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Information about EMOTIONS

Published on April 20, 2010

Author: faisal3rd

Source: authorstream.com

Slide 2: EMOTIONS LAYOUT OF PRESENTATIONS : LAYOUT OF PRESENTATIONS 3 Basic Definitions Emotional dimension Six universal emotions EMOTIONS : EMOTIONS Intense feelings that are directed at someone or something. 1 EMOTIONS : EMOTIONS Emotions Don’t need words sometimes. 2 EMOTIONS : EMOTIONS Emotional Decision Making 3 What Are Emotions ! : What Are Emotions ! 4 A SITUATION BLOCKING EMOTIONAL FEELINGS FELT VERSUS DISPLAYED EMOTIONS : FELT VERSUS DISPLAYED EMOTIONS 8 Emotion Dimensions : Emotion Dimensions Variety of emotions Positive Negative Intensity of emotions Personality Job Requirements Frequency and duration of emotions How often emotions are exhibited. How long emotions are displayed. 9 External Constraints on Emotions : External Constraints on Emotions CulturalInfluences OrganizationalInfluences IndividualEmotions 10 OB Applications of Understanding Emotions : OB Applications of Understanding Emotions Ability and Selection Emotions affect employee effectiveness. Decision Making Emotions are an important part of the decision-making process in organizations. Motivation Emotional commitment to work and high motivation are strongly linked. Leadership Emotions are important to acceptance of messages from organizational leaders. 11 OB Applications of Understanding Emotions : OB Applications of Understanding Emotions Interpersonal Conflict Conflict in the workplace and individual emotions are strongly intertwined. Deviant Workplace Behaviors Negative emotions can lead to employee deviance in the form of actions that violate established norms and threaten the organization and its members. Productivity failures Property theft and destruction Political actions Personal aggression 12 Ability and Selection : Ability and Selection Emotional Intelligence (EI) Self-awareness Self-management Self-motivation Empathy Social skills Research Findings High EI scores, not high IQ scores, characterize high performers. 13 Emotion Continuum : Emotion Continuum The closer any two emotions are to each other on the continuum, the more likely people are to confuse them. 14 GENDER AND EMOTIONS : GENDER AND EMOTIONS Women Can show greater emotional expression. Experience emotions more intensely. Display emotions more frequently. Are more comfortable in expressing emotions. Are better at reading others’ emotions. Men Believe that displaying emotions is inconsistent with the male image. Are innately less able to read and to identify with others’ emotions. Have less need to seek social approval by showing positive emotions. 15 FACIAL EXPRESSIONS CONVEY EMOTIONS : FACIAL EXPRESSIONS CONVEY EMOTIONS 16 CONCLUSION : CONCLUSION We conclude from the discussion that Organizations are the composition of authorities and authorities are filled with persons and persons are filled with emotions. If emotions of the employees are managed properly then these can be used as motivational tool for the productivity of the organization. 17 Do Ask Us ! : Do Ask Us !

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