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Information about Embedded Systems Course in Bangalore | PTInstitute

Published on February 22, 2018

Author: prabhatbis123

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slide 1: http://www.ptinstitute.in/ slide 2:  Embedded systems are small computerized parts or systems that have been embedded into larger computer devices for example:  Industrial machines  Automotive  Medical equipment  Cameras  Household appliances  Airplanes  Vending machines  Toys slide 3:  Many students are not aware of the lucrative opportunities available in the field of Embedded Systems.  The leading companies who takes students for embedded system are MicrosoftGoogleAdobe Wipro Infosys AccentureCognizant etc.  There are many smaller and medium ones companyproduct based. slide 4:  Embedded is a standalone domain which is slated to reap maximum benefits from modern smart technology.  Many electrical and computer engineering projects involve some kind of embedded systems.  High-performance embedded systems are used effectively in different fields of industry and aerospace engineering applications. slide 5:  Learn from online.  Learn from professionals.  Learn from some good institute  PTInstitute provides you the best training course for Embedded System in Bangalore to take your career forward http://www.ptinstitute.in/ slide 6: PROFESSIONAL TRAINING INSTITUTE

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