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Published on November 6, 2012

Author: ransbottyn



From spamming to profiled targetting! Spamming is easy! Convert your data to knowledge by using email! Know your customer! Personnalisation, relevance, social marketing

Who’s @ransbottyn ? Started a Social Media AgencyI’m a consultant and Head of Think Media Digital

What’s Think Media?Some of our brands…

I’m a marketeer… Also knows as a spammer!

Spamming is easy!But how to convert your spamdatabase into a profiled one?

Convert your data toknowledge by using email!

Emailvision Know yourcustomer, consumer or visitor!

Relationship management Trust Relationships Knowledge BenefitKnowing hishabits, likes, dislikes, movies, cuisine, birthday… builds solid base for trust relationships.Data is king! Build better trust!

Smart Email MarketingFrom spamming to profiled targetting!


When?Create rules on the best time and content to send emailsaccording to user behaviour, get higher ROI

What type of content?In the case does he like babes or not?

A/B Testing!Gert Verhulst: vrouwenmogen geen ballen hebben! Gert Verhulst doet een K3’tje! What’s generating traffic… and what’s not…


Offer personnalised and relevant content!Earning consent of the client is thestarting point to build a solid relation

Analyse the reader! What browser and phone is reading our email? Results in Socio Demographic Group!

Target and Segment!Create smaller targeted listsCreate client segments based on their behavioral dataThe smaller the list and the more the content isconvincing, the more your recipients will interact withyour messages: this will have an instant impact on yourdeliverability.

EmailvisionSocial Marketing

Email is your key to your social media!Email connects all elements of the marketing mixEmail is the channel used to encourage users tocome back to their favourite social network!

Social media and email marketing

Start Your Social Community More than 8000 fans in the first 48 hours Today over 52 000 fans on Facebook

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