country. 4. Payment of Bonus Amendment Act: 4. Payment of Bonus Amendment Act It is aimed at amending bonus entitlements prescribed under the Bonus Act so that employees can get bonus amount as per their performance. 5. Child Labor Amendment Act: 5. Child Labor Amendment Act It aims to regulate the employment below a certain age in industrial establishments. Final Words:: Final Words: Rules and regulations related to employment and labor keep changing regularly. Labor Law Consultants in India helps you to keep yourself up-to-date with those changes easily. Thanks For Watching: Thanks For Watching Hope you liked the given information, if you have any query related tax problems feel free to contact us at: Admin@ahlawatassociates.in https://www.ahlawatassociates.com/area-of-practice/employment-labour-law-firm/

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