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Published on November 18, 2017

Author: eoforiTechKid

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POWER RANGERS: POWER RANGERS LIFE SAVERS IN NEW YORK Slide 6: YOSHI SUDARSO Chinese-American actor, stuntman and model who starred in Power Rangers Dino Charge as the Blue Ranger . He has done stunt work for such films as The Maze Runner, Dark Rising,  He and his brother, actor/model Peter, He developed a fan base through social media by creating YouTube videos, doing fashion blogging. Slide 7: An actor before he became a teenager, he booked his breakthrough role in 2015 as Riley Griffin the Green Dino Charge Ranger in Power Rangers Dino Charge . He grew up in Texas and attended Boerne High School before moving to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career MICHAEL TABER Slide 8: CLAIRE BLACKWELDER She was born in Boise, Idaho and was raised in Maryland before heading to Los Angeles for her acting career. She has an older sister as well as a younger sister. Slide 9: CAMILLE HYDE Actress and singer who became well known for her role as Shelby Watkins, AKA the Pink Dino Charge Ranger, in the television series Power Rangers Dino Charge. Slide 10: Well known for his portrayal of Chase Randall, AKA the Black Dino Charge Ranger from Power Rangers Dino Charge. James Davies Slide 11: RYAN CARTER 14 December 1991 (age 25) Ryan Carter / Date of Birth Slide 12: PRINCE PHILIP III Prince Phillip III is the wealthy crown prince of zander and the descendant of Prince Colin. Sir Ivan initially offers the Gold enagem to him, but he declines knowing it had chosen Sir Ivan as its wielder. Inspired by the Dino Charge Rangers... Slide 13: DAVI SANTOS Sir Ivan of Zandar is a medieval knight who served the royal family of the small country of Zandar some 800 years ago. When escorting Zandar's Prince Colin through the woods, he came upon the Gold Energem in a lake when he was suddenly attacked by Fury. The two fought... Slide 14: BRENNAN MEJIA He first pursued a career as a model, but never completely established himself in the industry. He then decided to take on acting with his first acting job being for an episode of CSI: Miami. Slide 15: FURY THE MONSTER Slide 16: POISANDRA THE MONSTER Slide 17: WRENCH THE MONSTER Slide 18: Sledge the monster Slide 19: Snide the monster RED RANGERS TOGETHER: RED RANGERS TOGETHER BLUE RANGERS TOGETHER: BLUE RANGERS TOGETHER PINK RANGERS TOGETHER: PINK RANGERS TOGETHER GREEN RANGERS TOGETHER: GREEN RANGERS TOGETHER GOLD RANGER TOGETHER: GOLD RANGER TOGETHER BLACK RANGERS TOGETHER: BLACK RANGERS TOGETHER ALL RANGERS TOGETHER: ALL RANGERS TOGETHER

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