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Published on April 22, 2008

Author: Urania

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Slide1:  The Future of Waltham Forest A Sustainable Community Slide2:  London context We are on the doorstep of: 2012 Olympics, Lower Lea Valley and Thames Gateway in the East; Upper Lea Valley in the north; London’s financial districts. The north is suburban in character and resembles outer London boroughs The south and centre of the borough are very similar to inner London in a number of ways: Victorian terraced housing Areas of poverty and deprivation Ethnic diversity Young age profile Slide3:  Population facts Diverse communities but differences by geography One of the most diverse communities in London. 44% of residents are from a minority ethnic background (non White British) About 15% of our households have at least one person with a disability Similar age profile to London, but the south and centre have a much younger age structure than the north Ethnic diversity is highest in the south and centre of our borough: forms part of the east to north east London ‘arc of diversity’ Inequality and deprivation is higher in the south and centre: residents suffer from lower educational attainment, poorer health, higher levels of crime and higher population turnover Slide4:  Employment & skills facts Our residents need to compete in the regional job market Waltham Forest lost 2,900 of manufacturing jobs between 1998 - 2004 Gap widening between LBWF and London in terms of employees in knowledge industries 31% of families with children are claiming at least one form of benefit 18% of working age LBWF residents claiming at least one form of benefit 29th out of 33 in London on working population skill levels 53% of WF school pupils achieved 5 A*-C GCSE compared to 58% across London in 2006 Slide5:  Economic facts London’s economy Strong growth in financial services, creative industries and other knowledge intensive industries Sustained inward investment, development activity and a visibly vibrant private sector Entrepreneurial culture Local economy Shrinking knowledge intensive industries Over representation of declining manufacturing sector Little inward investment and no vibrant private sector Little entrepreneurial culture (very low VAT registration rates for London) Slide6:  Housing facts Intense pressures on local housing House prices have risen significantly but still more affordable than inner London neighbours ‘messy’ intensification: 2,000 houses in multiple occupancy Only 25% of Waltham Forest households could afford to be a ‘first time buyer’ Over 11,000 on housing need register Increasing numbers of flat conversions in the centre and south of the borough: 496 between 2000-2006 Over 1,500 in temporary accommodation Slide7:  Land and land use facts Limited land availability calls for creative solutions We have more green space than any North London borough, but most is in the north Only 19 hectares of available brownfield land in the borough Main road routes congested and in decay High percentage of residential land use compared to industrial Very low housing density Slide8:  Population growth and change Population growth and change in our borough Greater ethnic and religious diversity Increased numbers of people needing support (age & disability) Intense demand for housing and especially single person households Increased pressure on schools, health facilities and other forms of social infrastructure Demographic trends Implications of population growth Slide9:  Economic change Changing nature of employment in the UK and London Educational attainment and relevant skill set become more important Workforce needs to become more and more flexible Residents need efficient transport links to London’s employment clusters Opportunities in Stratford City, central London, the City and Canary Wharf Economic trends Implications of economic change Growth in knowledge intensive industries Growth in service industries Decline in manufacturing Specialist skills, eg. ICT, become standard Slide10:  London’s wealth is shifting eastwards Olympic Park Stratford City 1. Financial and business services shifting eastwards from the City to Canary Wharf. 2. Olympic legacy and impact of Stratford City means more of London’s wealth will move closer to our borough. Residents need relevant skills to compete in regional job market Residents need efficient transport links to access employment clusters We need to work to encourage business ‘overspill’ to locate in borough Our retail and cultural offer needs to be different from Stratford City Implications Slide11:  Plan for population change Aims Population growth is sustainable & balanced Housing growth supports economic and social priorities Understand then build a sustainable, balanced population Understand and work with the whole housing market (social, intermediate and market) Understand the opportunities presented in the Housing Green Paper We need to Develop a clear land use policy to balance competing demands Slide12:  Create more wealth Aims Plan for and manage population change Prepare and connect residents to compete in London job market Draw more of London’s economic growth into the borough Increase education and skills plus improve access to employment opportunities Increase inward investment and regenerate key areas We need to Promote healthy lifestyles Develop a clear land use policy to balance competing demands Slide13:  Retain more wealth Aims Reduce outward migration of families and professionals Encourage residents to spend more locally We need to Reduce crime and anti-social behaviour Slide14:  Implications of doing nothing Slide15:  Preferred future A beacon of local leadership Entertainment and speciality shopping destination Children receive a better education and more routes into work We have a cleaner, safer and greener borough Range of housing opportunities better meet needs A beacon of environmental sustainability Distinctive places alongside common values Increased employment with less inequality and deprivation A growing, diverse & cohesive population We are closer to the centre of London Success 2027 Slide16:  Key principles

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