Emerging technology, disruption, and future predictions - What to expect in the next wave of digital transformation?

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Information about Emerging technology, disruption, and future predictions - What to expect...

Published on June 14, 2019

Author: NaullyNicolas

Source: slideshare.net

1. The Next Digital Transformation EMERGING TECHNOLOGIES | DISRUPTION | FUTURE June 12, 2019 Presented for By Naully NICOLAS

2. Technology Opportunity

3. Abstract Game changing technologies Risks Opportunities

4. 1. Emerging Technologies TODAY | TOMORROW | NEXT WAVE

5. Today IoT | Blockchain | Artifical Intelligence

6. IoT Grasping the term • Everything connected to the Internet. • Objects that “talk” to each other.

7. IoT Conclusion Operators have an instant view on all key indicators of heavy equipment In practice Amazon GO: using IoT to provide the world’s most advanced shopping technology IoT is NOT a “next generation” technology, IoT is already here.

8. The Blockchain Explaining the term • System that records each transaction • Maintained by computers linked in a p2p network In Practice The shipping giant has been trialing a blockchain based project

9. Artificial Intelligence Understanding its purpose • Area of computer science • Creation of intelligent machines that work/react like humans In Practice The automotive giant, leader in driverless tech., plans to deliver Level 5 autonomy cars by 2021

10. Tomorrow Edge Computing | Mobile Technologies

11. Edge Computing What does it mean? • Pushing computing from central to extremes • Data gathering occurs at the source Role today • Ingest, store, filter and send data to cloud systems Data Cloud Works well with IoT

12. Edge Computing Role tomorrow • Act on data at the machine location (extreme) Future - in action 40 TB 8 Hours Autonomous automobiles Better decisions

13. Mobile Technologies 5 G Works well with IoT

14. Mobile Technologies Impact today Impact tomorrow 19 cities in the U.S. Netgear Nighthawk WiFi hotspot Automate many network behaviors Accelerate service delivery at lower cost Unite Wireless, Wireline, Satellite Services 10 Gbps broadband speeds

15. Next Wave Healthcare | 3D Printing | Human-Computer Interaction

16. Next Wave Some interesting technologies out there: Healthcare Advanced Genomics & Bionics 3D Printing Additive Manufacturing & Rapid Prototyping Human- Computer Interaction Facial/Gesture Recognition/ Biometrics/ Gaze Tracking


18. “ Using digital technologies to create new or modify existing business processes to meet chaning business market requirements. Definition

19. “

20. Companies Speed As Eric Pearson, CIO of the InterContinental Hotel Group said "It's no longer the big beating the small, but the fast beating the slow." Digital transformation drivers Customer experience The root of any change in business starts with customers. It has to: Customer happiness is how you win in business. Artificial Intelligence eBay CEO Devin Wenig said, in a Shoptalk interview: “If you don’t have an AI strategy, you’re going to die in the world that’s coming.” Business transformation David Fleischman, ex-VP at Expedia provided an example; the need for Starbucks to redesign the layout of their stores to accommodate the logistics of "order ahead" customers.

21. Companies Example of digital disruption taking advantage of available technologies to inform how a business runs

22. Digital influencing business How technology changes the landscape Expanding reach Real-time response Feedback Software as a service Non-stop hours 1 2 3 4 5

23. Challenges Understanding challenges of digital transformation* *Jabil survey, respondents are companies with <100 employees to >5,000 Employee pushback Lack of expertise Structure of organization Lack of digitization strategy

24. Challenges Meeting challenges of digital transformation Having the right digital-savvy leaders in place Building capabilities for the workforce of the future Empowering people to work in new ways Giving day-to-day tools a digital upgrade Communicating frequently via traditional and digital methods

25. PKO Bank POLSKI *courtesy of Scandinavian Airlines Case study

26. Challenge • Reinforce market leadership by meeting clients’ expectations for secure and modern banking • Expand customer base, particularly among the younger population • Transform to an omni-channel bank

27. Solution • Mobile banking application that is fast, secure and easy to use, known as IKO • Universal mobile payment system on which banks across Poland can conduct financial transactions, called BLIK • Continuous enhancements, user experience improvements and new functionalities for the mobile banking solution

28. Results • IKO voted world’s best mobile banking application, according to Retail Banker International • PKO Bank Polski established in a leading position among adults under 26, who open an account every 20 seconds • 90 percent of financial institution customers in Poland able to use BLIK within their mobile applications

29. Impact Emerging technologies are impacting all areas of society Tackle It is imperative for companies to understand how to tackle challenges in digital transformation Digital necessity There will be no place for companies that do not embrace digital transformation Key takeaway

30. Thank you! The Next Digital Transformation Naully Nicolas

31. How to reach me 50 Naully Nicolas @naullyn sayhi@naullynicolas.ch

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