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Published on July 14, 2020

Author: Rparejko

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Sewing a Cloth Face Mask: Sewing a Cloth Face Mask A tutorial by Rachel Brosseau EME 6507 Summer 2020 Table of Contents: Table of Contents Preparation Tutorial Steps Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4 Step 5 Step 6 You’re Done! Contact/Resources Preview of the final product Creating a Cloth Mask Preparation: Preparation Select your fabric: main and lining I use woven cotton fabric Pre-wash and iron fabric Prevents shrinking and warping Set up your sewing machine Gather your materials Seam Ripper Fabric Scissors Thread Main Fabric Bobbin Rotary Cutter Elastic Lining Fabric Straight Pins Step 1: Step 1 Measure and cut fabric Main Fabric: 10in x 7.5in Lining Fabric: 7.5in x 7.5in Measurements can be adjusted Pay attention to pattern direction Cutting is easier with a rotary cutter Step 2: Step 2 Lay fabric right sides together Center lining fabric on main fabric Pin top and bottom Sew top and bottom with 1/2in seam allowance Backstitching: sewing a few stitches in reverse Pin in direction the fabric will move through machine Step 3: Step 3 Turn mask right side out (wrong sides together) Press seams top and bottom Flip mask over, main fabric facing up Mask front, main fabric facing up Mask back, lining facing up Step 4: Step 4 Fold and pin three pleats Make sure: you fold both fabrics into pleats pleats face bottom of mask Sew along outside of lining edge Pinned pleats, back of mask Pinned pleats, front of mask Step 5: Step 5 To make elastic tunnel: Fold outer edge of main fabric twice, creating tunnel Pin, overlapping on lining fabric slightly Sew close to lining to avoid closing tunnel Close-up of pinned tunnel Pinned elastic tunnels Step 6: Step 6 Cut elastic or other tie material Cut longer than you will need Insert elastic into tunnels Measure and cut to appropriate length Sew or knot ends of elastics Hide connected ends in tunnels You’re Done! : You’re Done! I made two masks with size adjustments Smaller mask measurements: Main fabric: 9in x 7.5in Lining fabric: 6.5in x 7.5in If adjusting size, change width not height My husband modeling his mask Contact and Resources: Contact and Resources Contact Email: Rachel Brosseau The tutorial in this presentation was modified from this original mask tutorial . The UCF fabric was purchased from this Etsy shop . All other supplies were purchased from Joann Fabrics .

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