Emotional loyalty with Gamification and Game Psychology

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Information about Emotional loyalty with Gamification and Game Psychology

Published on January 30, 2014

Author: gametize

Source: slideshare.net


(Keith, CEO of Gametize, delivered this presentation in Mumbai, Loyalty Summit 2014).

A quick look at today's 'loyalty' programs and implementations show that most businesses believe loyalty is based on transactions and purchases - a poor measurement because authentic loyalty is also based on emotions and advocacy, either through word of mouth or social media. Loyalty is a BIG word, much like love, cheating, and trust. Emotional loyalty, as some call this, is effectively leveraged by brands such as Starbucks, Singapore Airlines, Apple. It, however, is difficult to implement and execute.

Gamification can be a significant strategy to enable brands to create emotional loyalty and love. It is the concept of using game psychology and concepts to motivate behaviors, loyalty, and building communities. McDonald's, Samsung & American Express are among some brands which artfully gamify their campaigns for marketing purposes, while e-commerce sites like G-Market continue to engage their consumer beyond transactions.

Gamification specialists like Gametize spend considerable time and resources stealing these "trade secrets" from the best games that can be applied in the real world to replicate the same love, stickiness, and loyalty. Keith will share his experience and research on engaging your consumers in the conversion FUNnel through case studies, as well as some common #epicfail mistakes.

@keizng Emotional Loyalty with Game Psychology & become a gamification designer in 60mins keith@gametize.com | @keizng slideshare.net/gametize

@keizng about.me/keizng Co-founder and Hustle Ninja of Gametize Hustling for SCB, SingTel, DBS, SPH, SMU Achievements and Badges Unlocked: Reformed Compulsive Gamer, Completely Useless Double Degree Gsummit/Intl Speaker, Flemish, First real game coming up!

@keizng commercial break! Gametize.com and #Gamification


Twitter Game @keizng !  Simply tweet and mention @gametize or @keizng, or just follow! !  1 tweet/RT represents a chance, up to 5 each. All followers/tweeters get coupons! !  5 lucky winners will get US$1,000 worth of credits on gametize.com !  1 lucky winner will get a free white-label mobile app powered by @gametize worth US$15,000 !  No Twitter!? Here are additional channels! - Drop me a mail keith@gametize.com - Go like Facebook.com/gametize bit.ly/loyaltygame

@keizng Is your brand engaging and retaining your consumers on social media and mobile? bit.ly/loyaltygame

@keizng Why engage your customers? Engaging them to spend immediately Engaging them to spend in future Engaging them to engage others to spend bit.ly/loyaltygame

@keizng Are you looking for solutions to motivate and engage the employees in your enterprise, such as in learning or productivity? bit.ly/loyaltygame

@keizng bit.ly/loyaltygame

@keizng bit.ly/loyaltygame

@keizng Gf" (Fluid Intelligence)! bit.ly/loyaltygame

@keizng Get your hands dirty! What exactly makes a game fun? bit.ly/loyaltygame

@keizng 1. Hard fun" Challenge" Frustration" Strategy" Problem Solving" Sense of Achievement" bit.ly/loyaltygame

@keizng 2. Easy fun" Interesting content" Collecting Items" Amazement" Points and level-ups" Happiness" bit.ly/loyaltygame

@keizng 3. Altered States" Exploration" Escape from thoughts & feelings" Surprises" Discovery" Excitement" bit.ly/loyaltygame

@keizng 4. The People Factor" Competition" Teamwork" Social Bonding" Personal Recognition" Sense of Achievement" bit.ly/loyaltygame


What is the average age of a gamer? @keizng

@keizng A world of its own: China Over 100 million gamers in China that can be engaged through gamification China will account for half of the world’s online and mobile game market by 2014 *Source: Emre Tunchilek, December 9, 2012, “The Great Wall of Gamification: Rapid Emergence of a Viral Concept in China” bit.ly/loyaltygame

@keizng Closer to home: India Timeshare between mobile apps Games: 16%, Social Networking: 48% App Downloads (free and paid) Games: 60-65%, Social Networking: 5-6% *Source: http://www.avendus.com/Files/Fund%20Performance%20PDF/ Avendus_Report-India's_Mobile_Internet-2013.pdf bit.ly/loyaltygame

@keizng gamification = •  points and badges •  advertgaming •  edugaming •  serious gaming •  social gaming •  Farmville •  Candy Crush

@keizng gamification = a social strategy to add fun, engagement, and design to boring activities. Also a rapidly growing market, projected by Gartner at $2Bn bit.ly/loyaltygame

@keizng gamification = going beyond an intellectual understanding to forge an emotional connection. I would even say, emotional loyalty bit.ly/loyaltygame

@keizng motivation feedback action bit.ly/loyaltygame

@keizng happy meaningful emotional intrinsic bit.ly/loyaltygame

@keizng happy meaningful emotional intrinsic Does loyalty today look anything like this?

