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Published on March 10, 2014

Author: indrabudd

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‘EmployeeBoss' combines workforce analytics, embedded business intelligence, dynamic organizational charts and visual data- all in the Cloud.

Connecting the dots between your HRIS & Business Success Is your existing Talent Management framework overly complicated with multiple HR systems: ERP, HRIS, Payroll, TM, L&D, Recruiting, Leave, Headcount, Accounting and CRM, all producing multiple static reports? How can you be strategic with so many employee data sources across your organisation? Introducing EmployeeBoss... the first Big Data solution for HR EmployeeBoss will aggregate all your employee data from existing HR and business systems into 1 single overview. With embedded Business Intelligence, analytics and a powerful reporting engine, you can create visibility across your employee landscape by building multi-dimensional organisation overviews. And all without disrupting your existing systems and processes. EmployeeBoss will take HR to the boardroom. Why use EmployeeBoss? • The first Big Data solution for HR • Aggregate all employee data in 1 place • Brings all employee information to life • Elevate HR to the boardroom table Who is EmployeeBoss for? • Companies of all sizes, from any industry • Future-focused HR and business leaders • Businesses who understand the power of employee data analytics • C-Suite and HR Directors What is EmployeeBoss? • Embedded Business Intelligence and real-time analytics • Extracts employee data from all your existing systems • Highly configurable and intuitive • In the Cloud, safe and secure

Simple Solution HR Big Data Who owns people Business Intelligence? CFO, COO, CIO, CMO, HRD? The battle for a seat in the boardroom is heavily impacted by someone’s ability to provide meaningful insight & business intelligence. Big Data is not about piles of endless data; it’s about data analytics. By being able to predict and react to market trends and customer needs, your business can gain a significant advantage over the competition. Research shows that companies are struggling to exploit big data analytics for practical business use with 58% of businesses citing “access to relevant, timely or reliable data” as the main roadblock to management success. Presenting data is as important as finding it, and that’s where EmployeeBoss come in with the embedded business intelligence and multidimensional organisation overviews. HR & business leaders need to make HR big data relevant and visual, so they can turn employee data into a strategic conversation with their CEO. “Finally Asian software solutions that work Globally” Singapore | Japan | Vietnam | Indonesia China | Malaysia | Hong Kong | Thailand CONTACT www.hrboss.com | sales@hrboss.com Singapore: Japan: Vietnam: Indonesia: China: Malaysia: Hong Kong: +65 6222 6077 +81 3 5733 2020 +84 8 3521 4950 +62 21 570 7180 +86 21 6141 3886 +603 7966 2736 +852 2251 8501 ABOUT HRBOSS HRBoss is the fastest growing HR & Recruiting software company in Asia. Founded in 2010, HRBoss is rapidly expanding its footprint across Asia with offices currently open in 7 countries today and more to follow. All cloud solutions are intuitive, highly configurable and supported locally on the ground where you are. Copyright HRBoss Pte Ltd. 2013. All rights reserved. So simple, why don’t you have it? Many organisations have grown complex HR and Talent Management frameworks over the course of years. Examples include: • • • • • • Basic payroll Leave, claims and expenses Performance Appraisals Competency Model Training & Development Leadership Programs These frameworks are supported by different HR systems and/or manual processes, which makes reporting and analytics a tidious and time consuming exercise. Organisations are cautious for changes to existing HR policies and programmes because of the fear of failure – in terms of costing, timelines and user adoption which is simply too high. So simple, make a change without change • With EmployeeBoss you don’t change anything • You will keep your existing HR Information System • You will maintain your current Talent Management Framework • You continue to utilize your Payroll System • It will have zero impact on your companies IT infrastructure • Or upgrade all the above in the future whilst maintaining consistent analytics and reports That’s change, that’s EmployeeBoss • Finaly have employee business intelligence and analytics at your fingertips • Enable informed decision-making around employee-related themes • Increase your productivity (no time wasted on static and siloed reporting) • Enhance your credibility in the organization • Ultimately enabling meaningful discussions in the board room Employee reports across 4 dimensions 1. Geography (country, region, city) 2. Business (department, business unit, division) 3. Function (sales, marketing, senior managers) 4. Legal entity (Pte Ltd, KK) Will EmployeeBoss work for you? • Make a change without a change • Don’t disrupt existing process & system • Employee Business Intelligence, Analytics & Reporting • Book a seat in the Board Room! For more information visit: www.employeeboss.com

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