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Published on February 20, 2014

Author: wahyuedhysutran

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A way of understanding the emotions of both ourselves and others and learning to control these emotions so that you can chose what you say and what you do, in order to engender the outcome would you like to see.


A way of understanding the emotions of both ourselves and others and learning to control these emotions so that you can chose what you say and what you do, in order to engender the outcome would you like to see.

The emotionally Intelligent person will fight to maintain control of their emotions and refuse to allow them to dictate their actions unless appropriate. The person who is not using EI will simply give sway to emotions, regardless of outcome (and then, of course, say “I couldn’t help it. It just happened.”)

Qualities you will be working to develop.. Self -awareness • Knowing what you are feeling and why. Self – regulation • Being able to control your emotions, even when circumstances are difficult Motivation • Being able to persist in the face of discouragement Empathy • Being able to read and identify emotions in others. Social Skill • Being able to get along with others through listening, understanding and appreciating their own emotions. Daniel Goleman, Emotional Intelligence

YOUR JOURNEY TOWARDS EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE • Start your journey towards EI by thinking about your own present ability levels relating to each of these characteristics. • Developing EI will equip you to make choices and influence outcomes in all the areas of your life in which you choose to use this skill. • Put simply, EI is an ability to get along with both yourself and other.

4 SKILLS of EI David Caruso and Peter Salovey, the emotionally intelligent manager

Wahyu Edhy Sutran (WESt), SPsi, CBA. BoardGame Specialist, Life Facilitator dan eQuipper Wahyu lahir di Palembang, 9 Juli 1983. Dia adalah lulusan Fakultas Psikologi UNIKA Soegijapranata Semarang. Sejak kuliah memang memiliki minat yang besar dalam dunia Training dan pengembangan sumber daya manusia. Minat itu memberinya pengalaman selama 10 tahun dalam memberikan Training dan workshop untuk semua kalangan dari berbagai perusahaan dan komunitas. Beberapa topik pelatihan yang sering dibawakannya adalah Motivational Session, Character building, Basic Mentality, Customer Service Excellence, Presentation Skill, Leadership and Managerial Skill, Financial Mindset, dan Team Building. Satu tahun terakhir Wahyu mendalami dan menemukan sebuah metode yang cepat dan menyenangkan dalam mengajarkan pentingnya memiliki Mindset yang benar dalam keuangan pribadi melalui sebuah Board Game yang diberi nama #SKETSADuitditangan. Dan juga sekaligus menjadi Praktisi SDT Coaching, sebuah metode coaching yang mengacu pada Self-Determination Theory. Wahyu dapar dihubungi pada alamat email: wahyuedhysutran@yahoo.com dan atau No HP 0813 9068 7070.

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