@keizng happy meaningful emotional intrinsic Gamification can create such relationships by improving Service Training, Word of Mouth, Recognition/Prestige

@keizng Gametize My Loyalty, Bitch bit.ly/loyaltygame

G-Market (Ebay of Korea), Qoo10.sg

@keizng Diablo 3 Launch in Singapore bit.ly/loyaltygame

@keizng Diablo 3 Launch in Singapore bit.ly/loyaltygame

@keizng BBVA Game bit.ly/loyaltygame

Hilton Honor Points Share, Tweet for More Points Linked In Level-ups (progress bar) American Airlines Rewards, achievement, level-ups (elite status) Nike Plus Achievement, level-ups, competition

@keizng Gamifying TV Shows: Peeta Planet bit.ly/loyaltygame

@keizng bit.ly/loyaltygame

@keizng bit.ly/loyaltygame

@keizng SoShiok: Gamified Food App bit.ly/loyaltygame

@keizng bit.ly/loyaltygame

@keizng B2E Engagement: Ninjaville bit.ly/loyaltygame

@keizng bit.ly/loyaltygame

@keizng bit.ly/loyaltygame

B2E2C Engagement: DBS

@keizng Gametize s 5D Framework bit.ly/loyaltygame

Get your hands dirty! Identify a problem you want to solve.

Get your hands dirty! Determine your goal: What is the outcome you want to achieve out of gamification?

Get your hands dirty! What are your target behaviours?

@keizng Bartle’s Player Types bit.ly/loyaltygame

Get your hands dirty! Profile your target players: Make a list of characteristics of your target group. Clue: Create a persona and tell us a story Kylie is 21, wild, smart, loves watching CSI, hates losing…

Methodology @keizng Gametize’s Basic Design Strategy G! Generous, Visible Rewards (clear path to incentives)" A! Appealing, Fresh Content (create stickiness)" M! Maintainability (easy, powerful dashboard to manage) ! E! Easy, Emotional Experience 
 (make them love it, but hard to master too)" T! Togetherness (create a community)" I! Intrinsic motivations (understand non-reward benefits)" S! Social behaviors (create conversations, sharing)" E! Engagement (create love, loyalty, trust)" KEY ELEMENTS! KEY GOALS! bit.ly/loyaltygame

@keizng Case Study: Standard Chartered Bank

@keizng what you may already know.. Corporate Training: $200bn Corporate E-Learning: $26bn % Fortune 500 with E-learning: 41.7% Asian E-Learning market: $11.5bn by ‘16 Mobile Education Products in ‘12: $4.4bn (Elearning! Magazine – May 2013) And many more awesome mLearning stats.. http://fluency21.com/blog/2013/04/09/20-eye-opening-stats-you-probably-didnt-know-about-mobile-learning/

@keizng what you don’t like hearing.. E-Learning Completion: 30-40% MOOC Dropout Rate (estimated): ~90% “People don’t have time to learn, don’t know where to learn, and don’t want to learn” - Frustrated Client

“We have met the enemy, and he is Powerpoint” http://www.nytimes.com/2010/04/27/world/27powerpoint.html?_r=3


@ Wow.


@keizng LEARN! Gain knowledge and experience through challenges" COLLECT! Collect points and badges to level up" COMPETE! Pit your score against other countries and global peers"

@keizng THE GAMIFIED LEARNING EXPERIENCE! Scaffolded Challenges! Instantaneous Feedback! Competitive Spirit! Earning Rewards!



Product! >10,000 employees, 1 million challenge completions"

Backend Create" 1" Organize" 2" Analytics" 4" Content" 3"

@keizng gamification is not magic. it is a strategy, which like many others, must be welldesigned and planned. there are no rules to fun.

@keizng otherwise it will backfire"

Real Intrinsic motivators

Don’t overgive rewards

Make real fun, and keep them fresh

credits to

create emotions create stories don’t be cheesy

@keizng “The opposite of play is not work. It is depression” - Dr Stuart Brown

Get your hands dirty! Design your game and story Upload a photo Write a comment Answer a quiz Make a prediction Scan a QR code Fill in the blank Enter a secret passcode Suggest Something?

References" What is Gamification, Really? 
 By Michael Wu http://lithosphere.lithium.com/t5/Building-Community-the-Platform/What-is-Gamification-Really/ba-p/30447" " " Why We Play Games: 
 Four Keys to More Emotion Without Story 
 By Nicole Lazzaro
 " Smart Gamification: 
 Social Game Design for a Connected World ! By Amy Jokim
 " Meaningful Play: 
 Getting Gamification Right ! By Sebastian Deterding
 http://www.slideshare.net/dings/meaningful-play-getting-gamification-right" " "

Demo Video: Gamification of Recruitment

@keizng business@gametize.com

Twitter Game !  Simply tweet and mention @gametize or @keizng, or just follow! !  1 tweet/RT represents a chance, up to 5 each. All followers/tweeters get coupons! !  5 lucky winners will get US$1,000 worth of credits on gametize.com !  1 lucky winner will get a free white-label mobile app powered by @gametize worth US$15,000 !  No Twitter!? Here are additional channels! - Drop me a mail keith@gametize.com - Go like Facebook.com/gametize @keizng keith@gametize.com slideshare.net/gametize

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