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Information about Embedded Devices

Published on January 7, 2014

Author: OriginalGSM

Source: slideshare.net


For my Cisco UNIT 3, I have had to create this as part of P2, this is one of 3 PowerPoints to describe the purpose of computer systems.
This PowerPoint shows embedded devices in the upcoming Google products.

Embedded computers George Smith-Moore

• Project ‘glass’ will cost roughly £999 • The final pre order price is £966. • It has an embedded camera, microphone, GPS and voice control. • It will be released to the public near to the end of 2013 by the beginning of 2014. • It has loads of android features, combined together to create a hands free device for music, navigation and other uses.

Google glasses specs IOS: Android OS Weight: about 36 grams Connectivity: • Bluetooth 4.0 • Broadcom 2.4GHz 802.11b/g Wi-Fi • 3G • 4G Camera: • Front-facing camera with flash • 3.2 mega pixel • Video recording 1080p (HD) Other: • Speaker to listen • Touch pad to control • Visualization effect in 3d mode. • Microphone • Different sensors( Gyroscope, Accelerometer and Magnetomer)

Google car • Google has created a driverless car. It is being powered by the software called Google Chauffeur. • The car has roughly $150,000 worth of equipment, including $70,000 in LIDAR (laser radar) system. • This allows the car to generate a 3d map of it’s environment, it then takes these maps and combines them with high-res maps of the world, this produces different data models allowing it to become driverless. • The car can be driven manually • It will not come to sale for some time, if ever!

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