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Published on October 17, 2017

Author: Parker_06

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slide 1: E20-329 Backup Test Recovery Solutions Design Exam for Technology Architects Questions Vendor: EMC Exam Code: E20-329 Total Question:326 Question Answer https://www.realbraindumps.com/E20-329-braindumps.html slide 2: EMC E20-329 Overview This exam is one of two qualifying exams for the Technology Architect Backup Recovery Solutions Specialist EMCTA track. This exam focuses on designing backup and recovery solutions based on Dell EMC backup and recovery products. Dell EMC provides free practice tests to assess your knowledge in preparation for the exam. Practice tests allow you to become familiar with the topics and question types you will find on the proctored exam. Your results on a practice test offer one indication of how prepared you are for the proctored exam and can highlight topics on which you need to study and train further. A passing score on the practice test does not guarantee a passing score on the certification exam. https://www.realbraindumps.com/E20-329-braindumps.html slide 3: E20-329 Backup Recovery Solutions Design Exam for Technology Architects • Assessing the Environment 8 • EMC Data Protection Advisor Solutions Design 7 • EMC Data Domain Solutions Design 20 • EMC Avamar Solutions Design 20 • EMC NetWorker Solutions Design 20 • Cross-Product Solutions Design 25 https://www.realbraindumps.com/E20-329-braindumps.html slide 4: Question 1 An EMC NetWorker customer is considering implementing NetWorker AES encryption to secure backups on one of their application servers. What is a concern when using AES A. Increased CPU utilization on the backup client B. Tape must be used as a destination device C. Backup data cannot be multiplexed D. Increased CPU utilization on the backup server Answer: A https://www.realbraindumps.com/E20-329-braindumps.html slide 5: Question 2 customer performs weekly full backups and daily incremental backups. A typical full backup is 5 TB. There is usually a 20 daily change rate in data. A full backup completes in 10 hours while an incremental backup completes in 4 hours. Based on best practices what is the minimum Data Domain throughput required EMC E20-329 : Practice Exam Leaders in it certification 4 A. 292 – 333 GB/hr B. 450 – 550 GB/hr C. 585 – 666 GB/hr D. 1170 – 1332 GB/hr Answer: C https://www.realbraindumps.com/E20-329-braindumps.html slide 6: Question 3 A customer is considering the use of offsite physical tape vaulting rotation for compliance purposes. What is a key concern to discuss with the customer A. Additional resources needed during the backup window for the production data B. Amount of tape media is twice as large as the actual production data size C. Inefficient tape media utilization when adhering to time-regulated timetables D. Media retention is always three times the length of the RPO value Answer: C https://www.realbraindumps.com/E20-329-braindumps.html slide 7: Question 4 An EMC NetWorker customers environment consists of four VMware ESXi hosts with 20 virtual machines on each ESXi host. One of the ESXi hosts will be used for backing up NMM clients and one of the ESXi hosts will be used for backing up NMDA clients. How many Virtual Edition Client Connection licenses are required A. 2 B. 4 C. 20 D. 80 Answer: B https://www.realbraindumps.com/E20-329-braindumps.html slide 8: Question 5 You are reviewing potential backup opportunities in a customer environment that is currently using Backup Exec. Which assessment tool will help to provide information about their current backup and restore success rates A. Quick Scripts B. GAP Analysis C. FSA D. EBSS Answer: A https://www.realbraindumps.com/E20-329-braindumps.html slide 9: https://www.realbraindumps.com/E20-329-braindumps.html

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