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Published on July 30, 2009

Author: karthikasenthil



Slide 1: EMPLOYEE INVOLVEMENT Slide 2: Employees- Backbone of TQM. Improves the quality and productivity. Aspects Of Employee Involvement EMPLOYEE MOTIVATION EMPLOYEE EMPOWEREMENT TEAMS AND TEAM WORK RECOGNITION AND REWARD PERFORMANCE APPRAISAL EMPLOYEE MOTIVATION : EMPLOYEE MOTIVATION EMPLOYEE MOTIVATION : EMPLOYEE MOTIVATION Scott Defines “ Motivation is a process of stimulating people to accomplish desired goals. Importance of Motivation Improves Employee Involvement. Promotes Job Satisfaction. Promotes Interpersonal Cooperation. Slide 5: Theories of Motivation Maslow’s hierarchy of five needs. physiological needs - Adequate Wage Safety - Job security Social needs - Recognition , Colleagues Esteem needs - Promotion, Thank you Self Actualization Needs - Using abilities to the full. Slide 6: HERZBERG’S TWO FACTOR THEORY Also known as Motivation- Hygiene Theory There are 2 factors. Motivation factors or satisfiers. Hygiene factors or Dissatisfiers. Slide 8: Hygiene factors Necessary to maintain reasonable level of satisfaction. Don’t provide satisfaction but the absence will dissatisfy. Motivation factors Satisfies at the time of presence but absence don’t cause dissatisfaction. Slide 9: EMPLOYEE EMPOWEREMENT EMPLOYEE EMPOWEREMENT : EMPLOYEE EMPOWEREMENT Empower- ability/ authority Operation definition of empowerment Empowerment is an environment in which people have the ability, the confidence & the commitment to take the responsibility & ownership to improve the process & initiate the necessary steps to satisfy customer requirements within well defined boundaries in order to achieve organizational values and goals. Slide 11: Principles for Empowering Employees Tell people what their responsibilities are? Give them the authority.s Give them knowledge and information. Provide them with feedback. Trust them. Treat them with dignity and respect. Slide 12: CHARACTERISTICS OF EMPOWERED EMPLOYEES They feel responsible for their own task. They balance their own goals with the organization. They are challenged and encouraged. They monitor and improve their work continuously. They find new goals and change challenges. Slide 13: TEAMS AND TEAMWORK TEAMS AND TEAMWORK : TEAMS AND TEAMWORK TEAM - Group of people working together to perform common achievement / goal. TEAMWORK - Cumulative actions of the team during the achievement of goal. BENEFITS OF TEAMWORK Improved solutions to quality problems. improved communication. improved integration. Slide 15: TYPES OF TEAM Process improvement Team- Improvement of process. Cross functional Team- solving complex problems. Natural work Team- normal routine work. Self Directed/ self managed Team- plan, execute &direct. Slide 16: Characteristics of successful Teams Sponsor- person from qty council. Team charter- document/ person indicating mission Team composition- shouldn’t exceed 10 members. Training- members are well trained. Ground rules- basic rules. Clear Objectives- Stated clearly. Accountability- periodic status report. Slide 17: Well defined decision procedures. Resources- tools. Trust – management trust on team. Effective problem solving- efficient methods. Open communication- everyone should talk. Appropriate leadership- leader who leads. Balanced participation Cohesiveness- single unit not in subgroups. Slide 18: Barriers To Team Process Insufficient training Lack of management support Lack of planning Project scope too large No clear measures of success Slide 19: RECOGNITION & REWARD Slide 20: Recognition is a process whereby management shows acknowledgement. Recognition is a form of employee positive motivation. The acknowledgement may be financial, psychological in nature. Reward is a tangible one, such as increased salaries, gain sharing etc. Slide 21: NEED FOR RECOGNITION Improve employees moral. Create satisfied workplace. Stimulate creative efforts. Types of rewards Intrinsic rewards- Non monetary, appraisals Extrinsic rewards- pay / compensation issues Performance Appraisal : Performance Appraisal Slide 23: Performance appraisal is a systematic and objective assessment or evaluation of performance and contribution of an individual. Need for performance appraisal To identify employees for salary revision, promotion etc. To determine training and development needs. To motivate employees. To validate the selection procedures. To make the supervisors more observant of their subordinates. Slide 24: PROCESS OF PERFORMANCE APPRAISAL 1.Establish performance standards. 2.Communicate performance. 3.Measure actual performance. 4.Compare with standards. 5.Discuss the appraisal with employees. 6. If necessary , take correction actions.

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